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louis vuitton wholesale [] the past and emotion interaction

Posted by
Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moon square Stepping on the soft glow in the Mid-Autumn Festival into the moon square in this round of the moon really wanted to meet with the Chang'e moon at the foot of the Hetian own garden girl so fragrance where there are flowers, with the sky to see the play, really want to fake a fairy that is the magpie bridge you saw was really want to dance act as a cowherd eyes twinkle light up neon grating That is ,and then what relationresult that what is it The age of multimedia nice ah !As China Unicom advertisement language as :a choice ,nice !.Now ,like listening to the radio ,see the man up .There are two reasons ,one ,television is not good to carry ( even now have high-end pocket palm-top television receiver ,but from the public still premature ) ;secondly ,the radio ( TV ) ,life ,entertainment talk show really do vivid ,active, indeed some release of ear .As one of the audience ,thanks for those in the morning ,at noon ,in the evening ,in the dark ,as thousands of audience friends do every kind of wonderful program hostess people -- are they to the public to drive the loneliness, resolve the worry ,brought happiness ;what is more ,also soothe their pain ,stability their souls ... ... But a fly in the ointment is :it seems like every radio ( TV presenter ) ,with a word to make a sentence ,or even a word of text ,this word is the . Today is a good day ,my friends good morning !The -- the next, the audience friends ,we will listen to Andy Lau song The Andy Lau -- that our telephone has been open for you ,that -- wow !A that ! That is what That what is it Think of this way and that ,turn over in one ,want to want ,but do not want to give the that what is it ,how to represent what ,what means .Then ,just as that nothing ,nothing mean ,mean nothing .But if so ,presided over the people why happens to coincide again ,on the million people united as one man does not release This intermediate decided what secret !Imagine :a predicate instance, if removed the that words ,the audience ( the audience ) if they don Maybe !But the author is to understand .And imagine :presided over the people that fire ,what will happen -- would not host the show Well ,I think very likely .Because ,so far we have not yet heard or saw one host is don it !Increasingly confused results are :the author decided today just a line to any radio or television presenter ,ask :the host of hello !I have a question ,that I would like to ask you :that the word of what is Will that be OK .That ,I see him or her how to answer ! ,what is it A long time, I found and attention to such a fact :from central to local television reporter and host is ,in interviews and news program ,often make an unnecessary move like a fundamental need of the word :.For example :this morning ,X is the fire . There was a fire .Already is .You are the is is it right Superfluous !Another example :for certain events ,local leaders is quickly rushed to the scene . Quickly rushed to the scene .It is the is .You are the is not superfluous !And so on. It is to be too numerous to enumerate !A word of the correct use of the media ,part of human culture ,language ,writing and literary accomplishment how low !It is really to make me on the spot at the same time ,feel tired !Manage the people ,these are very important details to change ah !!! Previous & quot ;where to go nowadays, many stars ,celebrities and people from all walks of life ,in an interview with the media or publishing a variety of speech ,are surprisingly consistent preferences of a Zen ,then it is .When it is in most bring people feel helpless uncomfortable feeling after in the past ,let people more and more feel is abnormal . Then this word ,this is a very significant past tense verb .Such as the correct use of ,not only is not bad ,but also very concise ,vivid ,image .However ,open at the beginning, not a theme ,is endless and then ,really annoys me -- pleased to meet you ,and then louis vuitton free ... ... Are all very beautiful, and then ... ... I just got off the plane ,then ... ... -- and so on .While the words ,also not hesitate :almost every phrase must take a then ,true it may be said not to mind taking the trouble .Let people feel don and at the same time ,not to ask :then ,always ,then ,then ,is the previously where Reportedly ,then grammar ,is the Hong Kong and Macao car and goods to park .Perhaps ,in its home also popular are also very difficult to say ;at the same time ,also is very natural and normal .Hong Kong and Macao Star and famous people say ,just let them go !We don tell guests about .But ,then again ;since you gentleman

,you highness in the mainland ( or came to the mainland) ,in accordance with the pen seems to climb slope ,or what ,what song to sing high .Others want to and then ,then let him go .Afraid of their own or in the previously the beginning of a good !After all ,the Chinese nation for thousands of years of excellent cultural tradition .On the art of language ,it is very vivid !Even as louis vuitton outlet the Zen and will never be one of the best .Besides, toss about ,not to mind taking the trouble with and then to a variety of species ,bearing ,turned ,and said ,the prophet eat with appetite ,the listener ,but are likely to feel that feeling tired don .Frankly speaking ,language ( vocabulary ) of deprivation, but only to prove the prophet thought pale and thinking lagging behind, I am afraid there is no longer any other functions !So, you always and then a what Let those themes have no relevance and early rest !Because ,only the correct ,reasonable use of the language ,we will be more vivid, lively ;will more effectively convey ideas ,influenza ;at the same time, also can let people to experience the language cultural background and artistic charm !Ma Guiyi 11-02-11 together in the moonlight the past does not smoke emotion interaction , relationresultWhen a single corner, some in the dust-laden memories of the past like a long line ,in the same dance ,will pull long profound thoughts .Once thought ,time can dilute all the past ,but when the incident. ,is not to forget ,forget smoke past always inadvertently into the mind .The past does not smoke ,the precipitate in the heart of the moved and happy as a lingering smoke ,always linger in the mind of the deep .In summer ,it is a He Qiyan summer ,just by the college entrance examination to be dead beat we finally unloaded all the burden, we talk about the ideal life ,talk about ,talking about friendship ,your eyes filled with ,your heart with a green agitation .I have been infected with you ,as you love ,as you le .Perhaps influenced by his childhood ,I like history, especially for archaeology to the point like crazy .Once, you ask me ,if you really choose to volunteer archaeology You know it is going to dig graves ,to lift the dead ! You don girls can drill tomb ,of course ,walking probing shovel ,postscript Hill experience ,is bitter ,is dangerous ,but when a priceless treasures ,splendid cultural show in the world ,that is how exciting scene .Said I have arranged with the great Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army ,mysterious Dingling Palace of the Earth you staring at me, eyes full of wonder .I was your eyes anger, hate hate gave you a look, twist in the past .Outside the window is the quiet fields ,autumn leaves fell without wind ,leaving only the naked branches swaying in the wind, lonely bird with the shaking and vibration, as if they have come out of the can .Hey ,fruitful autumn ,also has its bleakest, I sadly shut the window .How many together ,had had an argument ,the more is the reconciliation after the sweet .One day we come to a temple .Front of the temple of the long grass with a clusters of flowers, pink, white ,look at these unknown flowers I cried to thee : flower ,and take out, pick a flower .You hesitated ,then with great care picked a white to pass me . Why not pick a bright-coloured . The pure white ,you see this little flower ,not a bit miscellaneous .Paused you said ,like you ,so simple . Pure what good I really want to learn complex ,but never learn . learn ,learn to live . But not complex would not live .His father death, let you prematurely to assume the family burden .No matter whether the end of test ,hire you have to go .Remember we had been interested ,my heart suddenly felt a sense of regret . You say if life according to each thought development ,each are not at the mercy of fate this good .For a while ,you up ,you don ,because you are too simple .Then forcibly swung ,said :put a flower to me have a look !Well !I picked up the flower Bai Xiaohua ,in ,good-looking Good-looking, and your heart !said, you quickly ran back the temple .This is a Millennium Temple ,stone crash crisp in the silent valley .In the palace of smoke ,the temple even more of a mystery .I pointed to concentrate on chanting nuns said: the nun life was really quiet ah ,sometimes ,I really admire this life .You laughed ,you think to study at night life is a life, rather than you with hand on chin scratched . You know some of them is committed to life-long ,ready to take this endless pain and loneliness You looked around the temple of furnishings ,voice was deep and melancholy, my life is made .Just one year ,I will not see the humorous ,optimistic you . As long as you don abandon the life ,life will never abandon you .Hear my words ,you laugh ,laugh bitterly .When the ears scornful bird ,I find the sound and

look .The woods a sparrow deftly station in the branches ,its small tail swing ,small round head seems frequently to my parents ,I don could move, shouted: at you !.The elf a shrug ,as if by my fright ,and soon disappeared in my sight .A calf in the mountains and jump with joy ,and with joy .The breeze blowing the Lin Shao ,like a solemn soothing the ileum .Look at all this ,my heart is filled with peace and quiet, to experience a very comfortable relaxed and happy .You have been infected, see I do it, I won .Your eyes to use dynamic light ,resolute face restored confidence ,. No! Should not make life down! smile again ripples in your face .After January, you take a job ,my final choice and dreams is far away .Since then ,we have separated ,lost contact .Goodbye to you ,is ten years later .Students of the fickleness of the world ,and the future of sorrow .Drop of teardrops ,whereas before ,infinitely more miserable .This bright sadness ,laugh ,the world of impermanence .Ten years after the unit once a meal ,I saw you smiling to me . You are a little You look astonished God ,I smiled and asked : is not who I am I am so old ,you recognize me You pull a chair, the nearest seat . no ,you are much thinner than before. ,so I didn A pregnant melancholy ,red dust who passed away A bright moon ,looking back at the little who A cup of liquor, when drunk who A cancellation on a dark ,who Ten years ago, we still do not know the sorrow taste of youth, ten years later ,green has been lost ,appearance no longer .Back to the home ,and began a long separated husband . After home if you tell me ,you no good ,leaving me to do ! How can that be, you have your own work and family .I quickly shake .I refuse to tried to dodge ,you or take your child came to my house .See the home to his little brother ,son excitedly pulled out all the toys ,brother ,brother !It is very close . You take the kids to play, I will be good .I know your stubborn spleen ,no longer insist .We Louis Vuitton Dresses had fun ,back home, a tightly packed with clothes ,the room clean .That debt is the grandfather, his grandson is this life owes you ,how can I pay you The summer of that year ,getting up early every day feel stomach pain is unbearable .After half month halo ,RPS is weak ,unable to eat anything .During that period of time is the most busy time ,children learn a day cannot delay .My heart is telling me, adhere to !Insist. I know you must be strong .But every night ,pain and helplessness is encroaching upon the heart ,my tears left speechless .s the matter ,to see you face so bad You and I are in one unit ,but each doing his own job ,sometimes several days also touch not side . All right ,just recently often stomachache ! Know ill also not go to a hospital checking !, you wait for me, I go for a drive .Then you have to run down the stairs !Because of several times the pain of abortion, I fear of hospitals ,fear of bright operation package .Lying in the examination ,the doctor light pressure right ventral ,I obviously feel a Zhuixin pain to me . Ah ..I curled up, but light shout .The doctor and the hand of the lower back ,pain The doctor see me said: be gallstones, and adhesions ,hastened to the operation to do . Don do it, the condition did not allow . Later complications of trouble .Conscientious physicians in paper to draw the body internal structure ,explain my do operation could be caused by a number of stakes . doctor, I try to do the operation .For such a serious kind doctor, I couldn excuse .Just sit in the car ,you from my pocket bag mobile phone to me ,why I asked you . To call him ah ,really lie in you to the hospital You can understand his work ,now is the construction of the gold season ,you said he working Then, I put my mobile phone back into the bag . Well ,you hold you ,and so serious ,I see children who care !Always with you ,two dashing locked ,sounds higher than usual several db .I think of the children ,my heart tight .In this town, in addition to colleagues and see this ,I on the surrounding all very strange, because the working relationship between the husband a few months can not return a house .Hospitalization ,can I count on him The child who is there to pick up Oh .my melancholy and sigh ,tired heart mind ,never lonely ,lost . Sorry ,I just feel anxious ,should not say you .See I don live with tears ,you busy the apologized ,and from the box out of paper towels and handed it to me ,you or call to ask, if not, I had cooked to arrange about the operation ,you don ,I will take good care of the .Soon ,in your

arrangement, preoperative examination everything running smoothly .Ever seen a mirror ,in a hospital operation room door ,the patient lies on the operation side car ,surrounded by her husband and children ,father and sister .Now I lay down on the cold side only ,and having little relation .Remember when frightened Pro will embrace me in your arms, not afraid, afraid of !And whisper in my ear ,quietly with my back .Remember at the site of the busy husband ,tear unconsciously overflowing with tears ,no longer look at me into the operation room before the husband to come back ,but did not dare to disturb the thousands of miles away in the father .Endure it, beyond that, I have any choice My heart tell me again ,must be strong .What going on Want children You may rest assured ,I m shuttle children ,will not let him lean a catty ,two children in a fast can have fun .I know ,how can I not know Came to this place ,regardless of work or life ,I have been careful to take care of you .Meet overtime ,would you let your wife receives the child in your home ,in your home for dinner ,leave your wife and filled with a big bag of their buns , to his old eat buy steamed bread, he was sick .I smiled and sons ,the child may shout at me ,originally .Home warm drain ,urgent in dial your phone call .To perform a task ,as long as you live ,your strapping body there in front of me ,with your own life to protect my safety .But ,to the town every day I feel you endless love ,endless . !Operation room door slowly opened, watched you anxious eyes ,my heart calm ,strong !Till I see you again ,is postoperative the very next day ,you use a cotton swab is run with my dry lips ,face surprises hide your tired .It fun ,some of you are trying to forget ,but you meet ,many picture like a rough sea, once again come to you .A few days after the operation is the most difficult ,cold liquid slowly waded into the tube, with the next disease warm kiss ,home care ,my heart is aching ,a strong feeling in my heart rises continuously .Especially after a month later ,when I know you wipe the injury to the store owner back day coal trades ,my heart is increasingly disturbed ,guilty .Deep is cannot take on the heavy burden ,four years, you are good to me, how can I pay you Forget that late autumn evening ,the window on Leng Xing rare .Call the husband finally pushed everything hurried home ,full of burnout ,depression ,and for the God to make my decision in the rational side struggling . You do the operation I didn is my wrong ,but this is not our grounds for divorce .In our eyes ,is one of the enviable couples ,he has been so confident of pride . I just want to live a normal life . A normal life The Hei Tong injection of irradiated . Think of yourself ,a year three white sixty-five days ,you have a few days at home You want a holiday vacation I and the child Speak, my heart a helpless ,tear filled eyes .Husband is the words hit ,sitting on the sofa corner Henjin ,a cigarette ,a cigarette after another ,the ashtray very fast up a hill .I went into the bedroom ,get married, even quarrel, after a few minutes and as .But this time ,such as dawn of reproduction ,we were silent ,home dead calm .For three days ,her husband out of the bedroom door ,do not eat ,sleep ,the bedroom smoke .A spiritual listlessness that fear ,off duty ,I trudged along the moat ,go round and round .Think really indifferent ,to be truly out of this step image loaded in the needle bag ,pain so thoroughly .A few days like smoke ,husband began vomiting ,from the bedroom to the bathroom ,and from the bathroom to the bedroom ,his pain, his tears ,everything is still always touches my every nerve .At that moment, I know ,this is not only my eyes now ,or I will in the future .Because ,we gave up a lot .Because many ,we give up .Hand in hand ,heart is not open ,the pain ,few can understand When I walked into the like ,winter .See the doctor give you write a . ,think of your wife the rain hold my child learn one, two children close to each other brother ,brother look ,I know I have to make a choice .Not the way Taiyuan cannot find the end ,but I do not want to repeat the mistakes again .The weekend after receiving the order ,was packed, and I take to the city train .In this strange city ,the children adapt to the new school ,I revisit familiar strange faces .The towering buildings ,such as traffic ,crowded streets ,dull air to asphyxia .Often ,lean out of the window, think of your voice ,eyes are large tracts of tears flowing .The past is a dream ,like smoke .This whole life will meet a lot of ,meet ,not necessarily .Pass through ,weakness ,let us learn a lot

of reality .  


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