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kobe zoom nike Last poems

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

Come back my love Miss like a devil invisible hidden in my heart, into numerous shadow of you suddenly strike that no back story, I struggled with the "devil" to do with irresistible struggle, I made an instant victory, because my short with right heart to treat you, I will smile to you.When I stuck smile gradually stern manner, I found, the original has become aggravated more rampant tearing my cut like a knife of colic!Did you see thatThe full moon Lau sleep time, I was suffering the unable to describe the pain!Did you feel thatElegant in your window which has been through the lonely life, with little residual red light you new course!Let heart of kobe i ship in the next great terror subsided and courageously forward.The shadow patches, drizzle lightly, I stand alone in the Lean River gazed at the withered rose garden, once in the brilliant purples and reds in the flowers, we combined with diffuse fragrance free breathing, in each other's arms should not feel time rapid circulation.We were brave and strong, have tenacity and stick.Never forget you, the blazing eyes suddenly filled my heart in the palm of the moment, went through my whole, that moment is in my life the first imprint is engraved on my heart. It, that day, you are on my way to the future opened the first door, gave me a section with Yan during the years, gave me a valuable life!Once, I hold the happiness with your meticulous care of every child, but most afraid of happiness from the fingers between the slip, so I hold on to, until one day, happy sends * change the taste, I found, the original source of happiness is that you continue to give the course, I was in desperate to see you give hope, not me once.Rose residual fragrance over the old Chi Cheng, those who be reduced to fragments of the wreckage, the order distinct from the war, who lingers touching......Changed from my hands text!In fact, I have been in life to show your enduring as the universe!In fact, I have been enjoying his colorful past, cherish!Can be broken. Let go of last soft, give up all dreams.We drown my sorrow, quietly Gebendongxi, stubborn so sure, you no longer handle.Face to see the future I always have a paranoid and possessive, but I ever deviate from!This is fateStill unable to overcome lifeCome back, my!I have been in the road waiting for you, waiting for you to come back over the next century your promise to me, to accompany me to the old slowly!Will

you come backWill you come to meWould you hold my hand and I go through thick and thin together stand together through storm and stressWould you hold my shoulder hit you wandering life Fingers of love , relationresultYan is a always melancholy and moody girl ,material - tall ,peerless .Behavior ,without revealing the urban modern lady quality ,without exception, showing the elegant breath .She was quiet ,like the afternoon a silently blooming lilies ,as subtle aromas ,diffuse in the brilliantly illuminated the city ,provoked a transparent eyeball contamination ;her spleen breaks out, kobe zoom nike like a fresh green cactus stubborn long ,strong ,and not too touch ,otherwise assassination get hurt again and again .Despite her spleen does not say ,Xin Zhen is a piece of carved white jade ,when another girl crazy to the cheek with a superb collection of beautiful things of cosmetic ,when the other girls in the brand shop for those expensive skincare shilly-shally ,when the other girls in the hot summer is incessantly ,Yan is an exception ,she reckless in his next run, in high school, burn ,light burns the line body ,but Ceng Rangxin was the slightest injury ,her skin is always provoked admiring eyes .We always think of me as her best friend ,occasionally feeling anxious ,also can hit a phone to talk a .In frustration ,always have a kind of do not spit discomfort feeling .Most of the time ,I just listen ,says that ,from time to time to a few sentences, are well-known reason ,but feel hurt ,even if not with the spoken words of comfort, to bring several silk hope .Xin said ,before there is a ,treats her very well ,they always think of her ,always listen to her, take it lying down ,never against her slightest idea ,always make every attempt to please her ,to her .Yan said these words, I can feel her into the sweet memories of happiness .Yan was a stubborn girl knife bean curd spleen ,heart ,do not eat hard .Add to that ,spare no effort to spoil her, we have a strong sense of satisfaction .Xin said ,at that time ,she feels the most ridiculous is that pain is not born in film and fiction story ,feeling too false ,purely for woman .I not to say yes or no ,lip movements ,I do not know how to open .Welcomes the continued, until about a year and that the love ,to the discussion about marriage ,one friend said to her ,that already has a girlfriend .We listen ,shake laugh ,think it is the day of tan .But Yan from

more than one heart ,one day found the back of her and another girl ,we see the fact that moment ,vaguely feel a sick ,and then determined to leave ,leave ,just beautiful .Xin said ,at that time ,she doesn any grief ,she might is right he has very deep feeling ,so I met that ,that let her heart .It is an art ,a long hair flowing ,confident eyes ,suddenly seize the Xin long dead heart .Welcomes the crazy of him, as he gave everything ,never regret .She suddenly felt ,up her entire life for life ,an indispensable part of .Once the missing him ,life will lose weight ,lose the color ,the whole world ,will be a cover with a layer of dust Zoom Kobe 4.5 gauze .Xin said ,I take all his life ,he always be neither friendly nor aloof ,I often fall into an uneasy tension, just like walking in a sense of the cliff ,one not careful ,will fall into the abyss of doomed eternally .I often dream of streaming tears ,wake up and think he is full of .He encountered, I knew I could not get rid of the bondage of sense ,I often do not contain the missing him ,he was on a business trip ,see his message ,I will be restless ,afraid of him and the other girls around ,afraid that if he not taking care of myself, all my confidence vanished not the least trace was found .But these in his eyes, was not worth mentioning ,even trivial disdain .His attitude is deeply hurt me ,I become be savage and absurd ,I use my bossy bossy ,I vent my dissatisfaction ,we again in may not open entangled ,and then a full of reconciliation, both get weary ,this did not stop .Yan rushing said, language is very urgent .I said ,you hold on too tight ,hold it too tight .Yan was tired ,she said ,she once more, want to put down ,but because too deep ,put it down .On that day and walk the beach, Yan to hold a handful of sand ,was held ,and would not let go ,but the sand of the sea was not because she clutched firmly but does not flow ,phase ,sea sand from Xin fingers keeps falling ,every little bit of .Finally, welcomes the release, leaving only the remnants of a little sand .I noticed ,Yan ,with tears flooded her face .I bent down, picked up a handful of sand ,sand flat on the palm, no lies ,no overflow .We look after a long silence ,blush .Yes ,feeling world, tired ,very tired ,because

each other to hold it too tightly ,hold in the palm of the hand, for fear that she might escape .However ,snow cover in the palm of your hand ,it melts ;rain falling in the palm, will eventually disappear .Last poems The last poem (a little music taste of poetry) Note: I cried, tears revive it not. I sigh, not sweet to me. Oh! This silence without complain fate. < > is a dream is a touching and tangled up loud music.! silence, five years in the silence of combustion such as dead silence quietly away. Frost and cold ash, in the air such as Glen heart in drifting. < two > hum sing wasp, by Fang in May to Fang Cong. Solitary fly butterfly, and take you. Suddenly, you smile, from run to the skyline of the center, Mashimo. Once vowed never to heart, began to shake, start to cry. < three > withered trees resurrection Ye Lei. Flowers swaying branches complex. As if, I caught your soft hands, bluestone bridge, silently with you. The mefiprestone have mutual affinity, surging river *. < four >! An illusion, it's hunting no soul! Why should I down distinguished knees, kiss you empty the instep I hate myself, not bound this mad day torrent. I don't want this meaningless fantasy, in my heart the palace opened withoutLimit of gorgeous flowers. < five > after all, people have asked to look, can from time to time the branch to a picking fruit. Dying, only to the scarred self add new pain. Let it be, let Miss torrent break it to shake down the causeway. Life can have a few back arrogant and foolish Let it go! And this accelerates the rhythm, sing! < six >! Don't you run the lip stick my leaves, greenish yellow cheeks. Do not put your bright star, I hung on the low hut empty. No doubt listen, this is singing. I was afraid of my loneliness, bring you drop tears of mercy. I'm afraid I top black clouds, overriding your light. Even though, just in a short period of one brief moment, my heart, will valve falling. < seven > the fragrant flowers, to the cold mud like. The ornate praise, paid nothing of the gods. The poet, you ask your throne cultivation stinger sprouts. Is your own, you were doomed to a tragic fate; until soul casual moment, lonely and helpless. < eight > forget it! If love can not compose life the main body, so,This life is just a loss of seed melon clothes, in this poem

the lid seal.  


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