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Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

Impression -- to Zheng Jiayi Amidst the garden flowers you are the most dazzling that one than Kim Lengyan than plum petals fierce seven stunning South five taste fragrance fills the north you have seven skill in turn with seven star screen flashes lights seven winding path you have five bottles of ink are filled with five kinds of nutrient sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty bit by bit are the essence of nourishing the heart to support life your text four horns and eight ribs to building luxurious palace can mend bridges and repair roads fill potholes as stone steel blade who know you are skilled gardeners [his unknown] destruction and rebirth The thrilling moment finally arrives the whole world in a loud rumble of destruction -- the inevitable catastrophe with fire and the fire upon the earth and be evil many people cry don't support his foster father weeping bribery corrupt struggle perjury in trembling however, everything has been unable to restore that the raging flames let them instantly to ashes at this time, a group of beautiful angel fluttering white wings Sing "Ode to quietly over the Amen" pull up brother hands to heaven paradise rising heavenly Father with kind eyes meet his children back in the two revival in the crowd I saw myself and regeneration countless good lamb together from hell to heaven river of life is so clear the fruit from the tree of life is so sweet and there is no sadness Pay back relationresultLiu old man likes in the village shop and they play 1 yuan brand ,but because of this and his wife had several times before his wife ,after lunch and he quarrelled ,also ask him 5000 yuan deposit where ,is it right Which give the good friend, Liu old man face green ,a contrast to hold her hair to scuffle ,his wife was screaming for help ,quickly came to open the son of father ,do not want to use the force ,Liu Lao is a crooked man hit the kitchen table ,the amount of iron ,can arrive late ,Liu old man carrying fire cage sits in the hearth of heating ,suddenly fell to the ground to spit bubble dizzy do not wake up ,the son sees that ,immediately sent to the county hospital for a check ,the doctor said to his son ,the old dead ,large area brain overflow ,they hurry to prepare .Liu old man by his son they pull back home, after a while it will break .Third days Liu old man was buried ,the funeral of his wife ,Liu old man in the village all her young Liu ,and Liu old man age almost, this year was 70 years old, she dressed in his bag broke up several times, 5000 yuan deposit is unable to find .Liu said that the money he certainly gave a good friend, sad and crying out loud .Son daughter-in-law advised her, said the old father didn this thing, no matter when young ,the old, but there is such a thing ,don family heard the joke .But Liu still can say ,on the east side of the village is almost 50 years old Wan Yuexiu widowed when young like Liu old man ,but her husband alive tube tightly ,didn dry out the affair .When relatives also advised Liu ,said Liu old man never air max outlet there at her meditation ,no contact, no sense, which will happen !The relatives said Liu old man without it ,to Liu to the house looks carefully, do what in wall crack .But Liu just said ,his money is not given to the public ,is lent her ,she also said that Liu old man too ,looking on show with a sick child ,he would borrow money to help her ,she also said she had a kind of feeling ,old dead must lend money to her, speak relatives had nothing to say ,said Liu old man died suddenly, a bit did not stay, but Liu would not be such a shot in the dark, you said ,if Liu old man really has lent money month alone ,and not to see ,with no it was not home can not admit it .Liu said ,she just wants to ask the month alone ,we advised her not to ,saying there is no evidence that ,can say ,this 5000 yuan lost lost .Liu returned to the house looking up, she was a crack in the wall to find several times, nothing .She cried again, everyone with her ,as Liu at this age is not easy to earn money ,these 5000 yuan of money for her is not a small number ,but also her usual and Liu old man scrimp and

save to ,also her money .After a few days ,Liu relatives are gone ,she still hard leather to the month at home ,but may show the door ,neighbors said ,she went to the county better son, said to be son went to the doctor ,the neighbor of Liu said ,month show life really poor ,a soon to be 30 year old son ,let alone not married, even his own life to mother as ,two feet are shrinking ,walking is difficult ,less labor .Liu thinking how to listen to these ,also not equivocate ,just ask your neighbor ,met her when her meditation ,the neighbor said ,see is seen several times ,Home Liu old man not to fill time out, it was ten days ago .Liu and his old have been at home several times ,heart say ,this dead old ,really gave the money to her .She put the Liu old man that 5000 yuan of money does not see things to say to the neighbors ,the neighbors say after hearing ,month show is our decades of neighbors ,to correct the husband ,after death ,never heard of her having the affair, also see nothing in her long-term meditation .Liu old man is here to her a few times, perhaps want to help her, if really Liu old man to lend money to her ,you ask her ,she will admit ,will also ,month show not the shamelessly .It was a lot of day, month show a from the county come back ,son in the hospital treatment .Her neighbor said to lotus root ,her son found a cure for the disease usa air max ,said the province to a medical this disease specialists ,and medical expenses is not very expensive ,her face with .Lotus root to Liu came to her and said to her ,but I don how to open ,is full of twists and turns to her and said: your son medicine this disease is it right Want a lot of money Yue Xiu replied :may have more than ten thousand ,I had to borrow relatives home ,as long as the son is healed ,owe some money does not matter ,what is to be healthy .Liu old man dying days ,lotus root see month show to the county seat, must not know Liu old man dead things ,she gave Liu old man died tell month show ,show a month even stunned ,speechless ,the eyes are a little red ,lotus root in side look real, thought ,Liu said is true She wants to ask the month show ,Liu old man wrong money she didn ,but the words to the side and could go back .At this time, Liu again, she restrained herself no sincere attitude to the Yue Xiu asked: my old dead so due to brain overflow died suddenly, nothing down ,there are 5000 yuan savings gone ,he was loaned to you The show is a month first ,then hesitated for a moment ,he said to her :he and I rarely contacts, how he will lend me the money ,a kiss two friends ,you say it .If you lend money to me, I will say to you ,good faith also it is not difficult, is it right This truth Liu see she said this ,and not good that this money was lent to her ,with no it was not .Liu .Sigh ,I had to leave home when the month month show ,show and said to her :wife ,you still look around ,maybe he somewhere .Liu grandmother nodded ,then went home .A village told Liu ,asked her to have a look to the bank to check the 5000 money ,is it right Liu old man had to take away Liu came to the Agricultural Bank ,find the salesperson Xiangxi to say everything ,salesperson help her check ,that this money is he took ,twelve days ago ,is also in December 30 took the .Liu in the way home ,the old 5000 yuan now seems certain to be lent to home ,she felt that the money is very hard to get it back, home to see him dead will pay back the money you ,if this dead old money sent home ,that is not to pursue ,the dead must be preexistence owed home ,she kind of hate Liu old man ,decades of couples do it for her, as he had so many children ,not how a little righteous Increasingly ,more wants more sad ,and could not help crying .Tired of crying and she wants to take the very next day ,the old money ,month show took his son to the doctor ,the money must have been dead before Lent month show for her son of healing, no wonder some time ago the old to be

separated from her sleeping ,is it right This dead old early this month dark and widow dealings The day she went to ask her, her eyes to see something ,it must be to her !Liu suddenly heart is unripe one idea ,back home, she even meal did not do month oligonucleotides ,neighbor lotus said to her ,may show went to the county hospital care for children, the child she is often not at home .Need to go to the hospital to find her .Liu had no choice but to return home ,the road meets the village quickly ,two of his sons out to make money, family economic conditions, leisure club walk around like Hezekiah ,touched cooked like talking ,a nagging ,everyone he Zhang ,Liu was not too likes and he spoke ,but this upset, he did say to him ,said Zhang ,this thing he knew ,he said ,Liu old man that money would lend home ,Liu old man wife asked him for the money to lend the who ,he is sealed ,he just said ,this is he analysis of out, with no it was not not say .Liu back home again in the road, said Zhang told his son ,his son told her :this money can it, don get sick .Maybe he is not lent money month show ,or to another . Your father usually do not Wo dealings, he has no heart He will lend money to who Liu was confused .Later she lay in toss about how also can ,she thought ,his wife still an old member ,originally thought it ,but why this money to keep her in the dark She thought of his day to think well of the idea ,she decided to have a look at this month to the county hospital ,and to find out about her, the way also to have a look her son without a good point .The very next day Liu carrying fruit to the county hospital ,to find her son in that room ,month show to see her to understand at heart a bit ,or greeted her sit .Liu according to their prior to good idea ,said to her : show ,I know you not easy, if my old borrowed money to you ,it does not matter ,I also don to you ,and you will have the money and also can do, I said ,is the our home dead old lend you the money .Yue Xiu was silent for a moment ,she said: he is not really lend me the money ,if I will tell you ,he and I don two friends ,he won lend me the money ,I never told him to lend his money .Want to but a few days, I went to your house and you ,you might find .Then a 50 odd came in ,carrying a parcel wrapped in newspaper ,there was what to say to her ,may show to he winked ,motioned for him to sit for a while ,Liu saw a came in ,some are not convenient to talk, would go .The moon show ,5000 yuan here, you first give son to disease is valued, not come back ,and put the money to her hand bag .Yue Xiu hold the hand and said :I don thank you enough ,his son well ,with money, I will give it back to you ,now they owe .It said :who we are good students ,this money is not for me to great things ,have difficulties you always said to me ,do not be afraid of dirty ,I understand you .Month show the students said he is busy ,has left the room .Liu returned home, my heart couldn ,it seems that old dead not to lend money to month show ,he had also and who is lover The village every woman in her mind of a times ,she still feel no one can and her old Liu Hang the hook ,it really let her confused .She thought, that one must know what she is old ,and so she came in ,she left for a right one to ask ,should he say that ,Zhang was she forced no way, said :I say to you ,you may not be able to say ,because it I just analysis out, there was no evidence . Good ,I will not say ,everybody knows ,just the Jordans Air Max fusions two of us know how to do Liu grandmother swear like that ,so is a whisper in her ear to say a few words .Also do not know of what she said ,I saw Liu face has changed ,not to live ,where she can bear it ,such a large age ,walk along a road to come also two students as wind came to old village

house ,the old village is not old ,only more than 40 years ,because the year before last he is in the mountains cut wood ,lumbar bone is broken ,then paralysis in ,also no longer served as mayor .This is very selfish ,during the reign of the mayor power made a lot of good ,who can say .His wife sees the husband of Osmanthus fragrans ,paralysed for two years, will keep ,also heard from many affair .The osmanthus see Liu never reached her ,now see her sudden arrival ,and she asked her :what good is it Liu grandmother couldn words heavy ground says: you do you know ,also need me The osmanthus hear her words wrong ,my heart is on fire, she said that she did not understand what she meant ,so Liu grandmother took a say give chapter and verse for said .The sweet osmanthus with green ,his right hand forward towards Liu face mercilessly slapped a slap in the face of the past ,Liu face was beaten her livid ,also out ,then have been surrounded by many ,with feet ,ran and told Liu old man ,the two at home son together came, see mother beaten out with punches ,forward towards the sweet-scented osmanthus waved to the sweet-scented osmanthus ,where take boxing, few will fall on the ground ,onlookers who also not advised ,heart say ,a good husband ,in the village head position when the female is less or no less do bad things .Osmanthus down or up ,bawler ,Liu old man also forward to hit ,then a distant relatives came and moved ,said Liu old man and osmanthus didn it ,one is 70 years old ,one of only 40 years old ,this is impossible ,which I do not know who built the ballad ,and some say now old cow eat young grass thing ,it is no surprise .The show is on from the county back pass by them ,just know it all, did not say anything to your home .Liu play also endured ,money and did not find ,mind is useless, or weakness ,just be two sons pull back .At noon, she went to the village medical rooms a little ,just go out ,touch the month month show show ,said to her ,and she went to her house to help look, if you can find Liu old man had left the 5000 yuan ,she also washes clean now, the sweet-scented osmanthus is innocent .Liu was agreed to .Two one the same to Liu old man lived in the house carefully look up .While Liu back a month month show ,show with his hands and took out a piece of tile ,a paper bag is put in there ,she gave a cry :you come and have a look ,what is this The Liu to come see the tiles have a package ,eyes suddenly lit up ,had to go ,hand hurried to open ,a stack of new hundred dollar bills in their eyes ,a point exactly 5000 yuan ,Liu had tears in her eyes to the month show said: sorry you sorry ,also of Osmanthus fragrans .Later ,Liu also said the old ghosts said :why put money on this place ah ,they find a good hard, she also blamed himself wronged me .The very next day afternoon, Liu came to the cemetery to Liu old man with him not to ,but not to the grave, I heard a female voice ,she looked carefully, the female are not ,precisely dated oligonucleotides ,just listen to her grave to Liu old man said: the old well ,you are a good ,for my son you helped me a lot of help, you lend me that 5000 yuan ,yesterday I already gave you home ,I would want to return, but I got no money, the money is borrowed from my classmate ,I can only put money in your home floor tiles such way to repay the money ,please understand me ,this is for you my reputation ,we are pure ,if that is your money to help me ,and I was a few, these groundless talk would be with us forever ,but to the dead there will be saying this ,so I had to do it ,you will have a good rest here now ,I would often come to see you ,for fear of the home saw will also spread bad words ,please forgive !Liu would not dare to make a sound ,and so she left later that from firewood out, tears came hurtling to flow out .A good wife ah ,is wronged him ,good to do good is difficult, the secret she never says ,this is her heart !The word is a word ,he is using the Liu family in revenge of

Osmanthus fragrans .  


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