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louis vuitton online The proliferation of old think-tank Gaiden

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

his unknown you are not alone , relationresultLate autumnseason, the more havoc ,this cold seems to penetrate human skin and ,direct blow to the bone marrow .Blue sky with a cold rain ,street were sparse ,this time no one willing to go out .I walked alone in the street ,the time of their own kind of stupor ,the view seems so familiar but is very strange ,where am I Why am I here Watch the pointer is pointing to an unknown time, as if I was in a dream ,but the dream was so real ,I seem to be in reality, but it seems to be themselves and not the slightest relationship .The doings of ghosts and gods themselves toward the opposite the building stairs ,layer by layer, no step I feel very hard, it seems that a layer of condensed compressed time ,let a person feel nostalgia .However they have to then go ,whether I am happy or painful .RPS have rain themselves, feel cool ,feeling very strange ,muddy shaking himself suddenly feel the whole world is their own ,their own the whole world only you .To the top of their own, to see an old man ,with a fine view of the entire city umbrella .She took the umbrella is usually I love styles and colors ,feel strange is that although she had her back to me ,but I seem to be and she was very familiar with .Giddy feeling that the scene has become blurred ,as if my body at that moment has become like her aging ,hand skin fold out, even with the umbrella will feel hard, young I was very tired ,lonely too ,now I can feel your breath become weak ,cold as invasion of their full ,seems to half a century of time in an instant, time passing ,I is the old man ,but now my heart is so quiet ,why the pain and sorrow completely gone I turned toward the tearful young himself, the young heart full of sorrow ,why young body loading heart is so fragile and aging It is the will of their own dead so open-minded and optimistic Aging have lifted the already muddy pour yourself, give this hitherto unknown at the time and place to the space of their own propped up an umbrella ,I looked at her younger ,she was so young and full of vitality ,but the soul is dying ,as the flowers open is brilliant ,but the soul has drifted away . Baby ,I know you is when I was young ,now dry your eyes cheap LV .You know ,I like here look ,the city has several hundred years of nearly a thousand years of history ,I don from when to begin like here to have a look the scenery ,you have a look those streets and buildings ,the bustling about people ,and every day in the continued his life ,you feel lonely well ,is it right Feel ineffable sadness In fact, everyone in the end is the same, whether you ever saw or experienced how hilarious scene ,how many people ,are just passing clouds ,when you wake up ,all the past seems to both their own and not the slightest relationship ,maybe before you are noble ,maybe before you humble ,in the world ,we are the same ,equal pale .We are one of nature not worth mentioning in the

cell, small will sometimes make us feel humble ,you and I are the same ,like Yang at the sky the stars, on LV outlet a day like this ,they are not, but tomorrow they will arise, go round and begin again ,not because you can not see them disappeared or lost its meaning ,nature will always be a mystery ,why are you always make yourself trapped in their own circle Some of the problems you never need to have answers ,all things go well ,have a look now, that is after you own ,you are not alone ,you have a future and past their own ,there are a lot of their own memories ,remember you ... ... Aging have bright eyes ,although not as young as a very clear look all around, the memory seems to be from the eyes of an instant burst out, I am my own ,whether old or young ,I from aging their eyes light broke through the haze of clouds, those of the light it is long and is so fascinating and hope ,the umbrella in the rain in the rain ,has not ,although the surrounding or have been cold ,but in the eyes of hope and light seems to be slowly melting of the mind that has been frozen section ,I is the old man ,I am the girl ,I is the the man ,is that by ash cover people ,my brain seems to be in the moment become unusually clear ,appears in a blink of the chaotic state ,the word has been around in the ear :you My swallow , relationresultPlay when I was a child I began to like the swallow ,and then very simple thought the swallow is beneficial bird ,is the friend .At that time every day looking at the busy shadow ,flying to catch insects ,listening to the old saying that how diligent swallow ,life will never stop ,in the young mind to swallow a deep impression ,until now to swallow or alone heart ,full of meaning !The variety, a swift ,white-waist swifts ,swallows ,Martin ,riparia riparia ,red-rumped swallow and Martin and other types of .Different swallows have different living habits .Different species of swallow forms are not the same .Swift larger ,flying high ,flying speed ,all black ,hair metal luster ,sound very loud ,it like in the pavilions, terraces and open halls of ancient buildings in the high roof for swallows nest ;smaller, as hair metal shining black ,abdomen of chestnut ,white or pale pink ,flying low ,song less most of the residents ,the interior beam and a nest ,like nearly .The swallow is the beneficial bird .When autumn wind bleak ,falling leaves ,the swallow group to fly away to the south ,by the second year warmer ,willow germination time ,they fly back to live . at the martin .Early in the thousands of years ago ,and you will know that the autumn to fly transition rule .Because of that was able to survive .The swallow is a bird in the family nomads .And we usually said the swallow ,barn swallow Hirundo rustica generally refers to ,there is a surprise memory ,no matter how far the migration ,even through a million ,they can rely on their own surprise memory return home .The swallows return home after ,an is the female and male common to build their own homes ,sometimes my old nests ,sometimes

to build a new nest .The swallows are continually to the title of dirt ,grass stems ,such as feathers ,combined their saliva .Before long ,a new type of nest will appear in your home under the roof .Rustica graceful figure ,a pair of wings are narrow and long ,when flying like two sharp sickle ,barn swallows flying like a rigid arrow , to launch, swallow is a flight specialists ,it can suddenly a straight turning the other birds can .It is an insect expert, a few months can eat 250000 insects ,so ,people of the swallows are respect ,on the social contributions also result cannot do not have !The swallow is always in the days ,auspicious together .Since ancient times ,are willing to let the swallow in their houses in the nests, parenthood ,and proud ,happy auspicious .Though swallow nest following often get dirty, they also do not care .The swallow is seasonal strong migratory birds ,people call it reported back ,Yan and return the newspaper Yan . .If you see a swallow, seems to be reminding people :the day has come ! Sights and sounds of spring newspaper New Year is the description of a phrase .We always put the swallow and the days together .Expression of light is good ,communication unfortunately .The article * guest to swallow praise ,wrote numerous braised broiling verses, such as cheesecake ,Liu Liu really did everything ,Feng Yun birds of aryl bough ,Yan Xian Huang Liuhua ,the word Shi Dazu is Yan as the word ,Wing Yan Yan in pairs .:also carved beams caisson ,and - not discuss set .Clipping the tips of blooming tree ,they shed the shadow of their forked tails so green and cleave their way through flowers red .Polar research as state ,body and soul like .The day is bright ,charming small swallow ,together with the always melancholy and moody ,day has gone, the poem will sad infinite ,so Ou Xiu has Shengge dissipated to swim, to begin feeling empty .Lowering the blinds in vain ,in the drizzle return a pair of swallows .The swallow is beautiful and convey thoughts honestly heart !The swallows are male and female lead ,fly together, thereby to symbol . Thinking is the swallow, the title of mud nest house ,marital happiness ,oh ,Yan Yan Yu Fei ,incorrect its feathers ,the dove ,far to the ,it is because of this pair of swallows ,cause send Yu Yan ,hope the happy couple .Only the dark to enlighten the suspension web ,air Liang Luoyan mud empty > lonely ,had independence ,a swift flying melancholy jealousy ,with Luo mantle light cold ,swallows flying to the lonely cold ,with the Yellow willow ,the first building to jade frustrated snub ,with flowers telescope ,jade mitigation ,East Cottage swallows nostalgia for .All in all, with his own sense of swallows .In social development, social prosperity and decline ,swallows and share weal and woe .Due to Louis Vuitton Purse the nostalgia ,swallow fall go back ,not to forget the old nest ,thus has traditionally been a poem by thinking about .People familiar with Liu Yuxi Cheung Wuyixiang :rosefinch bridge clubs ,Wuyixiang Xi oblique .Where once they visited great homes ,dip among doorways of the poor .And Wen Tianxiang mountains and rivers landscape element is a city ,Guo Min has a half .The flowers with my old ,old house near who swallows fly .The swallow is careless, but

witness the current changes, suffered a broken home death suffering ,performance of the poem the sad .So Petite section ,it should bear such a heavy load ,I am a swallow ,why can This is my swallow ,she ,are no longer swallow ,she has a symbol of traditional Chinese culture ,into every The proliferation of old think-tank Gaiden Si old knew without much, but because have a world dream of the "war" ", because the tardy cannot find biography and melancholy!Huainan vice sub smell, but that the said: "man, you how smart as a rule, a fool!Now to find biography, why so much!Not only is passed, is not ambitious young.I heard the young heart, most proud, you are looking for, is not a lack of interested but should not be proud when we are young, and I also not die, go to find it!"After hearing the old Yang, said: "you are a good situation, this wonderful product intention to let you this devil to point out, but would also like to thank you, well, according to your opinion!Si sit in Si Bridge, waiting for a person of noble aspirations to!Words of the Qin Dynasty, the world's largest, and crowded, a person of noble aspirations or woods, or seek an road, where students played widely circulated, the biography is Jiang Shang's "art of war" that ", if, not only the world, but also for the emperor's teacher also!One day, a young, after the creek bridge!He saw an old bridge, liyebuli!He saw the veteran shoes thrown out, on the young said: "son, go, help me put the shoes back!"Young liyebuli, called a "his, nerve" and so on March off!Si Road: "children can not be taught!"After a few days, and a young after Creek bridge!He is also on the bridge saw an old, did not speak!He saw the veteran shoes thrown out, on the young said: "son, go, help me put the shoes back!"The young want, going down, shoes will be picked up, to the old!Who knows the old did not wear shoes, but once again lost to shoes, young said: "son, go, and help me put the shoes back!"The world which has such a useless thing, young thought the old playing with their own, said nothing, swiftly running!Si Road: "children can not be taught!"After a few days, and the young after Creek bridge!He is also on the bridge saw an old, cast a!He saw the veteran shoes thrown out, on the young said: "son, go, help me put the shoes back!"The young want to did not want to, going down, shoes will be picked up, to the old!The old is no shoes to wear, will once again lost to shoes, young said: "son, go, and help me put the shoes back!"Young frowned, again will be picked up to the old shoes!But the old or no shoes, and the shoes and into, young said: "son, go, then give me the shoe back!"The young is patience, patience when, why canYoung angry, said, "why, this is why" and so on, but also to!Si Road: "children can not be taught!"Here, in fact, the three young to Sishui County, is to find the "art of war". "!They cherish lofty ideals and high aspirations, but the opportunity in front of them, but let it pass!Later, and young, but the young, and later to the Han Emperor Liu Bang's teacher, his name was



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