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Adidas Soccer Shoes Using mathematical compose the wisdom of the world

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Be most willing to fall behind , relationresultThebelieve that a lot of people are like me, look at Qiong Yao had a dreamy teen age .Read each chapter, familiar with each of ,or even to memorize every word .That breaks the monotony of the years ,Qiong Yao a beautiful rainbow ,light pale sky ,marking the multicolored stamp .We all have dreams of the book ethereal woman ,hope oneself also has no ordinary love ,hoping that he will be in a dull days came in ,and everything Adidas Basketball Shoes becomes simple .Improving the those who read rather boring days ,I often in campus Garden Collection of various deciduous ,capturing the white dream .Look at those books ,I suddenly feel the day is really boring .The first view is the people in the world ,it is also the connotation of the works of Qiong Yao .Almost at once like a book in four by their hero ,a struggle firmly traction .AP to see where there is opposition to Qiong Yao or book reviews ,the heart will protest .In the dormitory, there is a very long period of time ,I will go out to the sisters say those very touching love story ,I often wonder how my eloquence is so good, my memory so clear .The same quarters a love martial arts against love doctrine made Qiong Yao a sad love story cut became a joke ,alone and with stagger forward and back ,the results were consistent with the jump ,and attack by group ,and dared not offend public indignation .Improving the high school age from in home town everywhere collect Qiong Yao ,the parents of my reading given full freedom, which made me and Qiong Yao margin .All my pocket money in exchange for a love story ,a period of time ,a field of life .Cooked books beautiful sentences ,a poem ,in very long period of time it occupied all my spare time .AP in this materialistic era many people lost in love ,how many people laugh at love, love seems to become obsolete .But who inside for a permanent care and has the potential ,who mind don a stable and forever If we can love ,that is because our mind is too poor .AP I always believe that

Qiong Yao is a truly love the people ,many stories have her shadow ,her wish .This is as the author of the good in your life ,can never achieve the dream and wish one one delivered to the works ,in the book, you can find another self .As a love person ,Qiong Yao is obsessed with student may with death and mound ,her love world is almost perfect ,men and women need love death parts .In the plum blossom in Hao Zhen finally hold dead Yin cream far from the madding crowd ,it is because the real world will never acquiesce to their love ,sacrifice themselves after they should have their own free way .No one knows where they go ,they passed the era of dream .For those who love, this is not the best result Improving the total before someone says ,Qiong Yao is ah ,is a tragedy .Such is not the fact ,some as clover ,and such a short collection ,most of the work was to have married lovers ending . Heart knots so the story takes most .The heroine is mostly poor origin, but because of their own efforts and unyielding character and eventually won their happiness .Some like the story of cinderella .Like a fairy tale, because it is perfect ,although she knew that is not possible, but still always enjoy it .That is because there are too many lives are not perfect ,we need to balance the monotonous day perfect .Like a fairy tale, you have reason to like Qiong Yao .AP a quality suggestive of poetry or painting of multiple from poetry, from the writer deep literal strength can peep one spot .By Qiong Yao himself for the lyrics as call a person find everything fresh and new ,still be sung .Improving the remember his first love was the family refused, they said they were watching Qiong Yao book to read ,too stupid .Grandma angry to find those books to burn them clean .Now consider the scene at that time ,laugh .At that time you really worry about collection for many years was on fire .What is the relationship between it and Qiong Yao Book of love and reality it is impossible to have the Adidas Shoes Factory same .In reality people in

every day, in the book but they only on the most wonderful time life .But the world already has too many not perfect, why can find in the book an alternative ,to achieve a balance AP like Qiong Yao ,it is because I have a sensitive soul ,always believe -- about true love ,the world is there .The book was met with Qiong Yao ,the margin of the book is not ,like a pair of do not pass .Because of their own, so love the works of Qiong Yao ,because of Qiong Yao works ,but also know how to love themselves .The ink bottle, wounding Wan Liqiu (step original rhyme) Yin Mountain with cloud clouds flow, the ink bottle hurt Wan Liqiu.Qin the Shihe River month by cold Adidas New Stan Smith cool, Yu Garden I go.A curtain of air in the old poetry collection, half fundus.Before carving insects have rhyme ends, now just to the king.Note: Yin Mountain, the Shihe River city in the letter, place names.Attached to: Chen Xi raw jade sky like to see the clouds flow, cycle and the beginning of autumn festival.Heat fading can try, the more broad stairs.Qianshan Tsui wind leaf withered old, fundus collection.Lone duck named easily died, this phrase is whoComplex Xi doubt was originally jade small seamless into warm, three Ye Mingqiu oscar.Using mathematical compose the wisdom of the world The mathematician Hua Luogeng said: "the universe is big, the micro particles, chemical rocket fast, clever, earth change, biological mystery, with numerous, no mathematics."So say, because of the number and the shape are the world all things common existence form, it specifically reflect the number and the shape of mathematics, in the real world is all in, no no.In fact, mathematics has been miserable to natural science and social science disciplines, also reflected in the role in our ordinary life, a link to the actual image of mathematics is incorporate, make of intense interest.Especially in the narrative description and description of some wisdom, in order to obtain sharp image argue profundity, often with the help of mathematics language.For example, the great inventor Thomas Edison had a famous saying: "genius is two percent inspiration and ninety-eight percent perspiration."Einstein in business work factors, presents a formula: A = X+Y+Z.He explains: "A X representative

representative work, hard work, Y represents the correct method, Z cut the crap."Look, so a simple formula, expressed how rich and profound content.Tolstoy also has a mathematical formula one saying: "one is a score, he can be compared to the actual molecular, and his own estimate the price of a good score, the more points, while the numerical value is small."The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno in a lecture to the students, first with his cane in the picture two and a small circle.Then he said: "the area of big ring is my knowledge, the area of small circle is your knowledge, my knowledge more than yours.Great circle is outside my ignorant part, small circle outside is part of your ignorance.Great circle circumference than the small circle of long, so I come into contact with the ignorance is older than you.This is I often doubt their answers."Zeno with the help of geometry graphics, image description and profound philosophies: learn and then know inadequacy.A principal have a problem: the teacher school remedial teaching problems.He went to consult a educator.Educator smiling without a word, take out a piece of paper, draw a line in the plane, and told the headmaster: "can't erase the line condition, try to make it shorter, have what way"The headmaster shook not language, like waiting for educators say.Educators in the original painting of the line next to draw a line, two line, the original line changed many.He looked at the very philosophy, said: "to solve the problem is not only teachers school lessons, and several teachers, as the length of paper painting line, only pay close attention to classroom teaching management, to 45 minutes to benefit, the classroom teaching quality in school classes to, just like the original lines like, compared to under short."Educators speak clear ideas, profound content, vivid.The headmaster feel very real, very reasonable, it is the great.He was particularly, the length of line from the original wisdom of truth, his eyes suddenly lit, like a bolt of lightning.He did further understanding of how to treat correctly the teachers make up a missed lesson problem is important, the heart cannot help but be wisdom created have farsightedness of shock.He was happy, even a thumbs up!Face lift is but a drop in the bucket,

only play role.  


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