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louis vuitton factory _ sentiment

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The elder sister , the sea is your tearsIf it is, then the seagulls everyday I hover in your sad sky, with my white feather painting your heart, it scattered in the sea that is rock, is an island and flowers!By the sea, you don't know meRock Island is I, is I -- I on your waiting is so humble!But I know you sweet sorrow: you are the flowers he, he lets you is he let you live in the seaYou said it was he who told you, the story of flower.And I just remember I have, she said that she would go to the beach at the sea life.She writes to me every day, the address is always the seaside, the contents of the letter are flowers, although I cannot read but I always looked forward to her quick letter also say to me about the story of all the letters, she always says: every flower is different -- it's story of the sea, I think, I also take me as the hero of the story.My name is an island, I had an enemy, he rocks!She never told me her life, she said that I was a little boy, said don't know as she told me the flower then I know the flower is always on the shore and The connecting rod relationresult Pei Yaqi ,long time no see .I clearly see the body stiffness .She is a new hot curl so Rao draped over his shoulder ,as the body trembling and shaking ,it was bright eyes spread a layer of gray fog . Yes ,Elaine ,long time no see .She tried to smile ,but than cry still ugly . We did not expect a bedroom .She said . You didn I came to this school .I did not see her eyes sad ,goes on to say if I say ,I have to pick your bedroom ,what do you see Her smile froze in side .I sneer ,to leave the .Behind the girl said quietly :it seems that she didn what friends ,I don .When I saw the paper clearly does not belong to my handwriting ,when I think of Pei Yaqi fluster finishing the teacher correcting paper ,friends because some rather dissipated .And her heart together to the same schools to send important, after all, have a quota of 2 ,she don what friends .Fortunately ,I was admitted to this university .I want to do is find Su Mo -- her ,then steal away ,and then let go .Since she gave me the most valued friends apart ,then I will let her most valued smash .To buy something to eat ,go to the bedroom .I must hit twelve points to deal with the fighting spirit . Elaine .I turned ,smiled .He was so clean ,always a shirt ,but so light . Hello ,Su Mo very good, there have appeared . Elaine ,you test this school did not tell me ,we work together .Oh ,together, Pei Yaqi also shall not hate me . Never mind ,I can . I followed his eyes looking down ,I see is in the hands of a bag of milk . You eat this My point . No, I can eat this, go ,go out to eat ,I tell the sound ,we come before you did ,know where to eat ,I her a call ,you welcome .How ,are so familiar . Well, I didn ,give her a surprise. Su Mo said .We went to the dormitory ,chatting ,soon to quarters downstairs .See Pei Yaqi dressed .Light powder ,white lace dress ,and Su Mo is so right .And I ,Black Sleeveless Black long black sandals ,always black .Pei Yaqi saw me blankly ,and then to Su Mo smiled and said :you see ,I also want to tell you . Oh You have seen .Su Mo question . Yes ,we have a dormitory .I answered .Su Mo smiled ,it looks like we really have fate I feel Su Mo - louis vuitton purses in a happy ,but Pei Yaqi is not natural .The way Su Mo and I talked ,Pei Yaqi seemed so lonely in the side .Soon we came to a small store ,small and chic .Su Mo get the drinks table ,just me and Pei Yaqi .Awkward with . to talk to .Eventually she opened . Yes, you know ,Su Mo is very erudite ,know a lot .I definitely felt a strong vinegar ,oh ,nice . We ,not go back She is low . Yes ,can .Her shoulders trembling ,I know . What not to return back ,what are you talking about Su Mo came back ,holding three bottles of beverages . How to take a drink Get some bar ,I want to drink .I said .I moved on . Oh ,look at you two girls ,I didn ,had too much to drink .Su Morou refused to . All right ,in the entrance feast my limit is trained .I tried to persuade . Go ahead ,I want to drink .Pei Yaqi aside and said, Su Mo didn Pei Yaqi would say ,have a look at her ,I ,eventually agree . Well ,I .Su Mo left .Su Mo took the 9 bottles of wine ,a cup a cup to drink ,Pei Yaqi is also a cup of drink ,Su Mo can ,drank .But I never thought ,finally they got drunk, and I still awake .No way, I go to the checkout ,then a one up ,I went to the bedroom .In the bedroom ,met a bedroom small ling .She is startled, how ,how to drink so much I looked at her ,saying :you had to help her get back ,I send Su Mo back .She looked at Su Mo ,Wow ,this is quite smart ,which school I took no notice of Xiao Ling ,and say go to leave .Su Mo is such a girl ,like dr. .Asked Su Mo where, he helped him back to the dormitory ,Su Mo is not a roommate ,she put it ,no way can I take care of him .To go to the bathroom with a towel to wipe his face with point .Su Mo said :in the side of lotus happy today know I love you .broken words ,so I have little doubt .But the last four words but accidentally clear .He like me He really loves me Su Mo is small red, I leaned forward Su Mo ,do you like cold Elaine I feel a little nervous, face is also red . Maybe because of drinking .I comfort myself .Can ear is still in Su Mo while listening to him . I love lotus .Heart stopped .He loves me .It seems more and more smoothly .I stayed in Su Mo bedroom ,sitting at the side ,imperceptibly fell asleep . Tu of low concentration so I woke up ,I saw Su Mo ,he frowns ,hands and head ,I gently put down his hand ,with his finger in his too Kissing Rubbing ,after a while ,his brow stretch ,I asked softly better Su Mo replied softly .Then he opened his eyes wide open ,eyelets ,surprised ,confused ,and joy You have been here last night Su Mo asked me . Well, you ,and didn care ,I stayed .If all goes according to plan ,then continue . You don ,last night you said a lot of words .I took a towel ,back to him .Said :you said you like lotus ,is it right I don I doubt .No sound .I doubt that he is back ,look at me .I laughed ,well, if it

wasn sad is my ah ,you stay there .Don ,really not me I was a bit lost heart .Su Mo suddenly asked me :do you love me Ah I have a little scared .I looked up ,only to see Su Mo shy and some louis vuitton factory low .Even face slightly red . You mean ,I asked . Can ,really me I asked . Su Mo whispered answer .Then he sighed ,like make a decision, raised ,looked at me and said :do I girlfriend ,high school I like you ,but I know your heart is definitely learn first, you would think that love would delay the study ,therefore I have not said ,until the walks, I think we will be together ,but can not think of but ,fortunately ,you came ,I see you almost do not believe this is true ,I have been looking for you during the holidays ,but you were not in mobile phone ,no ,you are like a broken all ties ,I couldn .I thought we would never see again .He said the low pigmentation . So ,promise me ,I mean ,or we can try to go ,OK I listened carefully ,the heart of a block where it slightly .Yes ,I am in the college entrance examination after moving into the home ,mobile phone card also changed ,cut off all outside contact .At Su Mo ,his face is small red, very beautiful ,I touched him, said :the fool . You promised Su Mo was looking forward to . I replied .Su Mo excitedly hugged me, lotus ,you finally agreed, I thought you would refuse it .How is it possible, for so long ,even the stone will love it, not to mention ,and that program . Ink I light a sound ,Su Mo did not answer .I feel he is more tightly hugged me .And Su Mo after dinner, Su Mo sent me back, the reason is he now took care of yesterday ,and have a good rest .We walked side by side ,naturally or half unconsciously Su Mo fingers through my finger ,I do not know how many times ,Su Mo held my hand ,and I hold back hold him up ,for he laughed, and Su Mo smiled, is so good ,I don look for .His body from the palm of his hand to my heart ,I feel warm .The .Su Mo said .I followed Su Mo gaze ,Pei Yaqi and Linda ,Su Mo hands a bit hot ,I held his hand .Xiao Ling on the side to see said to me ,Lin ,this is your friend ,you send him all the yesterday . What Linda ,you said last night who sent me Is not you Pei Yaqi was puzzled asked . No, my last night in the downstairs to see Lily ,is she let me take you lift floor .Xiaoling said .I saw Pei Yaqi eyes was touched, I ignored ,at small Ling said: yes ,ink is my friend ,Su Mo .I looked at Su Mo ,Su Mo paused ,and then smiled ,it is my first time to stop before he ink .He laughed ,laughing is very clean ,very light .Xiao Ling on the side can not stand, OK, you go ,we can not stand ,I and how to eat ah !We laughed ,she pulled Pei Yaqi away .Only after I said Pei Yaqi :I wish you happiness .I looked at Pei Yaqi ,her eyes are sad and blessed and Su Mo farewell, I return to the bedroom ,lying but how also can ,think about what happened today ,so smooth, I had a chance to digest .Cable to cover the quilt ,sleep ,but to my surprise ,I finally thought is Su Mo smiley .Heard the bedroom door open, I wake up .I always shallow sleep ,will wake up a little voice .I pretend to be asleep .Hear Xiaoling said to Pei Yaqi :Su Mo, you know me ,looks very soft .Pei Yaqi took the words ,yes .He is very good .Then I heard the door sound, look away, do not know who is . You told him is true How to ask .I pretend to be asleep . Don ,you always shallow sleep ,just Xiaoling so loud you must wake up .Oh ,are not friends ,care about me .Be exposed well again ,I locked up ,to her said: love is important Ink is a good .You don . ,you feel bad I asked .My heart is a bit bitter . Yes ,you know ,I love him . I really know .I interrupted her . Or to your performance from this school .You should then tried to do .I looked at her ,she sighed , She is low . I never thought I most cherish friendship just because of a rather betrayed .In this case, you do not blame me ,all with fruit .I got up .Out of the bedroom .For a month, I intentionally in front of Pei Yaqi su-eun ,doing intimate movement .From her sad eyes I see victory .Su Mo is really good to me, but unfortunately ,he is her love ,is destined to be hurt .However ,I forgot my feelings .By the end of the month .Su Mo birthday party invited many ,Pei Yaqi was one of them .I know there .A month long enough .Su Morou led me to go .I saw Pei Yaqi in the side .Angle hanging smile .The delivery time, we gave ,finally Qi Qi to see me . Elaine ,you send the ink what matter Su Mo Si Yan asked me .I like smile ,said :I sent him a kiss .The first is the silence ,and then all of the booing rang up . Lotus ,really Some of Su Mo . I took his neck to his lips, was approached, I transfer the angle ,to Su Mo Su Mo ,this is goodbye-kiss ,we broke up .I kissed it ,and then let go, leave .Su Mo shocked, I know .But my heart is strange ,very painful ,very painful .After a few steps my arm was a cold hand . Why ,tell me .I really love you .Su Mo looked at me .Face full of tears .I never thought he would be so sad .Looked at him like my heart is aching .But the reason for wind . There is no why ,I don you ,never like .All this is planned .You know why I didn walk I tell you ,Pei Yaqi changed my answer .And you are the love of her ,I promise to just to get back at her .My peace .At least one of the surfaces is such .But ,my heart is very painful .Tell Su Mo the truth is to smash Pei Yaqi in his heart image ,let Pei Yaqi not to her .Su Mo seems to did not hear ,but raised ask me: really love me I roll ,left .One day ,she asked nothing, just in front of me not to mention Su Mo ,but Pei Yaqi eyes is different .Between us, strangers .In this month, a student came into my sight .Yes, it is. Si Yan .He differs from Su Mo clean light ,he was very athletic ,lets look very happy .He said he loved me, but I refused .I know ,he is a friend of Su Mo to see him ,I think of Su Mo .But he didn think so much, as I ,can ,I said to him that if a month I can love him he and I go .I know ,it is not only to give him a chance, but also give me

a chance . Ephraim ,one month to .Do you had some in mind .Si Yan asked me .A month so soon .At Si Yan ,I remember Su Mo .I lay .What I was thinking what .Make a decision, I looked up ,only to find Pei Yaqi ran .The .Si Yan looked at her and said .Pei Yaqi looked at me ,looked at him, and then grabbed my hand and ran .Don where she came from so much ,I can ,was brought to the lake . Let it go ,what are you doing !Some of my students .But still a little thank you to her ,or just I promised Si Yan .The inexplicable heart pine . Cold Elaine ,what are you doing Do you know Su Mo this month is what He would rather die than live !Every day in the dormitory does not come out, do not class ,you hurt him so !How are you looking for Si Yan is his friend ,what do you want to I heard Su Mo a month out of the room when my heart, but I still keep calm ,with my smile said to her :what of it We broke up ,I don him .What, you know what Her face changed ,angry without ,replace sb. Is a kind of sad . It was because I .I hurt ink .Are you still remembers it ,then I tell you ,that thing is not what I do . Said !Some of my anger . When I see you in the teacher organize papers ,so nervous ,the world which is so coincidence !I shout out .This happened to Classics Canvas me is a big hit ,how can she be so touch on lightly that she do She is very quiet . Is Pei Ya in . You I wonder . Yes ,she is .He likes the ink as ink ,declare, and ink said he liked you ,the recommended everyone is optimistic about the two of you ,Ya according to do not want to see you together ,the day she went to change your book ,I think the teacher let me fetch operation ,in my office I see ya .She panicked ,told me everything .I read your volume ,no way to change it, you know ,if crossed that will expire .No way, although I like ink ,but also do not want to do so ,I put my question answer also changed, you are at this moment .I am a bit confused, after all, is not a good thing to come ,and ,according to see you ,I let her up ,she said you wouldn suspect me ,even if the suspect will not be how ,and if she is you will send her to tell the teacher ,will cause her to quit school .The hesitation you came in ,and to also hide .I have some panic ,I know you misunderstood ,but did not expect ,so you hate me, but also shows you think highly of me .I just sad ,you gave me the cold shoulder .Want to tell you ,but you can not find .This month you always avoided me, I also have no way to tell you .Today you see to accept Si Yan confession ,I urgently .You know ,the ink is really like you, you can him !I surprised .Never thought things like this .I remember slowly ,when the table with a piece of clothing, still shake ,then that is the teacher clothes off ,now that I think about it, the teacher when passing through the lace dress The problem you buckle how many points I lift to ask her . 10 points .I speechless ,smile ,laugh ,I do not know what the table to show my heart .I like crazy laugh .10 ,is 10 minutes, I was really better than her .When I think of Su Mo, the laughing so happy girl ,I grabbed Pei Yaqi arm and asked her: ink Ink how Pei Yaqi looked at me ,I really like ink high school .But now ,my love is another ,today to confirm ,so you don ,go take care of ink ,he has been in the bedroom .Not to say thank you ,turn away .A road from his eyes ,ran out of ink dormitory ,opened the door ,I thought wrong place ,but those furnishings tells me no wrong .The house is dark, the wine bottle . Ink I look, I see the quilt moved .Walk past, down quilt ,his face extremely pale . Ink .I have a look at my eyes ,ink ,and sit up hold me tight .I go down ,clinging to him .Not a word of the language ,so we hold .I feel my neck some liquid .I hold tighter .I do not know how long after ,my arms inks have been asleep ,but his corner is smiling .I kissed his forehead ,up to clean up the house ,and sat down on the edge ,so a . Lotus of low concentration .I don I fell asleep ,I carried ,see ink is looking at me, I smile ,holding his hand ,I am in .I said . Would you like to have some not yet finished, I was his embrace . The lotus, I thought that I don you ,I go to your quarters downstairs you don .I feel nothing ,I really love you ah ,yesterday the told me the truth ,I had to find you ,how say you and Si Yan together ,but I saw you and Si Yan together ,never find you ,how told me not to be angry with you, she said that you do not know the truth ,you don the ,she said. I know ,I know ,I know ,yesterday the told me yesterday ,Si Yan asked me to be his girlfriend, but I think of you .I love you !But ,you really don blame me I cried .Such a child would not let my love No ,how can I live grace we hold .Does not require language . Lin ,we can find the good Ink test and said . Good .My answer .I misunderstood .That fault. Ink wear nice clothes ,we are out of the dormitory .The ink is so pale ,but his face has point students .Ink stopped ,I looked at the ink .The .I looked over ,but a surprise .Is Pei Yaqi .Just next to her is Si Yan Qi of the up at me, her corner is smiling .The ran to hold me ,lotus ,you haven so me ! Maggie ,you do not blame me I asked . It .You are injured, how can I blame you .Qi cry . The problem I deducted 10 points .I said .The Leng, laughing ,seems like everything is fate . Grace I point . But ,Si Yan ,can you tell me what is going on Ink aside and asked .Suddenly ,you say that he / she ah !I said and ink . Lotus ,yesterday pull you go hand to tell you the truth ,do not want to ink a sad ,as you promised Si Yan .He was chasing me ,I think he is not real ,rejected .But look at you when I am very sad ,I know ,I love him .Qi said shy low . Si Yan ,you don lotus .Ink looked at Si Yan and said . Qi rejected me ,I see you so sad ,want to go after her ,then dumped her ,so she often this taste ,however, she has not yet agreed .Si Yan looked at the ink ,whispered .I know .Said ink . Don blame me Si Yan looked at

the ink .Ink smiled at Si Yan ,said: will blame you, after all ,you are also good for me ,lotus is because of you ,only to find that he is like me, but ,you do not use this method .The ink is laughing to say . Of course ,I am not ,I now have Qi .Si Yanchong looked at her .Qi shy low . Maggie ,you find your happiness .I see a face sweet Qi said . En .Lin ,you are very happy .She looked at me .I looked at the ink ,the ink looked at me .If the whole world just the two of us .Then ,the ink holding my hands ,I hold her hand ,Qi hold hand ,always has been ,for Sentiment relationresultBeginning in March ,I fall to the ground .The wind on a green willow, switchgrass music spondee provoked but in the years to gradually strong .I grew up in the blossoming southern .Bridge stream landscape ,Jing great pity; and the Dragon prosperous ,casual and pay no heed to ,fall into the painting, with hill ,as De .The station in the morning ,feeling willows as smoke ,curtain without Multiplicity visual awareness, experience day mood ,style ,and diffuse .No one can view as it gives me more .If say with others to my view ,Jiangnan is a national heritage, classical background ,historical image ,the poet .Just linger ,I put myself in the time space ,as if his heart is missing .The life of the plain or complex ,perhaps because of this ,we have nothing .Perhaps ,some once sad ,or once the joy ,I have the edges of the worn face somehow .I was so chaotic and clearly alive ,think life is so .That year, I was twenty years old .Until you ,just like dream .To meet you ,is in a large gymnasium square .All too diffuse aestheticism ,even too far away ,like the bright glow be close by. ,even let a person look be wild with joy ,but also makes people tentacles than .And the sad sight of .You stand in the peach tree, staring at a peach tree .The wind ,you bent over to pick up the pieces of petals ,whispered :peach ,peach ,why my eyes bruises I suddenly move, this is a very delicate people So you meet with ,most likely to make me so that .Just like your hands that piece of petal ,lost the background of green leaves and day embrace ,it appears to be so exactly to the good .You inadvertently back ,my face with a ruddy .Our four item of touch, magnificent ,this is how the spirit of rock .I was paranoid ,he is a horse and the juvenile or shaking Campanula The ordinary time, I do not seek unconventional wit ,just like you ,like a cup of warm tea ,made from fresh silent world .You are very common ,you cannot call appearance than Pan An .But ,so delicate and graceful form ,but let man not .Even if the fire ,smoke pink shore ,is also unable to hide you in my heart .I have to escape this is a sincere ,I decided to perform a room capable of evoking praises and tears of grief at separation and joy in union .I will do everything we can to make the ordinary life, the dream time .Even so ,we are in the unexpected to suddenly meet in such a quiet environment .In fact ,all of you, I know nothing at all .I am an ordinary woman ,only know palpitating with excitement eager to do sth. .Coast to coast, peach still indulge sad fall .Please forgive me reckless act recklessly and care for nobody ,forgive me .I have been with great care for too long ,now ,I just beautiful hibiscus or more mottled ,only filled in the missing season, Xin thinking of you ,all of the mind to calm down .You know ,your strength ,your God ... ... All too often ,do everything we can to emit their own light .It is a not attached to the earth God ,even the wind will blow gently to forget to live .I don that fate ,is a ground of scattered distillate, or think of the most heavy precipitation .I only know that ,while only a few seconds ,but I met you, it took twenty years .Love hurried ,I love the earth .Red dust in large tracts of peach blossom ,is my most beautiful dream .And you go hand in hand in the evening ,look down, and watch the sunset ,is light red earth ... ... All beauty hold but easily by wind blowing .The Huangpu River or not stop running ,I dream traces ,exile ,is arranged .Everything appears too late too ,like the Millennium snow lotus flower ,in the long years that legendary you .I am from the hair touch a wisp of phonology ,a longitudinal ,he jumped into the deep Chengque between vegetation .Years may like the flower gone ,my life is in the peach blossoms fall day ,is a petal gently dizzy .Spirit ,taste ,verve ,interest ,we groundless talk walk .Now ,I am twenty-five years old .Five years time ,I just like walking into a thousands of turns and twists .I find in Tongli complex ,but has stumbled . Not to wear forest hit Ye Sheng ,why not whistling and creep ,the Fed staff winning horse ,who is afraid of A palm-leaf plaited Cape shall misty weather in life sustain .We in the poetry network horse and sing ,life and why bending two heart to heart Because we have no fear of wind and ho !The cover article ,the big industry ,the immortal event .Life is sometimes do ,honor and self ,not if the infinite .We in Jinjiang original network cooking wine of poetry ,as time goes by like ,flow away is an essence of poetry ! Where the fuck thousand tunes then Xiao sound ,view thousand swords then knows ;solid round illumination image ,Wu Bo to view .Reading Qiao Yue to shape with Lou ,discretion to Yu Quan Hui cang .Selfless in weight ,not partial to love ,then can be flat and if the balance ,according to quit as a mirror can be .You in the red rain trace for two years ,when you decided to quit from the red rain in time ,raised its hand ,heal my zero memory !People ,perhaps always to cut, hate deep ,to wake up from .I also know ,you most red rain !Later ,I vaguely felt ,the light, you are .We walked across the alley ,represents a long long time .While the final ,doomed to wake up .For several years ,many stories are grow zigzag .You leave the red rain ,and I joined .For the sad, for joy ,as the song ,to complain .Parting ,your heart to give me the notebook .Forget your article that natural beauty ,it is irreplaceable .You say :the building ,and student paper .You do this unity ,oneness of material .Perhaps ,this ecstasy is the realm of life and beauty .I also know: poetry writing ,describes how meaning is easy, and king, how matter and I achieved all blend into one harmonious whole. ,is our life and the pursuit of perfection, and there is a matter ,for the foundation .Eruption of the expression ,and composition are injected ,there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results good .Heart volume Naida ,not just .You stoop ,in association with Thomas deep inside soul light .After rain the sky looks blue. Later, if our hearts full of light ,we will have the curved long lost the lost

rainbow .  


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