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NBA 2K17 MyCareer Some Issues With Attribute Caps

Posted by

Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Recent years, The NBA 2K17 have been attempting to make the most realistic basketball, there is no doubt that their team is already done a wonderful job. To name a few, Player models look spot on, and atmosphere of the diverse arenas feel realistic, as well as the broadcast production, despite from the crew to the various style presentation, both are looks or sounds like the real deal. Actually, not only look the part for game, nonetheless, it holds its own in regards to gameplay. For shoot three-pointer after three-pointer, no one can do and nor attempt to dunk on everyone in sight as well as expect a positive result. If you want to attempt to play NBA 2K17, first of all, be reminded that cheap NBA 2K17 MT Xbox One for sale, don't miss it.

Over the past few years, 2K has rewarded the player who knows how to play the game the right way. To the casual observer, it has become increasingly difficult to dictate if the 2K franchise is a video game or an actual telecast. It is truly a marvel to see 2K crew consistently create a better product year in and year out without fail. For all of the 2K team's extraordinary ability to muddy the line between fiction and reality, there is one aspect in particular where the community would like to see realism thrown out the window. By a large margin, the most popular game mode in the 2K series has been MyPlayer/MyCareer mode, which goes without saying.

MyCareer allows players to take control of one a created character for the entirety of his NBA career. Traditionally, the 2K team allowed players to upgrade their MyPlayer however they liked, and an overwhelming majority chose to create virtual demigods of the basketball court. Players had the opportunity to create a character who excelled in each and every category; they could shoot like Steph Curry, dunk like Vince Carter, pass like John Stockton, and defend like Kawhi Leonard. Think of the dominance of a Michael Jordan or a Wilt Chamberlain personified. The community didn't just love that they had the ability to create a once in a lifetime player, but the freedom of choice as well.

Players had the option to create the greatest basketball player of all-time who could isolate each and every play, or a flawed yet realistic player who needed to play team basketball to win. 2K has run with this formula since 2010, and since then, fans have loved the game mode, enticing long-time buyers to keep purchasing the newest edition.

Despite having a winning formula, 2K tried to fix what wasn't broken. In NBA 2K17, players no longer have the ability to create the maxed out behemoths, instead of having to settle for players who have noticeable flaws in their game. As a matter of fact, players barely have the ability to max out any individual attribute.

The days of creating a basketball god are over because 2K has introduced hard caps which put a limit on how much players can upgrade their MyPlayer. Not only do they enforce hard caps, but 2K also disallows players more than one or two attribute groups to which they can max out. The result is that the 2K community now has to create incredibly flawed players who have no chance of resembling anything close to the modern-day superstar.

2K finally aim to allowing the player to have fun, regardless of video game or another aspect, it dosen't matter if the graphics were 8-bit or hyper-realistic, just only the game is enough fun and players are indeed willing to buy it. Just like the name states, this is MyCareer, as well as the community should have the ability creat their player how they want. NBA 2K17 is already released for a few days, some player are set about to buy NBA 2K17 MT to play so fun game, are you ready ? 

2K can continue to pursue the title of the most realistic sports game on the market, but when it comes to MyCareer, it needs to throw realism out the window and let its community have mindless fun. 

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