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cheap louis vuitton The Wutong Mountain

Posted by
Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

You are the world in April day -- Lin Whei-yin , relationresult I say you are the April days / laughter tone brightened the April wind / light in the beautiful dance with -- ,read her you are the April days in verse ,Lin Whei-yin and I met for the first time in modern poetry in fast reading this book .We say that God is fair ,but when I read the biography of Lin Whei-yin ( Zhang Qingping book ) when, I found God is eccentric ,Lin Whei-yin is his favorite .She family ,his grandfather Lin Xiaoxun Jinshi examinations ,calendar ,Jinhua ,Zhejiang and other places of filial piety .Father Lin Changmin graduated from the Waseda University ,good at poetry ,college calligraphy .Lin Whei-yin followed they refined outstanding series ,and both brilliant and handsome appearance ,as her name, emblem tone -- big Si Si emblem tone ,is best ( taiga DLB ) ( Note: later ,to avoid the author Lin Weiyin mix was renamed Lin Whei-yin .) Can be said to her like her verse ,the light ,the slender ,you are fresh and gorgeous you wearing a crown of flowers / you are naive ,solemn / you are on full moon .Lin Whei-yin house has received a two piece of debris .Lin Whei-yin often see will be filled with a thousand regrets ,even tears .A piece of her brother Lin Heng ( her brother died in 1941 of war ) ,a Xu Zhimo plane crash .When it comes to her and Xu Zhimo, have to mention the 16 year-old Lin Whei-yin traveled in Europe ,in the British period, pool under the shade of elm trees Holds not water but the rainbow ,is ,Cambridge side ,met was British tour with Dili darling .Perhaps she is perhaps Dou Kai ,Xu handsome face ,refined manners and poetic quality ,their clock .But Xu has been married to Zhang Youyi ,and has two children .Although she knows they do not phase ,but yonie shadow in her heart is louis vuitton online always blowing to .After a painful thinking ,she and father to return ahead ,but with Xu Frence leave .We can see from the Shima accidental in experience when he Lin ,I am a cloud in the sky / shadow in your heart you have ,I have my ,direction -- love at first sight and rationally each direction .Even though he was married to Lu Xiaoman ,he is still a Lin Whei-yin ,or he would not have to go to one of Lin Whei-yin lectures and fall in the valley ,to cabin fever .( Xu as a history teacher wraparound pursuit of ideals, in order to give life . ) In fact ,Lin has also been a Xu ,1947, Lin developed a serious lung disease ,that live for a long time ,she met Zhang Youyi and a Huan ( Shima ) .Zhang Youyi recalled :I think ,she asked to see me ,because she is Xu Zhimo ,also want to see his children .If she married Liang Si, always Xu Zhimo .In 1928, Lin Whei-yin and another cosset Liang Si ( Liang Qichao ) married . Marriage of Lin Liang times to care ,husband and wife two committed to their construction business .Forest not only has the poetic beauty and imagination ,also has the scientist is meticulous and pragmatic spirit ,they are in Shanxi on the ancient building surveys and experiments, not only for scientific research contribution is enormous ,so many Shanxi buried in the barren Bao level of ancient building begins to move toward the world ,for the world to know .(from the people .) it is due to the couple in Shanxi, many ancient building survey ,Liang Si cracked the mystery of ancient architectural structures ,to create finished French mumbo-jumbo the Department of .Jin Yuelin had the title of beam gentleman ,forest beauty poetic couplet is presented to them .Li Jianwu in the period of Anti-Japanese War had said :she is Lin Changmin Liang Qichao son ,daughter-in-law .Liang Si had also could not help but ,curiously asked Lin Whei-yin ,why not choose him .Lin said :because you gave me life cannot bear is heavy . Snow that light yellow ,you like / fresh budding green ,you are / soft joy light floating your dream expectation in the white lotus .Perhaps ,Lin Whei-yin is all dream expectation in the white lotus

flower .When it comes to forest ,we can not but say Academic Dean Jin Yuelin ,and he also dedicated to Lin Whei-yin ,never to marry .Once, he invited friends from all walks of life in the Beijing Hotel dinner ,eat half ,he stood up and said :today is Lin Whei-yin .(at the time the forest has been dead for years. ) Everybody has listened ,all misty-eyed .He just as Lin Whei-yin waiting for a lifetime ,the lonely life ,also a silent life .In fact ,Lin also deep Jin Yuelin . Liang Si said forest because Jin Yuelin and painful way to consult with him when, thin clouds Fengqing said we all cried .Cried the pain ,scar should still ,just out of pride and self-esteem and don .(from Lin Whei-yin flat data ) in the forest life, wearing many reserved reserved . Xu Zhimo is the largest and most do not know about the voice ,but also very tactful and met Lin Whei-yin ,at a critical time of crash deaths, always quiet .Lu Xiaoman then also silent ,in the end .Liang Si was silent ,we only from his second wife, Lin Zhu ,to know some words .Lin Zhu is a silent ,refer to Lin Whei-yin, she will always think of teen period to meet her .Jin Yuelin face the interviewer is so say : all my words ,should be with her, I can ( don ) say ,I have no chance with her own words ,I will not say ,would not have such words . (from Lin Whei-yin flat data ) may be ,it is because of this silent ,let them have a kind of balance ,so they can properly .Lin Whei-yin was suitable as talented woman ,not only is she in the literature ,and her immortal contribution in architecture .She is the first female architect .The emblem was her participation in the design ,the people hero monument base relief patterns as well as her design .Here is not described in detail .Are there many interesting places in Beijing ,if I go to Beijing ,I also want to have a look to the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery ,because Lin Whei-yin in there .Lin Whei-yin for that age is a legend, for the future generations who is still a legend .Although separated by half a century ,but I was also her admirers . You are a tree a tree flowers / Yan in the beam between whisper / -- you are ,is warm ,is the hope / you are the April days .[his unknown] sequence In the rain the rain be thrown into a panic for comps choke enough lung be at one's last gasp for dust preface and [his unknown] cheap louis vuitton meet the longing for a false proposition is to lift the dust settles and gravel rain to cease and hits a piece of ripple shy father quietly hang my future is not a dream, I don't pray Chan month when meteor earth will dark whether dream is to wake up where the gold will glitter wherever in my general myself in the future you blushing by and in my don't you shame and my future in hand to more than two community space to the future of their own called echo The Wutong Mountain , relationresultHow ,leaning in pro .The new swallow pecks the mud ,back to the farmhouse xuan .Four seasons by rotation ,complex turnover time .Flowers and trees to see face ,amidst calls the blue sky .Stream down thousands of feet ,look also flying .The forest has thousands of miles ,miles .Do not know in the clouds ,not very cold high .Zuohuai Wutong Mountain ,after autumn rain .Wutong Mountain ,enough to make you feel fresh ,linger .Bones exudate that pro mountain Pro node in this day to appear vividly, braved the wind and rain ,not afraid of the long road, just to the arms ,friends about experience Wutong Mountain read several times, now finally days from May .As early as 8, and friends riding in cars, the way to the Wutong Mountain .Outside the window, rain did not come loose ,road has long line and .Early with the winter chill rain ,interspersed with umbrella ,soft ripples ,the woman is pregnant ,as the scene deliberately picture ,has a retro southern charm ,subtle ,revealed in the early morning .Unfortunately ,there is full of high-rise buildings

,busy little king ,South Lake rain such as wine ,Liu Ruyan comfortable .A road near the mountain ,wooded .Far ,a quiet lake ,when there are birds flew open ,Lian Yi ,broke through the lake calm ,further connected in a cloud .The road was to home ,there is no downtown flourishing ,a bit more calm and peaceful ,a few birds to spend according to remain free ,free ,so moving .Sitting in the window ,the heart of the Hi ,imagining that it already long Wutong Mountain .According to Wutong Mountain ,go to Wutong Mountain must be prepared ,many are back halfway ,can climb to the top of the real number is not much, the mountain scenery is so that Yue bosom, pity ,many do not have to be rewarded .One hour ,the car took Louis Vuitton Womens Shoes us to the foot of the Wutong Mountain .High arches ,with ten meters high ,a face carved dragon carving ,craft good ,potential Zhao Zhan ,Wutong Mountain several large brush-written Chinese characters appear on the eyes ,pen thick strong ,carved in stone ,with gold plated ,Ze accommodating ,elegant and with some modern breath .These are not the most important .Standing at the foot of look high ,amidst the Mongolian ,hillside ,whereas clouds drifting away, friends started slowly climbing steps .Wet pavement ,walked past ,full of lush roadside trees ,bent the waist ,low, favor road tour ., I follow my friends wear path ,road, mountain .Standing at the side of the road ,we lean on a railing overlooking ,far mountain clouds ,scattered and poly ,poly and powder .The mountain wind that the interest on my face ,cool ,,run the skin ,the hair .2 hours later ,we arrived flowers station .Here is a road and build platform ,roadside stone chains around the station ,flowers in the table to see the scenery, the soles of the feet is a cliff, although Lam to hide, but I still don who fear ,low overlooking the foot has many deep .Walked the half of the day ,friends say ,fortunately, today is the day ,if a sunny ,hot too light ,will be the death of me not .The mountain is higher, lower, before long ,it can be seen from the exhalation flow in fog .Go ahead ,more and more dense fog ,a friend to have a pleasant talk together ,do not feel tired, time passed very quickly .It went to Phoenix Palace ,said to be Phoenix Palace ,be inferior to saying is get ting or whatever the kiosk to direct .Because from the layout and construction of view ,everything here and Phoenix Palace of this word in the conception of harmony .It is better if the moon Pavilion ,stage into the pavilion ,is a big if the rooftop ,here is full of bluestone carving ,mud guard .Would like to do ,but also good at the things cultural through some techniques to unfold, to express a kind of culture of massiness .Earth station is a curved steel staircases ,here retro and modern, regardless of our and its art school or anything ,just watching this extremely lonely tower !I remember closing statement ,pavilion ,philosophers have such a solution, Pavilion is used to stop the space ,garden builders use it to warn students ,it never ran all the way ,and to Chang Ting down and rest, do not miss the grand scenery along the way ... ... This speech is the image ,is very deep .So I for all of the pavilion is very sensitive, life, if encountered Pavilion what, I would stop to take a rest ,it is learning a way of life !Phoenix Palace is in the pro .Friends say ,here you can see the whole view of Shenzhen .Can is today the Department of celecoxib ,fog ,visibility ,too low ,50 metres has not seen before ,but because of the fog ,here has a different taste ,which partly hidden and partly visible illusory objects ,and the deep voice of the spring ,search prestige ,just as a game ,a never ending the game .Here let me .Through Phoenix Palace ,the road ,is the valley of butterfly ,Butterfly Valley walk to the hero hill .Hero hill as the name suggests it is not generally a slope .We also take not to regard it as right attitude to climb .A cumulative stone steps ,through the top .Still on the roadside billboard wrote ,the

high slope road is steep, do according to one .We then have these ,while there is little force ,a trial of strength to climb ,when the reaction time, and then look back ,feet ,smoke ,not bottomed out ,to see high .More than 1000 meters of altitude, the foot has more than 4000 stone steps ,can think of the open shop stone craftsmen spent much time to finish the many steps .A road to stop rest towards the mountain, the mountain steep turn suddenly ,originally thought that dense willow trees and bright flowers ,did not think in more than 700 meters high hillside steps for infants ,changed Wong road .This period of Wong Road almost all along the way ,the road narrow ,steep mountains ,dense fog, low degree of wind ,blowing straight ,skin ,ear pins and needles .After a moment ,the hair is condensed beads ,like just out of the bath ,the clothes also gradually run .I begin to understand the friends of my advice ,go to Wutong Mountain to be prepared to work ,do be prepared against want to leave, one must not obscure ,until they faced its territory after the party understanding to the friend said Co .After the journey, finally went to the top .Because it is the day ,the top fog like rain general flash ,suddenly soaked clothes ,hill wind is blown ,fog flow ,such as cloud over ,as in the clouds .Several business vendors ,under the umbrella raincoat ,phi ,squatting on the bench ,waiting for the distance to the diners .Top ,slightly ahead of ,is Tianchi ,how mysterious name ah ,our bones are full of the Tianchi Tianchi desire, thought ,come very naturally think western Alpine snow-capped mountain pool ,the force of nature is natural depressions .When we visit the Tianchi the friends are shocked .Here called Tianchi is the work of storage tank ,spectacular though can not compliment ,but a stone Jing Yi pool central ,flow ,paper lined Tianchi two characters .This product is not deep ,just over the stone surface ,the protrusions of the Tianchi stone drooping head ,face comb .According to the business here hawker said ,the Tianchi in the plot or just under the rain, a few days ago here don see ,you really is the time ,just make this bay .We congratulated to timely ,review of the side around Jing Guang .Not far from the Tianchi ,stands a boulder engraved roc city ,face first .Potential publicity ,majestic, Jude Long Huzhi potential ,lying on top of .An overlooking the mountains and rivers ,swallow million in money here be completely bared there and then .At the top, to remember the rain reached the Taishan arms ,feeling will be extremely when Ling, list of small hills .The song .Three thirty in the afternoon ,his friends were walking down the hill .Down the road passes the Taishan gorge .So this is a walk hard road ,a road stone steps .The dense jungle ,between the rocks have spring flow .Path in woodland Shen dark dusk, with wet wet breath full of woods .All the way down the mountain ,song ,dance ,to is happy very .Several circuit ,ushered in the Taishan gorge, high and steep long cliffs, a wisp of spring straight discharge 1000 feet, gravel collision, fly like jade ,what is flowering ,such as smoke ,fog .Facing stone near the vent ,gratified thousands of feet down ,in high spirit mountain .The heart is a charm touched .Shi Teng road guardrail ,the Taishan gorge, hanging in midair, abrupt illumination ,is also surprised also risks .From the top to the bottom of the length of 4000 meters ,a road full of cordierite .Gao Jun low risks ,titled the Taishan gorge to also be be worthy of the name ,even when not been to Taishan ,after this and ,also can know Taishan state .The mountain ,go green slate, on the road ,but the road is still in the forest .The fountain at the foot of flowing ,ethereal ,tactfully ,crisp sound .Friends squat suddenly play ,around the spring in cream ,sprinkled on the face ,one from the heart to flow out of the cozy and comfortable ,again hitting my rough mood .The mountain play is to relax ,get close to nature ,see friends so rise ,cable with friends play Chang Huan .6 pm ,Xing as home .Car through the avenue ,and entered the

flourishing deep .  


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