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iphone4 cases vs ipad cases

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apple was a pioneer in wearable computer technology, the iPod nano was one of the first truly wearable music players. In fact, people loved the Designer iPhone 4 Case so much that a cottage industry developed around turning it into a wristwatch. The problem is that aside from a few novelty clock faces, Apple hasn’t innovated in the wearable computing space beyond miniaturizing the Best iPhone 4 Case 
One needn’t look farther than the rapid success of the Best iPhone 4 Cases (below) to realize that wearables are arguably one of the hottest segment in technology right now. Pebble Technology raised more than $3.8 million in a few days, making it the highest-grossing project since Kickstarter was founded. Then there’s the Motorola Motoactv, inPulse Smartwatch and the WIMM Watch. 
Another horse is the growing wearable field is the iphone 4 covers . I’ve been testing one and generally agree with the early reviews from CNET, USA Today — it’s mostly half-baked. But there’s a lot that Apple can learn from the Sony SmartWatch and the scores of other wearables that are coming to market. 
Apple needs to add wireless technology to the nano so that it can communicate with iPhone 4S Cases and Mac OS devices (Bluetooth at a minimum, Wi-Fi would be nice). Having to plug the nano into a giant USB docking cable to sync music is patently absurd. It’s 2012 and high time that Apple embraces wireless sync with the nano. 

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