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kobe zoom My grandma is 53363

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

It was getting dark Today, I asked a friend to meet who is my classmate, but he is a poet when he is in the poet, I don't know that I only know him before even composition can't write well once I saw the teacher in his composition the comment says he wants cogent strengthen language organizational skills and the ability to use when he walked into the coffee shop when it was almost dark. He is not a man and a dog a wide clean white hair wearing a hat dog our topic from the poem begins he with his strong memory and read my poem when I face some burning sensation root acid on his pet dog getting impatient the dog sound than his chant my poem sounds much I do not want to write to write than to listen to the dog he said sorry is his dog to feeding time to listen to his words I am he must hungry we none of us want each other to eat. He took his dog walking in front of me behind I found the dog toe high quality than its master much better I think if the dog holding its owner to a conversion will be better when we get out of coffeeCoffee Long Lian River Song , relationresultAfter a long time ,long ,grow up in the river I have been wandering outside ,little time you will see ,more talk have a thankful heart to see our pro .Today ,I finally wrapped up in your side ,but I found out that you are much older ,should not that tall transmission tower to testify ,I really do not recognize this is a former Lian river .You lean body no longer has the rich ,in front of muddy river no longer see fish and shrimp swim and play, even while you this with orange red stone paved ancient Yidao ,early on the rugged, rocky .One side soil to support one side ,not the kind you kiss ,we would not have our life, not to mention our children and grandchildren today .Can you today but the Bush ,river uplift ,garbage full of embankment ,nearly ruined .See you to bear the bitterness ,after how many sad time ... ... Today I ,roots cable source ,along Lian River ,in addition to the mother river of a deep admiration ,but want to childhood song to sing :warm flowers red ,white hood River in Arashiyama ;diffuse stone fish jump ,the pool and wash clothes ... ... Don ever forget you the charm, more clearly remember you from in front of my house through the scene .You like girls hair ribbon ,the vast green river float ;you sawtooth-like ups and downs in the mountains show ,with a new, somewhat mysterious .Each of the split season, Lian river always Yamahana brilliant ,like thousands of ,especially that all over the mountains and the cuckoo ,the home of the mountain decorated elegant noble ,magnificent; ornate; fascinating .Due to Lian river flows through ,there is always the four seasons such as ,a square ,round ,the ancient ancient Hakka mosaic River ,which adorn ,good send south of Shan an exquisite scenery beautiful fresh ,south of the Five Ridges .I still remember ,high mountains and lofty hills ,you are more like a silver Yudai ,from east to west down the river ,turned into mist ,dense, green day ,transparent ,is castle clouds sky blue is two-phase embraced ,clostridium .Grandpa told me ,Lian river is the legendary jade river ,God also enchant Denon first; the home of all without exception is mountain handsome ,the fertile land ,all without exception is fragrance grain ,pig and duck wandered ;car to grind nest singing ,press square stone hammer heavy ring ;You Hua blooming, downstream of the high-rise power station ;and pearl ,like stars amusement ;you are in my life the most beautiful ,is my heart the most beautiful river .Ancient up to now, you are like a tireless charity ,to following the collection of a trickling stream ,trekking to millions of gullies ,in and out of the rapids flow ,winding mountain paths can your shadow ,precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs can stop your feet ,you are a strong warrior ,you are an Italian Xinxin kindness, no matter how far kobe 6 you are through ,march forward courageously never back .Whenever the start of a new year ,falls in the front and back ,I always want to walk to you .How I miss

the wind slowly, Huai green trees .Ancient Lian River ,gully abyss you without fear ,no regrets circuit ,always quietly away from us slowly flows ,breeds in creatures ,to irrigate the fields along .Pro season you absorb from the rain outside ,dry, and to the side of the creatures down your stored in the body in the rain ,you never bitter ,never rest, will the rest of his life to the sea, the Wang Ganquan of the fills the air .For thousands of years, you always love charm Tyumen .When secondary to clear river ,you would be down to silver ,in stone ,in the dam before you always spend billow ,curvaceous and soft ,like the kind of deep tears ,more like the fairy light playing the lute, as in the past for the children to meet the Wan Mu green day ,gave the formula to Sun Xingfu .I stood by the river deep look ,think ,as I grew old pro secret tears swallow ... ... I felt like going back to the innocent and artless youth, in the dim I seem to see the deep flowers waved to me ,hear the silver Tao played melodious strings ,dashing and handsome woodman was cast his sweet voice :dazzling ah ,look not clear ,opposite the station is that The end of a tree to wait for you ,I don stop ... ... A folk song from the tour with the wind ,the whole Lian river like a winding ribbon ,in the Castle Peak green is more picturesque .In this way folk floating down the river, pushing Bai Fan paintings go mood ,how much I would like to change the river ,around a castle ,surrounded by his hometown fly .We won a century seventy or eighty time, some unfilial sons collaborate from within with forces from outside ,from your source felling the millennium original forest ,entire forest barren mountain bald mountain, even the front door the tree didn lucky escape .I saw your heart like a knife cut out a sad ,every day can hear you cry ;sadly, these sons of treason and heresy ,a root ,a bundle of rough logs from the mountains rolling in your arms ,let you this juice general river carrying a million raft drifting out of your body ... ... This is what mountain ridge trees ,clear your body densely packed in the sweat glands ,is your sweet juice secretion of the gland !That is ,you still suffer in silence ,in order to do all of your children .My dear parents, I gave thought Lian River ,you left us countless ancient legend ,tell us too much grief at separation and joy in union .When you walked each day from the edge they can thought of, not Lian River ,our life sustenance to who Those backer has mountain short-sighted people, you know ,that you have a stack of $100 bills but living off a piece of scar .I stand kobe i shoes in the old stone bridge into the outside world ,but we can the sad heart ;my old Lian River ah ,you will never lose the beauty of the past ,be in deep distress hometown never return to the past downtown yesterday has flow blue flower, today also like little sunset .My grandma , relationresultMy grandmother was born in the north of the village of a hill, where hill is delicate and pretty, Jing Yi ,is a land of idyllic beauty in the same place .Grandma was born ,our home is still hard during the war of resistance against Japan ,were also in the mountains of the brutal repression ,live and poverty-stricken life .My grandmother has seven ,the grandmother was the third ,is home to the most beautiful ,the most virtuous one .Grandma was his feet bound three inch lotus feet .Listen to grandma every time when what one sees and hears talk of foot-binding ,really glad you were born in new ,or that foot-binding hardships really hard to get rid of it, but the pain only with feet female to have experience greatly ,it is a kind of female is very cruel beauty requirements .Her skin is very white ,very tall ,hair is always in the back of the head hair round bun .The type I have read many times ,and each time she comb I stand in her later .But ,I had never learned ,really sorry .Grandma is a very relaxed confident .Now grandmother due to the age of the relations are very old, but she

can forget side all pro appearance ,still can not forget my son .Every time I see her ,she will smile at me and asked ,how did not see her son .See grandma white sparse hair ,my heart really good sad ,an inexplicable sadness will occupy the entire atrial .Back, she is young, because the child in the home ,don ,so he sent me to grandma home and raise .Grandma loves me, every relatives sent good grandmother are reluctant to eat, have to leave me ,as my school all feed me .Every morning ,grandma very early, regardless of summer autumn and winter, grandmother before I was awake, have the delicious breakfast ready .Then I cleaned up ,after breakfast ,endorsed Bao Xue .She is very diligent ,fingers ,each of the breakfast is my most loving ,beautiful eat grandma is really a most happy to enjoy .She is very diligent ,home house for all suitable for seasonal vegetables .Every time you want to cook when ,just walked into her garden ,those fresh vegetables were will greet, what to eat food with extreme ease .No matter what her hand ,a very short time will be for the coveted drop delicacies .The family a lot, around a table to eat will be very crowded .See grandma busy shadow ,skinny little walk ,sometimes really want to do something for her do everything in one of live .But those who live the grandmother is not want me to do ,grandma would want me to sit quietly at home to read and write .The grandmother said that he did not read, I must study hard ,the future to do the things they like ,not only they Kobe Huarache 2K10 Shoes were confined to the kitchen ,to have their own career .They can live independently ,not relying on other help .Grandma every morning get up early ,go to work a vegetable garden ,yard grass gently pulled off, give seedlings fertilization irrigation is an everyday occurrence ,looked at his hard work in exchange for the delicious dishes ,grandma smile for a long time .A day ,she will give the family change in taste ,flat thrift used grandma will come up with Jane for a long time the food reward you ,make you a big festival .Her life no matter in the diet or in the dress is very thrifty .Summer two vest ,a double-breasted half sleeve jacket with her for several years, until the few clothes really cannot be worn, uncle and aunt grandmother to buy her new clothes to replace old clothes ,also do rag ,until broken can rags was unfortunately lost .Each of the leftovers grandmother are reluctant to throw away ,as long as they can eat ,grandma will stay and eat yourself ,save one grain grandmother heart firm belief .Those in war time ,the miserable life of those starving refugees ,fragment ,in the grandmother heart left a lot of marks, so had the habit of thrift ,always the same .These habits can affect our .Every time she saw we had a meal ,see we don clothes to see we don ,buy ,will give us a lesson .Listen to her heart the teachings, so that we in the future life get a lot of benefits .In the grandmother influence, our quiet life ,happy to enjoy every day .Her life has five children ,was the eldest ,behind the two uncles ,two aunts .The children had been listening to her grandmother .My grandfather is home to only one in the country ,a labor to support five children is really difficult ,but my grandfather and grandmother lived very optimistic ,the education of children grow up as a big thing in life .Later and uncle who has married with children ,we this generation of a total of fourteen ,this can be a grandmother and grandfather before and after the most proud thing .My grandfather every time meet old friends will be very proud to say :although his only one ,but their offspring is very prosperous ,five children ,fourteen of the next generation ,who can compare with him Look at my grandfather looks happy, grandma will aside Oh smile ,that smile is sweet ,is happy ,is a source of pride .Look at our health is grandma most happy thing, we looked at every time in the school winning the prize ,she will make the best to eat all left us .In order to grandma more happy ,for her hope ,I am trying to ,learn seriously ,every time the best performance for grandma

,let Grandma and me happy .At an awards hanging on the wall, watching a piece of medal worn on the front ,grandma happily and their prize .So every time there is a happy thing, I will first give grandma to let Grandma ,and I rejoice together .Remember that time got the university admission notice .She soon came to my house ,I do the best to eat the food, I will travel with all things carefully prepared ,on one side are not hands ,do not know what to do .See Grandma happy, my heart beautiful .My life is seldom ill ,when I was in the high school ,my grandfather in operation station not down will never leave us .Watching people suffering form ,I secretly determined the future of medicine ,be a qualified doctor .With their own wisdom hands for the patient ,give everybody a happy family atmosphere .This have got one an angel in white ,the grandmother of natural happiness .See grandma that Gaoxing Jin ,I feel really not white and grandmother live together for so many years, for she finished a big wish is my most happy thing .His hands had carefully prepared for me ,I moved ,carrying the public trust, I came to the thousand miles beyond the city continue to learn .Her hope ,home called ringing .In the us so many children, she is the most loving me .What good stuff granny will be left for me to eat ,what happened to my grandma .Married sons home after the number of significantly less, to grandma visit is a lot less .Every time I see her gradually thin body ,I can always grandma side and felt guilty .So to buy a new house has a warm, as long as the home of warmth ,in allowing for the time I grandma from home for a period of time ,and I see the child ,in my life every day .Like in the grandmother care and happy life ,love and grandma. Listening to her grandmother told her past anecdotes .Like to sit in her side ,listening to her grandmother breathing .It was a beautiful enjoyment, is the kind of no Pro rely on .As long as the grandmother in the edge ,oneself feel particularly practical ,feel is still a child ,also have in the grandmother care to live a happy life .Time does not stop is on the move ,the years not Rao ,grandmother at the time of the washing gradually went to the old time .Watching gradually aging ,celecoxib has to face the grandma ,and my heart was very regret .But their limited capacity ,really can her what real sense to rely on .Can only use leisure time to spend more time with grandma .With little time to listen to grandma ,grandma tells the story of the less time ,every time and grandma. There will be a kind of cry without tears ,grandma is old, really old .Never give grandma did ,even didn her clothes washed .Every time I had to do ,help me with the housework .Now she is old, some things do not do everything in one .But as long as you can do ,grandma would try not to us for help ,the old aunt and grandmother said many times ,but she just wouldn ,you give us any trouble .In fact, as aunt said ,she do it well, we do more trouble .Remember to wash my grandmother ,and aunt ,three with the busy ,change ,aunt to give me a hand ,I give grandma wash .Fear of his heavy action hurt her ,so don ask grandma gets .But the grandmother always said nothing ,finally we busy music has not called ,the grandmother to cooperate with our work also tired .Wash the grandmother feel fresh after many ,actually have a look carefully ,I did not give her to wash clean ,because hair is sparse, grandma top is very thick sweat mud ,I dare not to wash grandma ,afraid of the hurt .Now she can not even walk ,each help grandmother earth and grandma hands ,looked at her panting to walk, the heart is really very not taste .This robust grandma ,where to go Grandma life thrift ,plain living ,to be kind, to every one of us deep impression .In the grandmother influence, our happy lives .Grandma and grandchildren around the knee, great-grandsons are several, is also the largest bless grandma .And grandma very happy together ,watching her healthy life is the most happy thing in my

life .  


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