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cheap nike Hi, chant autumn four

Posted by
Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't want to escape I am not willing to you always say I'm just your male friend I not happy you always in my in front of the other. Don't blame me drive you too hard and I nike outlet really want to take you into my private things a minute if looks could kill separation then I can kill all the enemies if I told you good for not only was poor so we can happy together no matter how to say it is only you in my heart for you I do not work to accompany you to your willing to endure the cold in the dark, lonely waiting for you this morning angel for you I do use your mercy to lie to keep you on my and for you I can do a lot of knowing that you will be uncomfortable but only wanna hold you don't stick my escape your destiny is to die and get rid of the relationship I pinch in your neck.Custom window for you When the work habit opens a window to let you watch me the skilled action like this crazy laugh you work two a ice cream sweet lost time custom window for you to tell you that I love to see and speak with fervour and assurance of the depressed you alone in the cafeteria and you. Happy time habit opens a window to let you have a look like showing off my love you yell at me "my God" heart will bloom for you in the distant time custom window for you to call to tell you today, sour, sweet, bitter, hot like the phone you like the vast sky hung on miss you wherever and whenever a total want to window for you whether happy lost always window for you hope you can be happy when I find the lost time can also find I hope always opens a window.Hi ,chant autumn forty-five problems , relationresultSeven chant autumn forty-five questions ( fall 2010 ) 01 autumn Ping East cold forest on wine ,lying or implicit grass . Spare me, who cares only shadow drunk autumn .02 autumn twelve .Penetration ,dark cold autumn heart ,weak willows will be .Couch down the smell wind window was earnestly ,candle

.03 moon eleven .Especially hall hold shadow vessel, and the hot soft silver .The moon cycle day custom ,Sue with a parting say sorrow .04 autumn leaves eleven .Especially for late autumn leaves fell ,rhyme may be distressed at parting .First order from westerly sweep ,but pay back flow .05 autumn cloud Ping East autumn cloud swept free ,the blue sky as empty .Lonely heart with the wanderer ,charming eight total rushing .6 seven of Akiyama flat autumn scenery with mountains yellow ,green shade of red fruits help .Bi long raw land, Cangsong Cui implicit farm .07 autumn ridge eleven is really flat ridge is supine ,autumn rain kiss lips .Dust thrown out his hatred to barren ,liver .In autumn 08 two is as smooth as a mirror of winter flat static such as a clock ,Qianshan handsome copy .Lady ashamed Linquan shadow ,cloud to find of oz .09 five of flat micro Xishan falls even fly ,reddish dye Lake fresh carp fat lining .Goose line of hauling rigger to where to go .In autumn 10 ten Dutch flat ash Hibiscus out for the empty cup ,pour lotion with rain and snow and frost .A season of quiet rotary lamp ,branches of the pen .In autumn 11 under the lotus Ping seven sporadic showers vocal ,thin film horizontal inclined lift night cream .Season autumn old lotus ,lotus root silk long around the Millennium dream .12 autumn maple eleven .Especially Maple Hong-sheng fire was blazing love Jiang Lou ,also is blazing .Ask not what to find residual ,boundless eyes .13 seven of Chrysanthemum under flat in Chrysanthemum containing smoke Mu night cream ,from here out of cheapest nike shoes a long autumn wind ,flowers ,unique cold branch tuberose .In autumn 14 fourteen to raise cold blue flat head for bluegrass fresh ,a dream of autumn suspension .Wind and frost world ,does not change the fragrant heart since Hui yin .In autumn 15 fifteen delete goose flat cage cage Hill fog of month ,Yan - into Tongguan sound .Ask a message between warm and cold ,he also .16 autumn morning twelve in September, the invasion of the lower flat Leng Pin ,dancing the trackwork raider .Autumn frost does not freeze hard body ,or disease - car .17 seven .Autumn rain forced the cool autumn

wind ,lotus and Gui Zixiang .Rolling Nike Air Max 24-7 curtain window seat ,coming in the clouds of yellow .In autumn 18 ten of autumn cold flat gray Mo cloud cut ,indulge in cold north to .Deep house feel ice cold ,households know Supergrass decadent .In autumn 19 seven .Down sunset pear fruit woody, Kyorin yellow autumn scenery .Hawthorn willow trees know autumn ,dark to dry container bottom .In autumn 20 twelve soul under flat penetration a warm dream yesterday heavy rain ,now skirts .You have no generation of passengers, to live up to the mountains and the heart .In autumn 21 seven of the lower flat crystal dyeing autumn frost ,a glimpse into a dream of cool .A copy with all ,blue silhouette as cold wall .22 autumn heart Ping East Jun in the west of Liaoning Province in the east I heart dyeing ,sunset red .Qianshan wild goose in the same month, million dream in a cloud .In autumn 23 seven of flat poly acme international poly a hall ,Lau fluting warm heart .The wine cup thousand drunk ,slack month Yousi million miles fragrance .In autumn 24 with Ping East as life ,glory, splendour, wealth and rank for autumn .The mentality of peace view out of the window ,a few degrees oblique several red .In autumn 25 eleven .Last poems left uncollected ,drizzle run shy .The moon from the clouds, love left slack month building .26 Qiuwang seven month down near Mid-Autumn Festival guest Look Homeward ,goose has been flying south .Ask not slow down ,I thought my mother take comfort .In autumn 27 the four branch of the rain Leng Qiuzhi ,nearly half month Mid-Autumn festival .Infinite arms can send a dream to turn an old saying ,Fu poetry .In autumn 28 seven of pool Ping Liu Ancient vertical leaves gradually yellow ,singing one autumn ,solitary booths far according to oblique impact, Chi Qing pan el .In autumn 39 first don draw is the cold autumn frost all over the sky ,a don Han river .Zhengfan this to travel thousands of miles in total ,in the mother line led .30 Autumn Dreams eleven .Especially tree Oriole to their throat ,has been good to the image is difficult to remain .What endures months cage west window dream ,outside the hospital for

implicit old sorrow .Autumn 31 Hope five help window overlooking the plain of meaning to be, so we did not return home .Each listening the sound like v. ,whiz rain heart .In autumn 32 Sanjiang was flat thin month Qinghui according to Jiang ,Acacia hanging face covered with tears .Wen Yan dream speech sound man ,suspected Guihong Jing Xiao window .In autumn 33 twelve and the flat sticks a as clouds ,under fire from twilight .Misty clouds more free ,branches into the mud and the new grave .Mp3 a 34 four empty Ming old dew hunger, summer music did not feel tired .For a year earlier ,quietly cocoon under high branches .In autumn 35 eleven worry .Especially light cold diffuse staining Yu Yan .Indus be autumn rain .Brocade in the thousand needles infinite meaning ,the small than building .In autumn 36 a wound flat East autumn leaves floating Huang Zi lost ,Xiangshan bleak dew condensation red .Row of goose miserable - light clouds ,lonely wind .In autumn 37 a drunk down first rain like a broken string, wind up my restaurant .Window Lu heavy difficult dreams ,falling leaves before bed .38 six .Qiu Xia Ma elegant Gao Tian shallow weak ,leisure goods view leaves red .Time flies. Difficult flavoring ,tablets found in autumn frost drink chrysanthemum .In autumn 39 a first spring under the flat stone riverside shuttle Yi Chi ,Bing Xin fog before sichuan .Sansei dream He Ji ,a road rivers million boat .In autumn 40 eleven under the waterfall flat especially colorful phase flow ,and finally polyester worries .Who knocked Mya Qu Chongxiao ,music on you .In autumn 41 ten give flat gray Daisy Ling Han freely open ,Danfeng a Ren Qiu cd .Floating smoke on much wine ,do not believe the other guest not to .In autumn 42 eleven of Tong flat especially evening smoke by flow ,canoe fish thick evening singing .The gold and silver seeding ,summer autumn winter net .43 autumn love twelve under the flat blue dye penetration of Tianshan gold ,a total harvest wine poem .Pots surplus alms bowl Jiajia Le ,harmonious and well depth .In autumn 44 seven under the wing Ping Tan Kwai fragrance chrysanthemum Huang Rui, the great wild goose nanxiang .The stream of shallow fish play ,Games Guangzhou

phi dressed .  


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