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kobe i I want to forget you still think of you

Posted by
Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Engineering fable , relationresultAt noon, the king call ,tell me :because the sea lotus throne on thirteen floors was blown down by the high winds ,tomorrow ,the provincial capital of rural construction in the Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau ,trade and Industry Bureau and the city and county of fifteen departments of the province of all projects in a dragnet inspection ,to strengthen the quality of building engineering supervision and inspection .So ,you make sure we do tomorrow .25 # steel, submerged part is exposed part of idle ,waiting for inspection team to check the past ,after the stem .Remember ,not leak away !Otherwise ,don not enough meaning .My heart was bitter ,project half ,once leak stuffing to rework ,labour and materials ,I and King dead .I did this project is municipal authorities kindergarten through fifty meters wide roads ,this year ten people project of .The king next after we eat, he tells me :three hundred yuan a square do not work The price is not high ,but can also earn three two .More than ten thousand square feet, you do not have to do ,from five hundred yuan has slid to the price ,and the lower bid price ,I dare not to .I still want to be with you ,I believe in you .I laughed :this price is where the stem projects Give a farmer with a ground is also similar, not dry .You listen to me, to ensure that your money is Light in raw materials also fell eight hundred thousand ... ... He gave me a :engineering analysis directly from the U.S. company hands ,not the previous two pack three pack four pack five pack ,so profit is high ,the low price is not considered .Or I package materials you dry cleaning workers ,earn money with the stability of the .I have a look out the materials ,I do to earn money Have a look how I deal with the surface of the mind those dogs ,are in place, who dare to us I punch made their eyes are large than man .Seems to show that he doesn cheat me ,we talk and several calls in ,want to do him in this project ,a quotation of 300 ,also have a quote of two hundred ,he would laugh shall come down ,say again explore .I know ,he works the bottom line :no school what public buildings ,although these years cover school house money .This time no can do thirty hat ,visible not save .As he said ,there is profit ,I agree to come down ,just clear work ,as a eat spicily sleeps .Then ,from the labor market to enrol the project manager ,construction, engineering ,rental excavators ,rollers riding into the site .After the king start ,in order to wipe out the last dare to trouble us ,put ten thousand yuan with the envelope ,specifically taking advantage of in site supervision ,Li was alone in the dormitory time ,took me in ,said without preamble : I want to invite you to dinner ,but have no time ,so stay two meals give you .Xiao Li is inspect grain company has just hired college ,thin than the king high ,see the envelope ,surprised ,as were the red-hot iron, with both hands repeatedly shaking down ,not dare to touch the envelope ,depth of myopia glasses slid into the tip of the nose ,forehead sweat like bean like Mi air flow .Finally, by the king hands or a short but chubby a big hand clasping ,how to make out .The king very calmly to use another hand letter package in his pocket ,and then pushes the kobe i small drives him to sit ,we began to retreat ,he also wanted ,we had to outside the dormitory ,he had to in turn scattered ,repeatedly said it do this how line King road in the smile: a young ,I have done .The latent rule ,rich sooner or later .Since strayed into the crock ,do not eat butter maggot is die .The ground works ,walked ten jins small children ,running cars ,squinting with the clay tamping tamping pressure ,also not bad .A little risk of failing ,what now I secretly for Li regret ,say you too hard ,so much, not kill him To do the work, when they should be very .Don make no food to eat .Hit hard, is a billionaire, you still drive Audi A6 poor .The king proud to say .After the project ,although the grade of concrete is much lower, 25 # reinforced variable 12 # ,supervision ,party a party like flies buzzing around the site ,also did not

say what .Just once to a square face ,alone to the site after the round ,not to utter a single word to go .I hurried to the king report ,he says in the phone :This is Yang Wei ,the manager of engineering .The rats to do ... And the greedy ,I know .I know who Yang Wei is ,the king said many times ,in order to from him this project ,to send to the ten party .One is ten thousand .He came to this trip ,the king of conscience and sent to five party ,he ruthlessly say :the rats special experts ,to see that I save much material ,is enough to feed the dog .We are the monk, no way .The very next day ,I arrived at the site ,material field was placed five large bundles of 25 # reinforced .Examination of a team in the party accompanied by a turn to a ,if there is a mind wander around exposed steel ,also know reinforced than welding ,also knew that there is ox hair like filaments ,Wang and I conscience will be over .Pass ,these steel and disappeared ,the original is rented .The king to say: we this ten thousand approach uses a .Project finished, I paid a regret :when not even material pack down ,so much to earn a few .A year later I go to have a look I give heart road ,also such as flat ,children ,car who go be full of joy .Subconsciously I touch the back of the head, long sigh .A few days ago ,the news said that some parts of the bridge even in the face of more than 30 play together is big run ,breaking stubble even in reinforced Maomao no; said billion waiting hall built in three years of reconstruction ,to be demolished ;... ... Like the day star ,say not to come .That is to say ,we do the engineering was awarded a Luban prize is a big loss .My heart suddenly well up ,often touching head sucked cold problems disappear .Life without seeking , relationresultWrite the title I know would say ,since the world was ,how will not seek Life quality ,life can be measured .Whether the Emperor gave their lives ,or the masterpiece of nature to the infinite life spirit ,in short ,life is the world sophisticated and proud .I don ,life is all the time ,how do I think life should in no win through .The last reading of Zheng Banqiao woolly-headed ,always feel that is a paper Aston fashion ,and the essence of life .But today it seems that Zheng Banqiao is really amazing .He was in a writing bamboo meaning in the process of realize the life value .It difficult !Young was undeniable ,think a lot of ,see the world, everything is fresh ,feel this world no matter what should have a place in the self .However the society is not a social life ,is included in the life out of a derivative of .When we put the ideal when ideals to struggle when, suddenly found the original ,the ideal life is only in a dream .To make this dream into reality ,not alienation self seems to be impossible .The last reading early know is the product of society .But as I grow older ,I find ,is actually the result of life .If there is no life in the world ,although it still exists ,but has little sense .The society is what As I now narrow understanding ,society is in the kobe nike continuation of life process resulting in a form of .No ,definitely not have social forms .There is no life, the world will not be perceived .Recently I heard a friend told me ,say around me there are many I have two views .At that time I also feel fresh ,like me and don almost no connection ,how will also invite criticism Friends said ,we feel that my pride ,some wild and intractable .Moreover I thought negative .The former is the case ,it seems that this will change it is really not easy .As for the latter ,I think thought negative and not do not judge ,and should be the life development process .Actually does not matter ,you can come to this world ,can not be perfect ,can not be all and social .Since the US officials believe is a social product ,so you should use social criteria to comment everything .I just feel wronged, some to neglect the existence of life .I always believe that life is independent ,although it was not possible with society, but it is not

the full .These years ,the society walks ,I found ,to save themselves, must and social boundaries .If you want to let self life belongs to the self ,we must put the soul of life in their own hands .Otherwise ,what is left to the social life ,and has nothing to do .We say that life is a process ,of course ,the process and social always have have all kinds of connections with contact .But life is the process ,this process that we have life ,and what will be These years I have been thinking about this problem ,always thinking of life and students in the end is it right One thing Remember and don discuss this problem ,that the two is the same .Because there is no life there to the students But I think these two are not the same thing .Life is said to be social ,life is left to the emperor and the self .The scale is to the society .Life is the soul to scale .Sometimes I feel young is too naive ,even to the two when a thing .It is the brilliant brilliant life .Today it seems from the beginning of our idea is wrong .Because today I have indistinct feeling, can put life and society is in need of a separate ,no high realm .If we want to get something from the society ,then you said it, not to say life ,because they are among the two did not leave the contact comfort .Abandon Society for students, it is obviously not possible .But for life ,his independence is the highest realm .If life makes social packaging, then to the end and leave only preaching ,and the essence of life really has nothing to do .These year I do not want to own too much into society .This is not that I am unwilling to and social relationship .But I think ,want to experience life ,experience life that is pure ,we must be eliminated .Otherwise ,while enjoying a society brings the brightly coloured ,while also boast without shame that self life obtained the sublimation .I don say ridiculous ,should at least be funny fun .The first contact Dan thought still feel some be rather baffling .Think think think of no two words .Life in this world is to feel the world .How could the world in wonderful But then I found out ,I inaction would be no high realm of life .This life, want to let life dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased ,it must be in the road to inaction .No unnecessary for the state, self action will be a utilitarian things led by the nose .I have been to many temples ,see the hillside temple ,I have come to Zoom Kobe 2K5 feel that ,in a place like this temper life ,is simply a kind of day .Of course ,be in today do nothing that is not an easy thing .Have a look today ,utilitarian elements almost filled the entire space .Life as an idler ,inevitably in such an atmosphere of something .I did not want it ,I want it more than .I just feel when an ideal be rather baffling burst ,leaving me with just two words .I want to be negative .Actually I also have the vitality of life ,but when the society can not agree with you for this activity ,you have what ability to change everything Remember I wrote the third book, a friend gave me a preface ,he said that I always like to use things to think the development of things toward the cathode .To always keep a life of sorrow .In fact, I very much agree with the views of friends .In fact, the development of things ,whether it is from the very start ,the final results should be the same .Life it ,is actually the reincarnation .And we rely on to survive the world ,are in a circle over nirvana .Say ,life is born happy event ,the end of life is another tragedy .But how can I do not understand ,also is the end of life Nirvana poles ,why there will be two answers, will be painful pleasure I don ,almost brutal Buddhism ,how will be handed down, but until today still carry forward .Now I know ,life is also required .A student is sometimes unable to interpret the connotation of life .We all know that the historical records ,nature also knows Sima Qian .As the creation of historical records Sima Qian is a great and wonderful .But as the life of Sima Qian ,we can say ,he left his life-long regret irreparable .Perhaps this is life and

life difference .Today to live as part of social group ,it seems completely and thoroughly separated from life .We often say that the status of glory ,I don and our life what is relationship Think through this, we feel ,the society ,how should we calm .I often think ,students need to .Because life is left to the community as a whole .But life needs calm, because life is reserved for the emperor thoughts .With society vulgar to experience the meaning of life ,it is a kind of funny ,a boring .But society has put it all boils down to a dream and the answer .I didn would go, but I know the life final destination .Although my life has left such as inadequacy and regret .But for life ,all the regret and less is not necessarily the truth .Objectively speaking ,I had a dream ,but in the end lost .Dreams are shattered, students may not completely .But for life ,all experience all can only be one kind of life the memory of it ,it can break life ,also not discredit life exquisite and its value .This morning, I suddenly received a phone call ,turned out to be a leader .He asked me recently at stem what Why not see my shadow .I said it ,every day .He told me to go to his office .I ask what happened He said nothing ,just want to and I flow .Long time no see me ,I do not know all of what to think .I off now .Leadership office in very warm, just right for me has been not to cold form .It is nothing to do ,I will go all lengths .I said now see the leaders than to see the prime minister .Leader smile ,said I can borrow .Looking for very simple ,make a phone call can be about to .Immediately following the leader asked me recently units do I said I had a cold ,I didn unit ,also do not know if you are doing .Leadership was laughing ,I am really is too bad .To the end of the year, units of a lot of things, I how can be so clear .I know that the leadership was left me .Here with a handsome two characters .In fact, I know ,used here is too much maybe more representative of his meaning .I said I did not not going to work ,is to really do not know what to do .Leadership then asked ,do you want to change anything Change what Go a few years to live .The dream would do .Leaving is the reality of today .Besides ,the life from birth have been fixed, can change what I smile and shake ,is on the leadership to tell ,I do not want to change, I just want to let life Ann quietly ,just want to let the mind clear light .Leading to Yang laugh .Say I no hope .How can such a thing for my irresponsible I shortcomings seem not false .Leadership here please pass me a cigarette ,he knew ,I now leave is like smoke .Leaders know that and I couldn what names .He looked up in the table .I know he wants to let me go .But the leadership office degree too ,I want to go .The leadership said he wanted to see the file .I said I would drink ,smoke ,will not affect his .Leadership shakes ,began to read files .I half lying in the leadership office sofa ,not a moment was asleep ,but also do a dream .The dream will not say ,when I woke up, leadership is not here .The office is young .He watched me woke up and said with a smile ,leaving the leadership arrangement ,let me wake up and walk when he will be closed .I checked the time after twelve noon ,I have to go home to eat ,eat it but the needs of life .I want to forget you still think of you Author Tu Xiangqi (TU phase singularity) flow sound seamless years time quietly slip through your fingers by living so you have to leave me alone, leave me alone, disappointed in the winter wind mist withstand years of silence and solitude holding his hand with his left hand, right hand with missing only and that my world from bright fall dawn to forget you or think of you thinking of you every moment I do not know this late fine where you remember you and I together you told me it is cold to add clothing you hold my cold hands you the warm

thorough my heart remember  


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