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cheap nike air max Have bumper harvest

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

If the life only like first love , relationresultBlind date in that year, I was 22 years old ,have graduated from high school and work for two years ,the prevalence of early marriage ,like my age that more is married .It was the country home are relatively poor ,but the marriage also to node ,me too .At that time are more fashionable dates ( like now remains the same ,although love is much also rose ,but the date is still the mainstream in the country ,is now in the city do not often have many blind date party ,or even million to date have heard of the news ) .I am my uncle to help me introduce ,aunt niece ,because my aunt told me is also cousins, so she and I are distant cousins .She ,so we really some kiss plum bamboo ,because when she was a child she often go to my uncle home, is a live many days, my uncle ,and with the family living in a house ,so that when we do very well ,but I rather shy ,just know reading ,listen to don make fun of that she is my wife horse will flush with shame .When the mind has no seriously ,and true to date ,and we all agree with each other ,so it is very natural .Remember that at the end of the year when I told my uncle sat for a long time the ship went for a long time the road to her ,this time she has been working in Fujian for several years ,I would be more natural .All the relatives had known so there is nothing to phase phase ,had her grandma get dessert we even, other country Festival and process .Clearly remember the great in the kitchen busy when we were in the room to speak, she volunteered to hold me close up ,but that time I to kiss ah ah or a blind spot ,the three year of high school life and not let me prepare the knowledge in this respect ,because her face is beautiful ,because of her active and soft ,let me quickly ,and got drunk, just a few days we had jifuzhiqin and find it difficult to tear apart .That to me is a love ,but later I knew she was not ,she was working in a factory for many years ,when there and I are the same age boys to pursue her for years and in the previous year had been chasing her, she is he ,two in the factory had good love each other dearly ,but due to both home and strongly on ( as in the Jinggang Mountains ,too far ) so I went home with my engagement .Though I put a foot to kiss ,but later she went to Fujian to work engagement ,I went to Nanjing to work, then I take her to better play, out of the question, not a week to her every night in tears ,I asked her why ,she began to say ,later she looked through it ,just tell me the truth ,I want to him, she finally put their things to tell me, she said she would like two ,two are in there ,I love you ,here every day to him, she is also very contradictory ,did not know how to do !I can was what kind of heart ,only to feel everything collapse step ,become nothing .Although I am sad incapable of further increase ,but I still decided to send her a station ,bring her back to his side ,despite the fact that I cheap nike air max need ,but I don .Until now I still remember when her car back after I was how to ride a bike with a fly ,feeling of trees on both sides of roads like me painful heart ,,,,,over the last six months dribs and drabs, all the whispers of love ,tangled up ,every detail ,every smile you the film generally in their heart such as electric as complex ,reproducible ,and tears in my heart like the bad brew storms on rivers and seas ,,,,,heavy I sank more than a year later ,Nai does not live in constant persuasion ,or by continuing to date approach in phase and again after finally kiss married ,have children .Child as if general was ,of course, although I lost my love ,but I like the harvest of happiness, I have a love my wife ,rustic ,natural !Although no culture, but it is a good wife .I think ,with these ,on a female character, enough ,she gave me the one I always take it as a great honour the son ,handsome ,clever ,and like me, ox ,nor do I know he can later ,I named him Wang Binren ,expect him after he grows up he can Ya good courtesy .I think he will let me too disappointed .Later, I had another daughter ,with my son, and after ten years ,this year she age four years old, born in the year of the golden pig .I named her Wang Kefan ,expect her long road to everything is going smoothly. But can be clever and sensible ,and light show !The daughter is my baby ,clever ,hurt me incapable of further increase ,every day with her, when the class so she sat in the car to move ,I can feel my happiness ,what is happiness, happiness is not only you have a lot of money or you have a work career ,happiness also includes the enjoyable ,that the happiness of a family union .Of course ,this society we cannot leave the bread ,but just like you have more bread again much money may not have a happiness and joy .So ,life ,we should learn to be content .Pull so much, so come back to me with her story ,I get married after a year or so they were married ,is always in a factory ,a love to live with ,marry or not is also a procedure .Because of each other heart, I have asked about her own work ,also be kept constantly on the run ,to run their own family and life .Just a year after ten years .One day I went to my brother when he suddenly saw her ( because she broke up with me because she was married to my younger brother ,parents ,perhaps because of my guilt ,of course, she is like my brother son ) she told me she was divorced !Later we find a restaurant ,she told me that her many things ,analogy why divorce .She married a wrongful abortion due to marriage ,and has no children ,this treatment is a lot of places, for several years ,also spent a lot of money no cure .Later adopted a child, her table ,she took a month to her father-in-law mother-in-law ,had been brought to the age of six .At first she table small husband and wife two is very poor ,unable to raise two almost big child ,gave one to bring her .But on those years she was slowly to make big money ,want to bring back the child ,but she and her husband certainly do not agree .She is perhaps the doings of ghosts and gods ,perhaps her in his house too tired to take a child to go to sea ,playing on the child returned to the band went to Suzhou ( her husband in Suzhou .) .This trouble is coming, my parents-in-law that crying rushed to Suzhou to see the child .Her husband let see, her husband to also let see, this can make a big, old well over sixty ,originally the body not sick ,this will seriously ill ,I don play .He ordered the son ,not to his grandson resolute to son to divorce her ,after a few months ,his serious alas .The son had to divorce, he is also the son ,and to the wife poor for more than ten years of pain is still loose spoil ,unable to control ,also feel tired .Therefore one or two scattered ,before although two mortgage in the

countryside the county bought a house ,but also owes a lot of money ,so she is not good with him into things ,so nothing got divorced, and then to Jingdezhen for pleasure ,,,,which twists and heartache I listening to it sob, because I never hated her ,so now it is still take pity on her ,and she ,more than 10 years ,has more than 30 years old, in the twinkling of an eye and nothing .Although I wasn very good, but also had to go, he fought in outside of course does not maintain one ,intentions were originally has a few ,plus a pity her ( to me that she is in love ,in the heart has never forgotten her two ) so soon old recurrence ,at the moment good like plastic such as the knee up ,all this will hide me the wife ,after all ,the extramarital nor what disgraceful ,plus another pro own ,things will rise would not be a good pick up, so we are more careful .She opened a shop, investment is not large, Liangwanlai block ,I sponsored by one half, and then later because of bad business analysis ,and find another job ,sometimes not find at home to play, I will help her to rent a house, two rooms one hall ,clean or not clean .And so we had together ,she is doing her thing ,I do my thing ,every day to eat meal where she put the meal ,boy is something sweet ,so for almost half a year .During this period I have improved a lot ,buy new houses with repair and moved to a house .She, always want to have a home of their own ,for I have just bite the teeth to help her in batches Shoufu also have a set of house, ordinarily I was able to do so should be enough ,but ,she is that freedom has been used ,in order to find a name ( can be married it may be true ,but I can a stable home ,can public copy ) always on the outside with other dating ah ,tea ,dancing ,of course ,there are some things I very seriously ,after all, I also support for her husband to marry ,but later it was me know ,she find is something, are home ,that I am not happy, I told you ,you don just pure play me ,for we began to quarrel ,the biggest one is I found she was often take a to our little house before, I absolutely can not stand ,and she had a big fight is to buy a house for her contract is taken back ,the house to you ,you crazy mad you go, ,,,,one or two loose so she on the day that put all her things ( of course is almost the same all of me to help her buy things moved nike air max ,in addition to rent ) With the cohabitation up ,after several months I have not seen her, phone number ,can .I am downhearted ,regardless of her, how to play how to go ,so I took from the house horse bought a tens of thousands of money car ( three months later for a better car ) ,are never touched a car ,not to mention a driving license ,later please a young driver car with me two months .Now want to own a car life is because of her gift ,or do not know what time will think of buying a car ,this car life also is not good or bad ,later I will become indifferent, female changed another ,have a car ,bubble up .To have more convenient ( oh ,say indecent thereon ) is put no money ,earn money and car and playing the surname ,see the car, the burn, ,,,,,now driving for three or four years on the car or truck is not hate ,convenient a blessing in disguise ,but ah ,,,,,,like this .But all through ,she later heard because of this is that the wife found was forced to flee Fujian and went to work, we have no connection between this last year ,but she returned to Jingdezhen ,perhaps the time has forgotten a lot, we also have contact .These two years since my daughter was born ,grew up ,I slowly become less heart went out to play ,maybe the experience experienced all tired .Now every day with her daughter to go out to play ,the site also took her to wife every year is the basic car ,Wuyishiyi will bring the wife and kids to travel ,play what .And I slowly like read a book ,all right at home ,read a book ,get a house ,,,maybe because of my daughter ,win their hearts ;perhaps because of tired ,I win their hearts ;perhaps because read some books to know some truth ,I win their hearts .In short ,what is life ,what is happiness, is the need to slowly .What is happiness, happiness is a quiet life ,a family fun and enjoyable, a stoic Ning Jing free time .Of course we can two things I forgot ,but we can do what .We need not exclude anything, also does not need to reject what ,life to happen, let it let it be ,,,,,,,,,what is a friend ,a friend that is not often together also occasionally miss ,is one who can help each other wish each other a ,,,,as for her ,I now sometimes told her to eat a meal together, together with the Lao Lao Ke ,I sincerely wish her ,wish her find her In one million years we will how to be loved .relationresultThe summer after supper, the day is still very hard ,the lives of ordinary people ,in order to save a few degrees electricity ,most people like a cup of tea in the hand ,with a small plastic stool came downstairs and aggregation in a big trees beside Xiankan ,heart good will carry a bottle opening in one side ,who drank who pour .What are you kan Kan ,South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun Dutch act ,Kan Kan nuclear test by the DPRK ,beauty and think about who invade, Kan oil to rise in price again, this year the college entrance examination questions how difficult Kan Kan how easy ,after graduating college students how to find a job ,the worker is too little to Kan Kan family paste ,which province which city of some official corruption and bribery checked after knowing he raises several and so on ;of course ,there is more about women ,if the presence of a female ,people will often Kan into woman ,then a woman bursts from the hehe .Some people say that people together after the three sentence would talk to the woman ,it is the truth ;but I do not know the women together can speak the people ,however ,a woman be Kan talks about her, that .People talking to women ,you will speak to ;,is never Kan Kan tire endless topic .Not only the person loving woman Kan Kan ,some of our experts are always enjoy it to loved to talk, talk about the topic .For example :husband and wife to do several times a week on the body good .Therefore ,some experts said Wednesday times ,some experts say two times a week, and some experts say ,married a week do minor according to his body condition and decide, according to each request their grasp ,not one one as etc. .Example: some of our experts advocate the establishment of swim with the rest of the world ,some of our expert advice in primary school education at a reduced girl infringement ,some of our experts call for small in the period of illness do not guarantee that customers to reduce disease transmission and so on ,is all kinds of ,cover and contain everything .To be sure ,some of our experts are all called (for example ,advocated respiratory tax ,suggested to the civil service issued housing subsidies ,buy a house that is and so on are not afraid of people scold .) To talk about ,is it right

A bit pedantic scholar taste But our experts fear they scold ,also not so foolish as to suggest a couple to do several times a week on degree .Ordinary people, a woman Kan Kan we can understand ,they do not have the ability to support two N three milk to create life, no power of money into luxury entertainment to unrestrained life ,they can only Xiankan ..But some of our experts have loved to talk about what Perhaps their living conditions very good lonely and boring to vent Maybe in their own academic fields at be at ones end and with work Maybe they see some government officials to support ,a few big pack of two N three milk themselves Nike Air Max ACG not eat grapes from sour I can ,just guessing .Ordinary people Kan has many tricks ,and a gentle :old cart ,what " ;wall paintings and so on ;as the expert by experts and certainly not word ,and also presents what female ,high and so on ,if the book ,is a * .Had read a scientists predict that we humans after one million years will evolve and what the article ;one million years later ,our skin will evolve as the tortoise shell shell ;a smaller than one meters ,extremities such as ;in particular, is now the * accompany ;variable fly like a straw .Of course, there is no teeth .The only constant is the organ .If we could really like science fiction about it, we can travel through the time tunnel into the one million years of the human world, see long turtle like human ,he might fall over on the spot .Think over ,scientists prophecy is a plausible ;skin shell is adapted to growing in the deterioration of the global environment ,more and more serious electromagnetic barrier ah ,ultraviolet ,cosmic wind and so on to human visceral injuries ;variable straw is because our food more and more to the liquid food development ,all the body needs nutrition soluble in the liquid ,so that one can maximize the absorption of nutrients ,reducing costs ;larger is of course since human work only mental rather than physical results give .But having a bit is not justified ,it is our human organs .Our human organ why change Is a scientist of taboo or not talking about According to Darwin ,is not entered retreat of the theory of evolution ,our human organs should evolve Because we have more and more sincerely, we are more and more useful :have the right to raise two N money for their life a part of life ,even in ancient times, their generous pop will people be ashamed of one .If we after one million years really like scientists predicted that the evolutionary turtle shell of mankind ,and I thought :we will do , Shell experience does not influence we humans do ,We put a shell the woman in his arms ,there is no greasy feeling silky soul If there is no such feeling ,say people keen to pack two N three milk, not by the person dislike for women ,and make human reproduction in crisis, eventually leading to the extinction of humanity Think carefully, I this is to entertain imaginary or groundless fears ,none ,one million years after we human beings regardless of what evolution ,how to do ,that is ,one million years after the human thing ,absolutely and we are now the person who has nothing to do ,no matter how the development of science ,we can not to interfere .It has been said for the worry is ridiculous ,so we now for one million years after the humans worry not more foolish and ridiculous If we want to go one million years later human pack Have bumper harvest relationresultKing three these days is particularly good ,walk all humming a ditty, 40s ,light-footed like eighteen year-old young people .After two years the price of vegetables rose ,King three planted two acres of cabbage with a small amount of money, the two rich years .Preganglionic just finished harvesting ,King three and follow the township technician proposal ,will be home to the thousands of pieces of money savings all out to neighbors ,and borrowed six ,seven thousand ,purchased a batch of plastic sheeting ,bamboo ,green grass with the cabbage ,cultivate dimensions to enlarge ten mus .Since then, three two son of king every mind flapping in these ten mus of vegetable plot .Wind up bricks ,stone plastic cloth pressure ;low, hurriedly in the plastic cloth to cover the thick grass blanket ;snow ,the timely removal of grass mat snow ,for fear of the grass felt overwhelmed the dishes will be suffocated ;especially low ,also rack one in plastic film pulling electric lighting ,in order to improve raw vegetable length .The three two son of King ,the ten acres of cabbage growth .Although experienced a severe winter ,but have not been affected in the slightest ,and because of the extremely low ,even insects have also reduced the .Especially in plastic film after the pull down ,the cabbage is a kind of day ,not only to grow fast ,big ,and dish round shape, good .King three step estimate ,this year even if prices do not rise ,still maintain in 1 yuan last year 1 jins level ,the ten mu of land to the vegetable planing ,earned fifty thousand yuan . The good, the dish to sell ,we also put the broken tile-roofed house torn down ,to build a building !Look at this big shiny green ,emerald raw uncooked cabbage ,King three does not conceal a heart happy ,happy ground says to the wife .King three home light tho village is famous vegetable village ,in recent years because the government continues to encourage ,the villagers continue to expand vegetable cultivation ,many have made a fortune ,built buildings .While the King three but because the timid, is sick the difficulty of action have been 70 father ,there are two secondary school children ,these a few years no remaining money .In front of the harvest finally gives him hope .Wife did not agree with the views of the King three ,said :cover what houses, these houses although worn ,did not leak leak .Old horse on the college entrance examination ,with his performance of a university should be no problem .Autumn is a science that tuition is scared ,we two normal pain one year will not be enough for a year to spend, you don save money do Besides the second after high school ,every semester will be a big thousands ;two old body is not good ,if which day down ,we cry the son has .King three heard straight ,even his wife very thoughtful .And ah, ah hope ,the middle of April ,I heard the town vegetable wholesale market opening ,King three and his wife got up early, busy until noon ,harvest a tricycle cabbage ,happily, to the town of rush . Sold out ,to buy you a new dress !King three one drive, he said to his wife .His wife was waving said: want new clothes do, give their children to buy two ,months old back ,the child sling to the ankle .Children sensible ,not the east to west ,we do not think of the father .The horses are university ,want to face . Buy, buy !The king answered with a smile .To the town ,boy !Full market are selling cabbage ,tricycles ,small trucks lined up a long line .Have been sold ,put on a long face ,shuffled out ;also did not sell ,from booth to booth, with anxiety and worry .King three one watch that scene ,so a bit uneasy ,rushed to the car stop ,let a wife sitting in the car to see ,he got out of the car ,pulled a fresh squeezed from stalls ,side put money into the pockets ,while swearing to retreat the middle-aged man . Brother ,this line Five wool !Man and start the car ,while replied impatiently .King three one was ,not How so cheap What is not What is not He said ,they are selling vegetables, you do not sell, still

have sell !The man no longer explain ,dropped a do not believe in yourself and sell to see one step on the gas .King three hurriedly pushed booth asked ,right enough !Wang urgently ,raise your voice asked :why get so cheap The last 1 bucks ,you the price is not that we have no way out The king asked a few farmers three ,quickly and : ,is !Not to say that the city is vegetable prices up here ,you can in good conscience !At the sight of this shape ,the vegetable man -- a thin ,neat has a little branch of yearly jump stool ,waved and said :the villagers ,don ,we are not able to .Although the city vegetable prices up in, we can not make money ah -- since the second half of last year ,prices are rising oil prices ,only this one, we each trip more expenses to one thousand yuan ;the toll fee is not to mention ,you didn report We one hundred kilometers to feed 4 toll collectors ,so run transport all know ,without overloading can not live ;but you see ,we shipped are vegetables ,large volume ,light weight ,just want to overload can not ah .So ,you say ,we are losing money or make money Besides, this year more than in former years is not the same, the earthquake ,the city is fastidious ,said the nuclear radiation falls in the leaves of vegetables ,so the cabbage is now the most don .King three listen ,feel the home that reasonable ,without any good reason barge ,my forehead veins up ,half shout the sentence: the price we can !Small listened, smiled and said: the brothers, the sale of freedom ,are willing to sell ,quickly came to say ;not to do, not so hard, I wish you can sell a high price .But I want to remind everybody ,today you don ,I might not be able to sell to the price ,but everywhere is vegetable !King three listen ,hung his head extrusion group .His wife can see him a pair of vertical or touch ,hastened to ask how the matter .King three be in the blues to the condition that .Wife ,anxious to ask: we sell King three muffled replied: not to sell the how to do Can go back His bad penny nor !When the king until the fall ,not sold food and his wife back home .Stopped the car, King three house ,then directly to field ,squatting in the fields ,while at the cabbage trance ,quietly smoke .Until his wife to dinner ,just quietly with his wife to go home . Maybe after two days the price can go up to .His wife said .King three silent, until the muffled meal before the sentence: in the morning I close it ,then have a look to the market town of han .The very next day afternoon ,and his wife hurried and reaped a car dish ,King three is a car in the market town of Han ran fifty miles .The results did not let the King three surprise ,because of the proximity to the vegetable market town of Han farmers more vegetables ,only 4 wool .King three cry ,want to back ,afraid of dish is covered is broken ,lower prices ,but hard to sell skin food .Back home, King three little dinner eat .The very next day ,the couple to vegetable a day ,no harvest ,expect prices to rise again a rose .Who knows the evening to the neighbor asks, today prices of only 3 !The couple are going to regret ,how much can harvest harvesting ,took early to sell ,but also to pay less .It is that disasters pile up on one another !King three and his wife just ready to fall asleep ,received nephew telephone ,weep and sob said his father had an accident .The couple had a hurried to the hospital ,and brother-in-law have already died .Heard the news ,King three like three nine days were pocket pouring a pot of cold - and brother-in-law to run transport insufficient funds ,King three also help guarantee $eighty thousand loan what !Nowadays, brother-in-law and nephew ,only 17 years old ,orphan oligonucleotides ,the debt burden will fall on their own ;in the home only a little savings had investment to vegetable plot ,this two day just a few money ,if not enough to help her do the funeral ,two children ,father medical expenses, the next son can do Watching wife pain not cry, King three just silly sitting at .My brother-in-law home, already was three days after the noon .Listen to just sold the food back village adjacent said ,today the only 1 wool 5 .King three and his wife together, to harvest a car ,even had no time to drink to the town of rush .Who knows ,or late, dish dealer in any case would only give 1 wool 2 price .The couple reluctantly put dishes sold, returned home and did not eat sleep .The very next day early in the morning, King three came to the fields, sitting on the ridge, drooling over a cabbage in .His wife called to eat breakfast should not .Anything his wife home took two man flung his arms ,while cutting the food side advised: don hurry to help ,go to sell, can get a is a penny ,or horse blossom bad ground too !No, I had to ask the two do me a favor ,today more selling point .His wife dropped the knife ,back to the village to a circle, it brought the two neighbors .King three read ,had also to busy .Busy until noon ,King three neighbors two hi minivan borrowed ,together with their tricycles are full, then wife home cooking ,only entertain neighbor after took to the town to sell .Everything is in order ,King three to the village of small supermarket to buy two bottles of wine ,then called two hi .Two hi however: brother ,let me help you run ,not worth you two bottles of wine ,you know I just heard that today the price of only 8 points .Large village in Zhuang Lin rice ,eat what ah ,you go ,my eating on the go with you .King three listen ,stood still for a while, Kung Fu ,and to call the other two help harvest the neighbors ,are willing to .The king had a boring home three .His wife has the meal table ,see King three asked :please the customer King three short answer two words: not to .He put that bottle to hit a table ,sat a stupor . What he Grab bar .His wife advised .King three listened to ,put out his hand to take the bottle, poured a cup of wine ,and drank it back ,tears streaming down the face of along the line .The wife to pick up some food for my parents come back ,the King three simply drink tears ,busy with words to her .Who knows ,say ,said, think of present plight and recently deceased brother ,she could not help the tears .A bottle of wine to drink ,three king said :I go to sleep .He going to .Wife aside promise :I could be you .Aside from to pick up chopsticks .His wife tidied ,afraid of King three rest ,lie to the wing ,half squint nap .Who knows ,hazy falls asleep .Wake up ,see a bell has two, seems not to have heard the yard had anything, he quickly looked up, and two car was parked in front of the tree .The wife is busy side to the inner side: go ,old ,up ,can go ah .King three still has no movement .His wife pushed open the door ,but the king tri sitting near the door ,English round-eyed ,Zhang ,neck sleeve with a white cloth tape ,tape a hanging on the door of a nail .King three dead ,dead in the sunny day .Hospital ,is the king of three father and his wife weeping ;outside the hospital ,is a neat vegetable ,green ,green living ,in the light of pan the joyance of the bumper

harvest light .  


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