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New Court Layouts, Several Bug Fixes, New Jerseys, More NBA 2K17 Latest News Update

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Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NBA 2K17 news gradually update and add into some new features to the hit sports video game. More newest update, additionally, some patch start to revealed such as 1.03 rolling out online and its patch notes have already been unveiled.

U4NBA.COM reports that player might notice some changes in the court floors of the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks. Also, there will be some improvements in the uniforms of some teams which of course looks better and makes them better represented in the game.

Speaking of its gameplay itself, a remarkable change is that substitutions that are made during a timeout are already applicable immediately rather than waiting for the next ball, there is a another reasons that the frequency of lob passes has been reduced and the pass speeds from across the boards have been increased. 

Hence, the 5-Second Closely Guarded rule in Euroleague games has been fixed, so that the violation will only be called when the carrier is holding the ball. Attack of the Fanboy adds that the bug wherein players who pre-ordered the game were unable to see the '92 Dream Team on the Play Now menu has been fixed.

There are a lot of substantial changes in MyCAREER/MyCOURT one which is the proper controls for Orange Juice is now shown in the controls menu. The case wherein users would have an optional practice and a game which overlap in a day has already been corrected. The Ankle Breaker badge now unlocks properly. This happens when the requisite conditions have been met and the attributes earned in off-court events should now be properly saved to MyPlayer.

In fact, for NBA 2K17 MyGM/MyLeague mode, when prevented more than one team being added to the league has been removed, additionally, loaded custom draft classes were not being preserved has been fixed and user vetoes are now respected in MyGM. NBA 2K17 is certainly more fun than you anticipated, do you want to experience more playable and fun gameplay? cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.

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