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free nike Mount Lu old

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Heartbeat memory , relationresultBecause the job needs ,your dinner party is various, so a few years, you are singing ,dancing ,drinking ,can also be transported and seems to be with ,everything ,everything is fine .In contrast ,I seemed to be an extraterrestrial ,what do not understand, in the impetuous romantic place is very naive and old-fashioned, may seem like Liu grandmother into the Grand View Garden as curious and strange .Since since we met ,I didn ask you in addition to work privately ,what do not drink, do not indulge in noisy GouLan watts Si marketplace ,are party, the pursuit of gorgeous .Whether in the fragrant colorful entertainment ,listen to curl are penetrating roar out a song ,let the public to be entranced ,won the praise .Or the like in the quiet night with a beautiful pink ,see Hong Yan sing merrily and dance gracefully ,enjoy beautiful wine between as vanity ,pass through the intestines, the arms hold .But when love and you ,I do not know, just in this lonely night ,listening to the gentle and beautiful songs ,it is the time to wear dark clothes you from among the talent showing itself ,all I see is you slightly flushed face, and your eyes ocean overflow bit soft ,solidification let me think constantly of picture ,has been set aside in the heart .I remember it was a color monotonous in the noon ,after lunch a little more ,according to my promise to you ,I should go to show you the place to take you to help me find information .But when considering your noon in hotel guest ,so the opening was I not invited to what you said place to take information .In order not to let you worry ,will call you tomorrow give me too late .Didn was guest eat drink you received my call ,thought I went to ,the man from the hotel to walk out, and did not expect to hear I just called to say no to .Your irritability and lost in the telephone most incisive ,no cover ,sound one hundred and eighty degrees down under ,let the phone that I have from you dry language environment can smell your dissatisfaction and depressed .In order not to let you sweep the heart ,after I hung up ,I went downstairs .When I call your phone, telling you that I am in you outside the hotel ,your voice is a student .When you be jubilant from the hotel to walk out, see my pale face ,you always smiled and stared at the time ,but I feel you tall shadow refracts my thin and small ,he hid a small girl shy ,only the bow low eyebrow ,let all charming everywhere, count on no see .You cheap nike air max look like a wheel flying hot bright ,so wearing white sweater and gray hair long ,curled up with a group of swash plate side I feel in this seemingly noisy street road ,only you and I are the stage character and dazzling ,and thus have burning feeling, dare not speak ,also afraid of hyperactivity .That day sank pale ,but when you smile came over to me ,put in the hands of the data is sent to me, I can carry you ,just shy with a ready to go .You smiled and stared at me and asked ,what time to you .I took the opportunity to be charming up ruined your eye ,whispered not back to you .Then turn to pretend very quiet walk .Dare not have any slack ,but not back to have a look behind you in what to do ,will I turn into a hotel to .The way ,I did not back ,until the unit ,into the office ,sat down to a long shu .Three in the afternoon, I meet you again ,across the screen with great care to ask you ,you the information when you need ,I sent to you is ,do not want to because I and the impact of your work .I did not

expect a serious question ,get you a sentence when I see you, you give me back ,a few simple words, a real let me instant heart trance ,fuxiangpianpian .In that time, this one is probably the most so filthy words .Because you never said anything about the topic and text appears .The sentence when I see you, you can give me a return to seems to be for the time after the famous .So I now have to remember you said this heart and king ,and what it will be like .Because I only know their feelings ,only to see the day you, see when he is what .Just know that I door ,be in good out of a bandbox .Through you ,I feel you joy over the hasty shuttle car vehicles and flow ,blooming flower flowers ,in the original depression appears exceptionally charming autumn .But you emitted cannot touch the blocking fire breath, in that a grey sky warm this all lonely season .Later I have countless times and you about the time I ,always cannot help whispering, ask that what you think ,why I feel very diffuse and Xin ,think of you, will be the day you burning red smiley .You said be drink a little wine ,see me excited .I asked why ,you say because can see oneself want to see ,the so-called wine to be courageous, it gets a little publicity ,joy also expressed in the face .Today, the day you have rarely seen ,however ,now hear you talking in my ear hot words ,enjoying you blowing in the wind the soft, in your warm arms or silent expectation that you sometimes can reproduce .How far is it relationresultHow far a long time not to write anything, it seems to have a habit. If used for a period of time ,their own writing box ,I will miss ,but now for a period of time not to write but a habit ,even read a book ,literary color thick books are rarely won .Summer vacation is in the home ,idle ,prior to read the < ;< ;> ;> home autumn ;turn over ,but do not over, I know that I read a Book mind is slowly subsided ,a < ;< ;> > ;art of war ;a summer have not read ,is a miracle. These days looking at freshman in school he ran back and forth ,there is the impulse to write ,especially yesterday, the impulse is particularly strong ,but yesterday in net wrote a word only ,never written down ,today went to study room ,also begin to do yesterday has not done .- right before the note for autumn nike air max Sassou .For me it is a test, an overuse .Come to the school itself is big three, two years of university life ,I can only say is wasted .Because until the reasonable time wood has a boat, what I can not change ,the depth is depressed ,can start all over again ,everything is also the origin in the summer .Xi time, met a Friend - - - Juan Zi .But I know nothing ,just know a name and a strange number .Never seen photos ,did not hear the voice of their own .Once an impulse ,but eventually did. This Jiangsu girl I left only a few days before strangers .She sent me information said :she changed her number ,I changed my number time to tell her ,and remember to always contact .I looked very funny, ridiculous to have a move ,at least she put me as a friend, whatever the motive ,her heart at least take me as friends ,this is enough. You know me when the boring and gave her a little more than busy ,may not play any role ,but for an unknown friends ,I don is it right Happiness These days, my heart is always a pouring .Things have such a child ,and is not happy ,he spent the day in the book back and forth across ,a VF made her not to

be open ,I told her that not much use ,but that no proof but still have no regularity .Watching her busy ,I only hurt. In fact female is such ,this is a single thing ,but in life it out the perplexing child body shape .Condition is always worried about me ,eating no law ,not good at walking ,not some here where discomfort ,I let her go to check ,do not know that she there .I have not done ,and how to persuade and guide her I just hope she hastened to the VF busy, maybe she will be a little easier. She cried to go home ,I knew that she was lonely. One of the most afraid of is not death but must be alone and lonely .Sometimes I really want to persuade her ,let her see it all simple point ,but the woman Nike Air Max 90 Boots is not after all, it is often get from the fit ,and even a weak girl I give children the message :we are not the child ,don always melancholy and moody ,we should have a certain thing .Don she listened Everything is not in the distant ,she is two ,have been when the child age .And I Have to the forefront ,hand extension can reach the shore, and now is still zero .Fleeting. Staring at those puerile and greenish yellow face ,my heart has a sad. Through hundreds of fighting, came to the university will make their dreams of lost here, really sorry frustrated, hitherto unknown .The would will make them The loss of all .That should not be lost in the garden of Eden in the University began to disappear ,but not sleep, a wake up ,everything for the bubbles ,the dream ends and begin again. When I heard the school enrollment of nearly one thousand of the time ,I was shocked ,is it right School wants to achieve income or what This is not equal to a have a full cup in the fall School can offer obtain employment opportunity to them They can have a bright future These have not long, the school will consider how Of course ,this is not a problem ,I have done, what thought to want to those without much actual problem I just feel sad, a source in the heart of rain over the insufficiency. A few days ago last name Jiao call, she entered the University ,although it is a specialist but also good ,I believe she is still hard, after all the lines from undergraduate only one point ,at the same time she the rest for a year ,so she should be met. She called to perhaps chat with me ,but it is not the past, I have not much interested to chat, I give the child calls are only twenty or thirty minutes long ,I can talk to her ten minutes later I hung up the phone ,I now have a guilty, perhaps should not !But this is something .Johnson and Juan Zi have many similarities ,they also experienced the same failed ,in despair to hope, also entered the University ,also began a new life .I want them to be happy and happiness. Hua Qiushi .Today early in the course, I and two schoolmates go downstairs in the way ,when rain garden ,saw two big one newborn close together, I smiled and said :it is only come forth in large numbers !They must be before it is love ,Ben said silence .I .Think of this piece of paradise of happiness, and think of the future bleak bleak does not refer to the scene .But in the future social pressure .They indulge in a dream, forgotten dreams more from the future. I just think all this came too soon. Maybe this is a big three student utterances ,is a kind of self evaluation after the conclusion ,in which the error can minority ,so their impression in the later laugh fades out. In the University have not talked about love must have only ,there

must have been at the heart ,regardless of who cannot escape .Initiation read, this is college students should Some psychological .In student dormitory talk about girls have it is quite common for University ,sometimes talk about how many C women of the time ,I feel funny ,because C female identification are talking about ,when we ask for is C women of the time ,and the who to identify you Have seen such a message: a matrimonial agency a name in the marriage of strict, this is ,the results for criticism. But now can ,because smiles behind the implicit what, what to show Maybe in the near future will be another kind of phenomenon. I write this is not to say ,but that situation ,make fantastic yet feel helpless .At the same time, this is not the words ,students should have a certain value orientation ,everything not to curry favour by claptrap to the conclusion .How far ,no one know .Because sometimes a few steps away but tried to chase ,how far how far students ,journalists ,youth volunteer association the School Committee ,in these diverse groups of " ;" ;there are also a variety of departments. The Organization Department ,propaganda department ,liaison department ,Secretary of the Department of seemingly simple things but in the few thousand selected .Road in the far ,but also want to choose ,sometimes not far it around to the end Point .How far ,not the other in the decision ,but in his fight, the chase is just beginning ,road has no direction. How far ,look at the remote sky ,with not many stars ,their hearts became vacant, distance only care about the distance of the heart ,the heart look forward to in the rain gradually turn into reality ,between dream and reality in the distance is far .Autumn Sassou are not necessarily Hua Qiushi ,was only for the life experience ,the real test is just beginning ,new world, new starting point ,to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased should in precarious hold on ,want to know how far it is not far away. Love is a feeling ,a few days ago I was on the phone .Said: we face suffering ,in the face of setbacks ,in fact, is a test ,we change in just a few moments .I know friends a few test IELTS ,there are 6.5 test still does not meet the test .The 6 was also delighted to Germany .Friends are actively preparing to Australia ,but some pursuit. How far ,this is the distance .I wish they also think of themselves, because I have nothing ,everything still stay at the origin ,how far the distance or me From my question .How far in the mist partly hidden and partly visible ,I have no doubt ,but in reality I see .Actual demand from the new starting point of climbing. I want dad stretch a smile ,I walked to the shore .Mount Lu is old The autumn wind, the fog cleared up in October, the high amount of maple leaf Xiao Xiao and Mount Lu, after leading the unlimited wind * stumbled to the surface wrinkles such as Qin Lake, years of red light has been out of the lake, some lazy can't hang Wu Chu Jiang Tian cut out the Jin Furong Mount Lu in October, immortal the sights along the flower diameter, rush in the cloud before you I do Kuling Lord censer purple calmly, since the hill rises, then less as through a series of front of experience should be dull and barren not even a decent verbs can stand upon one's pantofles, know the true face of two or three cascades, as thin as hair alone to crawl slowly down the wall, can not see a trace of reproductive trace once all-powerful is obviously some barren even vacant eyes wander in the doldrums, childhood, is now out of coarse show an men stay the way yeah, Mount Lu is old old like a thread-bound book history was lush skin constantly extrusion folds that Hanpo throughput



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