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Shnaider and the lordly Conrad Black

Molly MAO
Posted by
Molly MAO
Posted on Monday, February 15, 2016
erated shapes, three-dimensional textures and elaborate embroideries.All of Fonseka’s wedding mermaid wedding dresses and special occasion cakes are customized, and often the decorative elements come from the colour scheme of the bridal party or stylized monograms, or even a piece of heirloom jewellery.she says, which explains why her work has been featured in such magazines as InStyle.Fonseka says of the storyboard process.are lace designs and rows of fondant icing in ruffles, as though the hem of a dress, on the cake’s bottom tier.Sometimes, however, the decorative inspiration comes from less likely sources.she recalls with a laugh.oranges, greens blues and yellows.For the cake on the previous page, Fonseka interpreted the opening Valentino haute couture gown with some creative license, because she doesn’t like to make exact copies.Working with a slightly tinted icing to simulate the gown’s fleshtone illusion under-layer, Fonseka then pipes the filigree designs freehand, with red royal icing.Later, clients make them into centrepieces, some give them away as gifts, or make their own first anniversary cake and use them again.We had originally planned to recreate just one look, but Fonseka was so taken with the Valentino collection she couldn’t resist a second inspiration gown-to-cake.Instead of a literal recreation of the fabric’s texture, Fonseka isolated its bodice motif and played it up.As a result, the cake is simple lavender-grey dusted with silver shimmer, and has a heart arabesque and feather-paisley centerpiece from the lace to convey the effect.RelatedIs Amanda Seyfried to blame for Anne Hathaway’s much-mocked Oscars dress?A commentary on CBC s Jack Layton biopic, right from Olivia Chow s momSome years ago, I had a spell in Hong Kong, living there just right after the famous British handover.a regret that stung more than usual this week when I found myself placed in a seat right in front of Olivia Chow’s mother, Ho Sze Chow.Passionate, assertive and teeny-tiny: The senior citizen Ifound myself one row ahead of at a friends-and-VIPs screening, held in Toronto, of the new CBC pic about Olivia’s dearly departed, Jack simple wedding dresses dawned on me: I’ve got my own private DVD commentary.Good thing, though, it wasn’t Leonard Maltin sitting in front of her.Me, I rather enjoyed the commentary!Much the mother-in-law had to say, though I can hardly confirm what.All throughout and in Chinese.The couple would go on to live with Olivia’s mom until the end!It’s not personal, Jack.No, no, it is personal.Win or lose, it has to be.And nothing short of cantankerous in a classic scene when various political operatives are playing with salt-and-pepper shakers as well as condiments, planning strategy (one that, of course, eventually led to the NDP becoming the Official Opposition, a brief moment of sunshine before Layton’s untimely death.was quick to point her out after the credits had rolled, and she and many of the real players in the political opera united with the cast, including Rick Roberts and Sook-Yin Lee (who make up the power couple in Jack, and are both splendid).The entire crowd suddenly turned their heads, spurring the quick-thinking Ho Sze to then flop her winter coat hoodie in order to obstruct.Yes, now she gets coquettish.Too much smooching: a three-word-review, courtesy of Olivia, by the way.That’s what she movie-critiqued to the crowd, referring to some of the lovey-dovey scenes in the movie that read a bit like Ali McGraw meeting Ryan O’Neal all over again.As for the girly-girl poufed-out wedding dress that Sook Yin-Lee dons at one point in a recreation of the couple’s wedding on Algonquin Island, the power-widow has memories alright.from somewhere in Chinatown.A country is not a country without its mythologies, and on that front, I’ll say, Jack is a hoot, and often touching.It airs Sunday night on CBC.Patti Smith, taking Toronto by storm this week, was spotted taking dinner at Harbord Room, Tuesday night.The icon broke bread with fashion duo Joe and Kim Mimran.So, Scott Speedman crashed a Seinfeld-centred trivia night, held here at The Gladstone, on Queen, earlier this week?It cannot not cheap wedding dresses be true.Billionaire Alex Shnaider and the lordly Conrad Black: just some of the big names spotted last weekend at the recently-opened Buonanotte, on Mercer Street.Rachel McAdams, who’s been getting around, got to the Whitehorse concert, held the other night at Massey Hall.Fishy: Everybody’s eating at Ja Bistro, the proper new Japanese spot near Duncan St.Not a laminated menu in sight!And presentation like Baz Luhrmann plotted it!Chloe, the teenage daughter of Canadian tele-giants, Ed and Suzanne Rogers, has gotten the modelling bug, we hear.And has even signed with Elite!Dennis Rodman returns from North Korea and into the limelightIt’s rarely a good and productive thing when Dennis Rodman is back in the news, and most of the time it’s easily dismissed.He is not a serious figure, though he can be a tragic one; he is reportedly a functional alcoholic, perennially besieged by debt and lawsuits, lost in that twilight zone of novelty celebrity.He is a basketball Hall of Famer, and for a long time, it has felt like he was fading into what someone once called the strange obscurity of fame.Dennis Rodman reportedly kicked out of hotel for raving about Kim Jong UnDennis Rodman was kicked out of a New York City hotel on Sunday for raving about Kim at the bar for hours, according to the New York Post.The former NBA star is the highest-profile American to meet Kim since he inherited power from father Kim Jong Il in 2011, watched a basketball game with the authoritarian leader Thursday and later drank and dined on sushi with him.Read more And then last week he went to North Korea, and everyone started talking about Dennis Rodman again.He hung around with the country’s dynastic leader, Kim Jong-un, as part of a trip carefully arranged by VICE magazine and HBO.Rodman and the boy king took in a basketball game, went on tours, smiled and laugh

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