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LG Prada 3 to rival iPhone 4S, Motorola RAZR and Nokia Lumia 800 for style?

Posted by
Posted on Friday, November 25, 2011

You can pack as many features into a smartphone as you like, but the fact is you have look at them every day for up to two years. Style matters, which is why we’re excited that LG and Prada have renewed their partnership. Could they produce a true style icon to rival the iPhone 4S and Motorola RAZR? 
Fashion trailblazer 
The very first LG Prada phone was a bit of a trailblazer, beating the very first iPhone to the minimalistic screen-heavy punch. 
Now LG’s looking to give the latest generation of suave Apple hardware a bloody nose by signing up once again with the high class fashion brand. According to the press blurb “The collaboration… focuses on key elements within the smartphone, including software and user interface down to its design and packaging.” 
In the past this has produced two feature phones, which were nice to look at but inherently limited by software constraints. For the next LG Prada phone, being dubbed “PRADA phone by LG 3.0″ and set to launch early 2012, we would expect an all-singing smartphone. It’ll probably run on Android. 
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Haven’t I seen you before? 
Earlier in the year an Android 2.3-powered device called the LG Prada K2 was spotted on a leaked LG roadmap. it was said to feature a dual-core processor, a 4.3-inch versions of LG’s super-bright NOVA display, an 8-megapixel camera and an 8.8mm chassis. Could this be the LG Prada 3.0 that’s referred to here? We’d expect it to run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich given the release window, which should enhance its stylish appearance. 
You can bet it’s going to be a looker from the outside too. Check out the teaser picture the two companies released. You can’t see the whole device, but you do get an impression of some of the bold design touches. There’s a textured back and snub, Nokia Lumia 800-esque ends. There’s also a classy industrial edge to it that recalls the iPhone 4S in spirit, if not precise form. 
We’ll have more for you on the LG Prada 3 as we hear it, but one thing’s for sure – the iPhone 4S, Motorola RAZR and Nokia Lumia 800 are going to have a rival for the title of best-looking smartphone.Desinger iPhone 4 cases 
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