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kobe i For though

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looking for spring, the answer is myself * * * the wind blows unintentionally Mountain Branch, happy, rich and powerful family of falling behind me.I hate the mountain that branch and from the hill outside the wire unintentionally wind.So, I see the adorable action fund, to life every drums for my day.* * * starting in winter sleet sub.I drum bags filled with the rancor.Because I run out of home management concern also run out of their full of confidence and hope.I want to ask why the other students who first came to the school when there are number of luggage home sent also weep and sob said homesick and I only have a small package also had carried by train to passenger bus asking the way to reach their destination; I would like to ask why a girl who desperately try various devices to weight loss in game the body but I for one kobe vi month down to fifty dollars of the cost of living is still unable to guarantee and worry about worry; I want to ask who why bedroom with the good friend can money to spend in the family everfount send out money to wear cashmere woollen cloth to do and I still wrapped in outdated poor royal clothes also pain thank god......* * * my eyes engraved with sorrow, I thought with the memories go.Memories of the town in a small drop is with green sweat to make money to support their families, they use the envious eyes turned my humble pile of books, I saw them in sucking rough fingers with tears; in my memories of old small home as mountains embellishment, my poor father just know that every drop of sweat for money in the play indicia remitted to me, they go round and begin again busy old face can't read Li Lewei's "mountain brow, brow tip Lodge like moles." "how many points diffuse poetry; in the recollection has brother skinny body burden that a barren land, brother is used by heavy sweat pour the hope of seedlings seed harvest grain grace......Dim, dim in my eyes tear falls to become enlightened at once the surprise.* * * I suddenly heard a voice that I have been looking for is the day of my own.* * * I am barren mountain angel, I was envious eyes gave up the boat sailing from Pro wisdom with Khan converging flow.I finally found the day is my own.* * * I am a day, because I have poured my rain and rain put me to grow long.I am a day, because I was with Zu Xinfeng stroking and cultivation.I am a day, because I can use the young life to work ancestors never developed the world.I am a day, because I am pregnant fragrant wine and courage.I am a day, because I see red autumn will be born in our unremitting pursuit and hard work.* * * travelled all over the world, looking round the earth, I finally found in the regression line in the day turned out to be me.1, this is the 1998 "three eight" Festival "swallow" HeFei University of Technology literature essay prize two works, because of the literary society of social organization in the network, belongs to original starting, so I made original starting to form.2, this paper for the early works, it is I and the text editor in the woods near thirty thousand co-workers campus to meet together and Freemasonry "soubrette", the great treasure.In 2009 November 14 Little fox love letters , relationresultA winter without snow .Dry. Have a bad cough badly .In the canteen to see a girl also had a bad cough is very severe ,next to her students in light of her back, she hangs her hair ,very concerned table .Is it right ,all the princes are so soft to the princess If she is not a princess ,the prince will be careful to take care of rose and fox If the next time you see the prince ,also hope that I have a bad cough .-- book is this But when seeing the prince ,cold is gone !-- in reality ,is not it Little fox book ,is to stay in the heart .The little prince and the fox to his story ,combing its hair ,take

it to the crop distribution .The little fox originally didn wheat ,but because the prince ,it is like the .The prince will tell the story .Speak only McDull story . once upon a time ,in a very small planet ,one of the little prince ,every day he looked after him most of the flower flower .Prince Oh ,do you know the prince forehead ,know a little bit. the prince ,very powerful ,he was from a Shi Li pulled the sword out .Prince ,you have tried from a Shi Li pull the sword out no, I just tried from a bathtub pulled the plug out . Wow ,Prince ,you are really good ! May listen to the story will take the story parody .Listen to the story ,is a small fox .Rose is too proud ,she says :heard ,heard ,heard .Fox said :ha ha ,very funny .Fox said :I . once upon a time ,in a very small planet ,one of the little prince ,every day he looked after him most of the flower flower .Prince Oh ,do you know the prince forehead ,know a little bit. the prince ,very powerful ,he was from a bathtub pulled the plug out .Prince ,you have tried from a from a bathtub pulled the plug out no, I just tried from a Shi Li pulled the sword out . Wow ,Prince ,you are really good ! Three even prince cannot be the prince ,can also do an unyielding knight .Even if not for the princess princess ,can also do a cute little fox .Little fox felt ,handsome knight with drooping ears drooped tail sleepy little fox riding on a horse walking ,is also a good thing ah .-- but why fairy tale only the princess and the Frog Prince and Princess knight ,and fox Fox .It was felt that own fantasy ,just fantasy .The little prince in the little foxes spent time ,fox became the one and only .It is the only way to listen to the little prince footsteps ,to accompany the prince spread ,talk .Little fox fantasy ,not fantasy .Five little fox was ill .The prince took .But the little fox is not happy .Fox did not want the prince is prince .It said :the prince and the princess should be together ,little foxes only and knight together .The prince said :I don the prince ,I do knight .The little fox .The prince ,not ,should be the knight said :let the kobe v prince go and rose together, let the knight and his little fox Princess .The fox said :I am not a princess .Knight said :never mind ,the knight can also have his princess .But whether is it right Princess ,should go to bed .The fox swings the tail ,lazily shook ,and put its front paws on knight ,said :I want you to give me a scratch .The knight gave the little fox deflection .Little fox felt ,so it is a good stuff .Said the little fox ,I : once upon a time ,in a very small planet ,one of the little prince ,every day he looked after him most of the flower flower . ,you know the prince forehead ,know a little bit. the prince ,very powerful ,he was from a bathtub pulled the plug out .Knight ,have you ever tried from a from a bathtub pulled the plug out no, I just tried from a Shi Li pulled the sword out . The prince took the plug out of the bathtub after release ,you pulled out the sword after a stem what Knight said :how do I know Little fox felt this was a dork knight .The little fox fails .It was in his arms ,climbing on his shoulder, tail sweep ah ,used against knight .Knight said :Okay ,Knight drew his sword and then to protect the little fox . Little fox that obediently lie down .For though , relationresultThoughpaper :Pan Xin the most pure conscience and freedom ,they were ignorant of the discarded in the name of the river ,even though .The plain and flowers ,which are dumped ,first by greedy sediment without away ,and be cold undercurrent treacherous swallowed ,the beginning of a long stream of entanglement with chase ,a fold dream . let my wife how to persuade ,Berlin still feel at ease and justified the

accepted just the do disco king boss , it means half thick red stationery ,so easily ,is not in every action before him a greeting This is why difficult !This package bill but he in the damn hard chair ,consumption and income of three months, so easy ,so happy .He tried to persuade his wife through the social rules, and promised her ,will use some of the money to buy her a golden necklace .Berlin was very happy ,just assign the town of Ren Cha TA to business ,he is too realistic ,reality to think bribery is like smoking a cigarette that entrained drug nature ,will not ask you suck . What is clear ,transparent ,it is all to play the game .Soon ,face down in a document ,is about rectifying blow * industry ,he felt his camouflage is perfect ,to those who through to cure for Xing ,a lively speech ,generous appearance with Ang ,tract .After he gave the King mammon a phone call ,wear new clothes ,hand wiping stick some tiny dust emblem ,dive into the car .Out of all the ordinary people ,this punish abnormal smooth ,because of ,their hands and return, empty van without sitting a little ,ticket not carved no name ,all the members have trumpeted ,in his Berlin office director ,from the town of all Waimen evil ,to this, he got him by the means of livilihood first web banners ,civilian police ,only people .Berlin put it high up in the office of the director himself ,did not feel guilty, then ,he received a phone call ,is the king of the boss, he said ,give him the director bonus is ready ,hope Berlin can give him a bank account ,with red paper ,too cumbersome Berlin quickly ,with mobile phone to call his wife ,that number, with great care to send a message to him .Dimly ,town who knows a phenomenon ,that is ,as long as we .A big sweep ,all black ,all converge a half .We seem to understand some ,but dare not say .Just ,let large number of bandits will be a little more, so perhaps the town late will be extremely quiet . this season, day always more, just a little rain .Today is the weekend ,Berlin vacation ,he accompanied his wife pushed sitting in a pram of less than one year old son in the square to take a walk .The green belt is a term the merit ,the green peaks around the square ,spread around ,square in the middle Kobe Bryant X Eric Koston of it is a times sculpture ,tall and granville .The side of Berlin with his wife and boundless words ,while low-key laugh chubby ,he enjoy this life ,not short of food and drink .His wife has her own gold necklace ,foil Lycra cotton embroidered dress ,very let a heartbeat .He consciously set out a box from the bag of tobacco ,sitting in a clean bench ,and starts to smoke .His wife took the child from the car hold out, hold it ,go far outside the fountain .He had smoked a cigarette pinch out half ,lie on the stone table ,gradually deep sleep .Trance, he was awakened by a sound point ,he filter other side tone ,listen to the wife, blue ,he flew down the screams and run in the past, he saw his wife was frightened to hold his son ,and her neck ,a clear mark clearly visible .The high price to buy gold necklace ,hard life from his wife drag .Berlin fury ,he is like an angry lion ,took his wife walked toward the house .He did not go to comfort his wife driven to distraction ,but wearing clothes ,pulls into police bureau ,in the mechanical base took a shank hand ,looking at the loss of their said in a loud voice ,and pornography !Distinct from all time attendance ,this time, they arrested a large number of clients and female ,seized a total approximately half jins of heavy various drugs ,all the masses praise his hand ,and ,under the leadership of praise in his wind ,this damn dog should be punished .This day afternoon ,Berlin Institute of all works ,he sat in the new leather settee ,with a thick, suddenly ,he give a damn ,this time, he felt guilt and remorse, but at that moment ,the telephone rang

the bell ,that seemed to be far from hell ,makes his body a Momin palpitations and tremble .Hard leather phone, as he had expected, he praised the flat King mammon ,he is like a has been tamed dogs wag the tail and flatter to his Lord ,the recognition of his own reckless ,begging for forgiveness, while said ,this month and next two months bonus without him ,but he still guest ,thank you .Just two months only, take two months money ,is always lost this meal is better than being greedy ,total bureau leaflets death better, come to think of it, he was relieved to laugh ,at least he knows ,the king boss, don on him, on this point ,he should hard ,let oneself this piece is more important, he will earn a guaranteed life character ,one can be attached to the capital . he will be on the king boss all business was put in a little mobile U in silence ,then release the clearing of all evil ,later, he bought a few bottles of high-grade wine ,king boss lived in villa ,as the heist ,the same like one ,brothers like dating .Hugged ,who do not know who will be the first to give each other a knife stabbed ,of course ,this is just the things worse situation ,at least for now ,they find a consensus .Child as in the past in money profits rolling under structured .Those who were at the bundle of conscience ,is slowly loosening ,in his eyes ,the truth ,only from his bank card new output assets .He started a bold open wild pulled into bars and discos ,he again torrent, get him high * ,a thorn ,he is said to myself .He rarely home ,only to give his wife enough tickets ,thief catch dirty ,as a reviewer director ,he has too much to borrow and reason to top all her tender for .He became familiar with the old man, they say he is a promising young brother ,please him ,please him Bo ,even for his drug addiction .As a mixed half my underworld eldest brother ,he has too much of the magic weapon, firmly hold the seemingly docile beast . Berlin is abrupt in their homes to two from the province of passenger ,for him, they are like the journey to the west is black and white ,but the official bureau ,put it down in black and white .He is to be calm and accept their review ,and then in a chain of interrogation ,away .In the face of irremediable situation ,his not reconciled to life . he lost everything ,including his thirty years of youth ,including his wife ,including his young son ,also includes the beautiful banner .Haze days ,finally he arrested after opened her girlish fragrance ,bright light ,press into his Hei Tong hole ,he confronts the group always wear he is convinced that his little people ,second ,shame out of what he knows about the fugitive king boss has all the evidence . in that day in Berlin ,his father from a remote mountain village to the old .Even the bumps make their shoulder tired pressure lower than usual .They stood looking at intermediate ,accepting a law clerk to tell, glare like a blazing searchlight ,this does not belong to their stage ,but in the muddy evil for evil ,to them .The two old tears down the deep wrinkles clumsy flowing, they are unable to face his son had to face such unpredictable future ,they can believe it ,but all the people that hate eyes is not false ,daughter-in-law remarry is not false ,the grandson to cry is not false ,as they have strong shortness of drums, not endless ring .The old than the old older ,more desolate than the desolate desolate . a new bedroom .Berlin a jumpsuit and crouched in the corner .He was holding stuffed with rice hull pillow ,staring at an empty iron window such as ink ,then forcibly ripped rough towel ,then frantically forced bite, produces a dull cry ,cry it in a small space to return ,for a long time fails to stop . a postscript ,in fact ,is not really useful ,in many speculations ,and distort the ambiguous illusion will more and more clear ,and then a huge hope will also cover the

French justice .  


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