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kobe 6 Gongsun Shu

Posted by
Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost youth If I cry, you will laughIf I die, what will you!I use my stupid heart. For your cold. Finally trades is only sad. Once the promise to have the wind to fly in the sky. Sprinkle of the sad tears. You use that no hurt. Hurt my heart prickly heat. Finally said I do. The so-called. Just games. I why again to search for you. Do you remember that song in your most beautiful moment when it rang you always wind gently and how lucky can with you in the time to meet the laugh with traces of tears let me lost myself thank you for the best time to accompany me through the hard time of life that is our best my heart is attached to the brilliant who can guarantee that the heart can see the.Don't cry a cry to say to me not the old confidante, who learn not easily shed tears laughing over time, don't sigh sigh said to me not the old confidante false, as promised not to drink, is too love the soft drink again, now let me see this world false, all sense of the real thing apathy, the so-called friends,, worth a cup of cold wine, what forever for a lifetime, is child's play, I have guitar, music, a piece of sky blue, what is a lonely life. Those false kobe shoes dreams, no longer confused me, they will like broken glass, and I say goodbye, can a lifetime, only yourself. Get busy living, or get busy dying, a blink of an eye, can we meet The hypocrisy of the world, false, false, false life we dream a blunt knife see, one can only.As long as you believe brother, instant pillars of wood.There is a free and easy to do alone, it made me independent in extremely top.There is a kind of freedom to be lonely in a foreign land, it makes me sleepless night.For many of the Peng Yu case to applaud A few years ago, a Nanjing Peng Yu guy because lift fall old lady, was home to the court, judge sentenced young Comrade Peng paid 10000 yuan.The reason is that sentence: common sense is not him down is not to rise up.This is the celebrated Peng Yu case.Over the past few years, Zhengzhou has undergone several such cases, after a similar, see in the street fell to go up, and was helping to court against him, so the court claims, just compensation amount increased, seems bullish.For many of the Peng Yu case, that is, I'm afraid that one day he will encounter such a dilemma; alert is, if the

father in child preschool, in addition to "cross the road safety first" charge, plus a "fall don't help"; angry those who have, from the collapse of Le bad large angle mining problem.I do not fear, but also happy.Happy is that although helpful, problem solving poor virtue by powerful hooks, but she remained in civilian infiltration, flowing, and carry forward.The Chinese nation has a lot of beautiful quality, is willing to help, the difficulties to help is one of them, for lying on the street arm up, is the concrete embodiment of the small.However such virtue can only exist in the folk, and the former high layer is unable to understand.It contains a profound social logic.Life in the bottom of society (folk), is often weak, they tend to get other help, but also willing to help stop, so naturally shaped poverty-relief, solution as pressing danger of excellent quality, they often, Stan and the courage to sacrifice.While living in the current society (i.e. the nomenklatura), they generally strong enough and does not need other help, they just use each other and get more benefit, so shaped cold, selfish, arrogant personality trait.Understand this is not difficult to understand justice should not to support the "common sense", on the contrary, as people "common sense", go up, behoove of.The bottom of the society for the people is looked down, whether in economic or spirit will give off and torn, but, under the stone of a blade of grass growing, stubborn streams in a crevice for road.Help for the music's traditional virtue will not be because of a handedness judgments into hiding, a case of Peng Yu is such a proof, phase, she will be from one generation to the next.Peng Yu's case has produced several, will also continue to occur.Gongsun Shu relationresultA tree where they lived for many years ,in the fall, with tree leaves ,underground is a yellow one, can decorate autumn for a long time ,and that .This leaves some strange .All deciduous tree leaves while varying in size, shape and also some thousand years, then there are divided whether leathery ,but is still very much the same ,uniform leaf tip is pointed .The tree is not so, the leaves are fan-shaped ,with no apparent vein .Leaves are different is not how, to autumn is very beautiful and not how, this place is so remote ,apart from some in the dig in earth food hastily in the edges of the tree after the outside edges of the tree ,is Niu Chang in the grass .Rush through farming what even a glance over time and no trees .Glow or as ,or leaves from the kobe 5 trees

,Saman ,fall .A complex .There is a page of a book in school textbooks opened ,printing a tree painting ,tree leaf shape strange, like ancient reading style paper fan in general .Leaves are also strange nothing ,that is printed painting ,the funny thing is much, eat dog things ,leaves some different is what The following pictures printed :Ginkgo biloba, known as the living fossil plant .Book information is much, this also nothing .The tree still there lonely existence .There is a farm in the tree to a cattle ,cattle some lonely, eating a bark ,bark smell bad not bad, how many some points .Cattle would continue to chew ,two m a ,can be cows nibble to no skin, the tree eight .Many years have passed, the tree is not dead .Gradually grew up ,one down the tree ,see falling leaves ,like leaf shape does not in general ,and feel that the leaves of some familiar, finally come up with similar leaves appear in school textbooks .Ah ,is ginkgo biloba !The heart of a spirit ,a bit of excitement .Horse a little disappointed ,think this is just a beautiful mind .Because the tree is big enough ,without any traces of blossom fruit ,and the ginkgo ,will result ,fruit ginkgo ,ginkgo again Kobe Zoom IV ,very valuable .Who tells his side ,this remote place with ginkgo .Say when some base is insufficient, his heart still think that tree just like ginkgo only, what is the tree Little doubt in his mind from time to time in space ,after all the space inside is too small, it can the world few multiple ,gently ,little doubt like autumn leaves blown away ,disappear without a trace .The tree angrily long ,who still remember the tree in the small image exist for many years ,has a bit of a loner tree .One ,that suddenly heard big places to buy a tree ,spent ten thousand yuan .He was a surprise :remember it always is not the result of the tree ,is it Is it really ginkgo That went to the tree growth place ,a group of whispering ,the tree has already been machinery to dig out ,really ,really long ( this should be high. ) ,through repeated :how it was before so high The heart was lost ,touched the thick tree ,the tree without speaking ,it lay there, lazy lazy lazy said ,see that once carried by textbook knowledge got its share ,it knows that some sad ,for distant bought some of it be indignant ;how can like this For many years ,you are on the lonely trees growing to look at several Machinery to dig out the tree chassis is

extremely regular disk ,tree a long also wrapped thick straw rope ,show that the tree .Although the tree was uprooted ,must break off many roots ,though far away from home to go to an unfamiliar place is the life and soul of the tread ,although you can live in a foreign country is questionable ,tree seems to have recognized this fate .Only for the distant land ,far already recognized its value .The said :it is a male tree .His heart whispered :most of the trees are monoecious ,said the tree is the male will make the common error But the fact is there ,such a big tree ,also very soul ,there is no blossom fruit traces ,not male and what Buy a tree ( in fact is peddled tree ) low .Sell the trees may feel some give up, in order to balance their own psychological ,also said: it is a male tree ,otherwise I will not sell .The psychological finally some balance :Although ginkgo ,although this is not the result ,after all ,is the ginkgo ,ginkgo reputation .Large ,specialty trucks carry off the tree ,with the car ran a process ,stopped ,looked at the car disappear in the twilight ,everything is attributed to silence .From the underground to pick up a few leaves ,looking at the paper sector things god .The leaves are beginning to wilt ,leaves no regret ,leaves no resentment ,leaves is silent .That my heart empty badly ,in the faint light ,follow the tree away road ,came back to the tree growth for many years ,there has been nothing, leaving only a big hole .The snowflake drifting away .The wind blow .The ditch subtil cricket .Not that big tree child day .The riding car is a complex one to that had turned to the pages of the book .The very broken ,no ring, when the car ,on the one ring in the cars ,is only he will read the book ,that never look back ,lonely words in the cars from shook in the wind of four seasons ,fusion in .One ,meet a gardener ,who could move, ask :Ginkgo seedlings The gardener said .The said :don male .The gardener smiled : how the male Only the miscellaneous and native .The said :I saw a tree ,forty years does not blossom fruit ,not male how Said the gardener :confused !Ginkgo tree Gongsun Shu ,Grandpa ,grandson to eat fruit .Native ginkgo forty years not to blossom fruit season, also left to spend it not far away .The epiphany :the tree was bought by the ginkgo at about with their own fruit speak, be forced to leave one ,run away ,leaving

the eternal silence .  


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