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release her debut album.

Molly MAO
Posted by
Molly MAO
Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016
mpanying them must wear a top hat (gray or black).The queen can wear whatever she wants Empire Wedding Dresses , but the guidelines affect the royal enclosure, which usually includes a few hundred invited guests, not just the royal family.fall in line with organizers attempts to roll back the nouveau-riche nightclub look, but fascinators are favored by the highest reaches of the upper-crust.Nick Smith, Ascot s head of communication, acknowledged that there is an argument that some fascinators are formal.But the very fact that there is that argument was reason enough to ban them from the royal enclosure where the queen gathers with the cream of British aristocracy to watch the races.Some fascinators have become so small that they re nothing more than a hairband and a feather, he added.Did Elizabeth call up to say: Off with their fascinators!No, that doesn t happen, he said.Still, he noted that organizers were in touch with the queen s staff and he said it would be unlikely that we d put something in place that she d be uncomfortable with.The next Ascot takes place in June.Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Peter Mackay s new bride, is a model of achievementAfshin Afshin-Jam was running the luxury Intercontinental hotel in Tehran when the 1979 Islamic revolution toppled the monarchy in Iran.Change was immediate at the hotel: Gun-toting revolutionaries burst in demanding portraits of the Shah be torn down.The next day they demanded alcohol be banned.Then they came for the music, demanding it be silenced.It was too much for Mr.Afshin-Jam, who stood on the hotel’s front desk and shouted across the opulent lobby for the ragtag fighters to get out.Instead, they knocked him down with the butt of a rifle and dragged him to jail.It was a desperate time for the Afshin-Jam family.Living well under the old order, Mr.Afshin-Jam had a wife and young family at home, including a baby daughter.RelatedPeter MacKay and Nazanin Afshin-Jam married in ‘quaint’ Mexican chapelWatch the racy music video from Peter MacKay’s new wife Nazanin Afshin-JamBefore Nazanin Afshin-Jam, who were the other women in Peter MacKay’s love life?but at the time of the 1979 revolution, her future was in doubt.Afshin-Jam was lashed and abused Ball Gown Wedding Dresses , according to the family’s account, and despite the chaos of change, the revolutionaries found time for a hearing.Afshin-Jam’s insolence deserved a death sentence.Fate intervened: The judge, a hardliner nicknamed the hanging judge for his quick issuing of execution orders, was in a car accident on his way to the hearing.Pouncing on the unexpected delay, Mr.Afshin-Jam’s wife, Jaleh, managed to secure her husband’s temporary release and the family fled.They spent a year in Spain searching for a new country.said Peter Karroll, who is married to Ms.Afshin-Jam’s older sister and later managed Ms.Afshin-Jam’s music career.First impressions were not great.After a life in arid Iran they landed in wintry Montreal; it was so cold that the family didn’t leave the airport, instead booking a flight to Vancouver.Once settled, the family thrived, but the experience never left them.The memory of the lash marks on their father’s back and the feeling of helplessness against a despotic system stayed with the girls as they matured with one foot in their Persian culture and the other in their new Western home.Nazanin Afshin-Jam began modelling in her teens, with her dark hair framing a pretty face and topping a 5-foot-8 frame.At the age of 20 and as a political science student at the University of B.with plans to continue her studies in Paris the following year, she was one of the oldest entrants.but I might delay it for a year.Afshin-Jam wasn’t the It Girl that year but she did have some tremendous achievements in store.In 2003 at the age of 23, she was crowned Miss World Canada and travelled to China to compete for the Miss World title.Her interest in human rights, which would one day lead to her introduction to Peter MacKay, made an early appearance: While she won the swimsuit award at the pageant, she declared her ambition to write and produce documentaries on Third World development issues.and bush survival skill!also boasted a military interest: She was Squadron Commander and Warrant Officer First Class in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.At the Miss World contest, the international press picked her out for special attention as the first participant from Iran Strapless Bridal Dresses , even though she was representing Canada.There had been beauty contests before the arrival of Islamic fundamentalists to power in Iran, but there has never been a candidate for the Miss World pageant.she was quoted as saying.Canada is a very multicultural country, so if I won the title, it’s like I’d represent everyone around the world.before a worldwide audience estimated at two billion and wearing a dress she helped make herself, Mr.Afshin-Jam came in second, edged out by Miss Ireland.The pageant platform had accelerated her musical career, giving Mr.Karroll, a Vancouver rocker and owner of Her Royal Majesty’s Records, an independent label owner, confidence to release her debut album.Karroll already knew Ms.Afshin-Jam; he had married her sister.She was getting so well known and with the largest television audience in history at that time, we thought it was commercially viable to do this with a new artist.with the family and what was going on in Iran and her concern for human rights.While she was working on her singing debut, however, she found a cause more meaningful.Afshin-Jam stopped to check her email on a computer at Mr.Karroll’s house in 2006.Her inbox contained news of a tragic story from her homeland: Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, 17, and her even younger niece had been attacked by three men who tried to rape them.Fatehi stabbed one and the wound proved fatal.She was arrested and sentenced to death by hanging.The story struck Ms.Afshin-Jam, particularly because the two women shared a melodic first name and her own father’s brush with an execution order.she said mournfully, recalled Mr.I said .

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