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kobe shoes In your eyes

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

Father and son Many years ago, I was still very young father is still very young and I hold and sat on the permanent bicycles to smell the faint smell of tobacco to count the stars in those years, the clouds have not now do not know what is the wo hoe hill and rattan basket with growing up with his father when the laughter and merciful and crying with soy sauce children go home for dinner and havoc with dreaming story many years after the son is young I am still young he kobe vi sat alone in the four round of the back seat and listen to me singing Jielun - Thinking of home transformers these years, penguin has become QQ people in dish TV Ultraman and bank with ATM knew childhood but busy after the late still have I and his laughter and the little snail by your own story with Rumeng years ago son cannot realize In this era, we have who can believe Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Wu Jindi was originally a trek to the process, most with their dream Road, climb over obstacles, leaving years footprint, finally reach the original heart mountain, filled with joy back, but found everything so unreal, the pursuit of yearning heart was so untrue credible, previously seemingly unparalleled tenacity beliefs and dreams are fragile glass, bomb untouchable, even brilliant not.So disappointed, life lost fulcrum, a dizzy,

fell under previously for top, body and soul was smashed to be reduced to fragments.This part, mostly in childhood, on the life, to the surrounding and it has a too calm trust, but forgot to wear their protective layer, which is also called the mask.So, kobe vi as to believe the so-called friends River Lu mussel, expansion casing exposed crisp fresh, meet the destruction of kiss.The limited resources, interests maximization, the expansion of information, virtual network popular era, "everything is possible" is not empty, life there is too much may and uncertainties, we more insecure, more.Then, once found life was cheated, learn clever quickly put their layers of wrapped up, still wearing a pair of is always smiling face mask, mask full of scars and wounds of the heart.So, learn sly round, become sophisticated, well acquainted with the rules of the game of society, gradually, from the time of the victim of another liar, to destroy the next dream, then we really finished the long trek, no longer complain that don't believe in yourself, because you also believe that whoIn ancient times, not like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, Romeo and Juliet are so sincere.In the hustle and bustle of the time, also follow become impetuous.Wanton play full of ambiguous in the group around, splitting has become inured to the unusual, the so-called reserve love is like the homely food house.Then, before you take an oath devoutly claim you

as he (she) is the love, perhaps just a cudgel thinking away your language.What's more, perhaps, you only see it as a N alternate.Now, the number of Liu XiahuiYou are who you can trustMarriage is not fairy tales, as in the phrase "the prince and Princess and lived a happy child" says.Appear united outwardly but divided at heart, with political and economic ends every day wearing a mask over a cheating husband, living in one day they lie mesh weaving, rely on the child marriage, living in degrees such as ability of.Especially at this time, the marriage of speculation, a marriage, let the weight losing.For two or three days the lightning marriage is not a fresh topic, game over is no explosion topic, a companion to the loyalty already scarce resources.Now, how many is unchanged afterSo, what Kobe Bryant X Eric Koston can you believe who will not betrayFriends, not as in the past because of like-minded, come with sb. And node, the present decade, to a greater extent by interests, motivation of.With friends, as that is when public relations Festival.Poor in downtown no neighbor, rich in the mountains are distantly related to.Many beside you laughing and talking little some is true, flat address each other as brothers in critical moment who runs faster than.That is good, dude, in relation to the selfish benefits like work. L time, cold to you with a horse is not set.Best friends are goodEven the two

rib knife foolhardiness said, at present, is less and less.There are now many friends as himself as EngelsWill you without reservation thatPro, not as the past is thicker than that of a dynamic.In the interests of the society, it is more by impurity, complex.Perhaps there are many science Kong Rong lets a pear, but who can guarantee that he is the motivation behind really selfless, or acting to get greater benefits Many abandoned home of old, father is an indisputable fact.In your eyes Your eyes your eyes eyes are the most bright language drunk scenery through time and space of love I understand what is love for you deep calling me deep inside the day staring at your eyes like a blue sea through thousands of years of vicissitudes of life that is quiet and gentle like a beautiful the scenery in the face I wander tears your soft warm my heart trauma in your eyes that you were dancing in front of me. Love your music take me into the picturesque note world my heart was deeply affected by you this life you are my constant love through your eyes time and space corridor to where we belong to you to set a ray of warm let us not stranded left a hug scenery belong to our hearts the same nostalgic original anthology listen to regards QQ578957188 source space Xinyu of visual space station please feel



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