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louis vuitton outlet Youth sunlight under of injury

Posted by
Posted on Saturday, May 5, 2012

Snow love The wind pulled the snow spirit, wind up, snow containing shyness, see: snow flying in the sky, listening to: they are whispering, the wind: I understand your heart you do not regret, snow fox Crow: praise for it in the incense, the wind: I would like to give you the wind dance with you, the snow season, you and me I don't, wind, only you will be beautiful, snow, I blazing too, the wind blew snow stop sad, slow dance, singing and early, wake up too, bright light shine on the earth, a snow cleaning silver flash, too fierce snow excited, the snow began to melt flow, lost her beauty, snow called the wind, the wind, it's you I, louis vuitton wholesale come back, come back, don't leave me, never leave the embrace the snow, snow in the arms of the most beautiful snow, leaving tears haggard, wind and snow dapperly fly, wind Swim Lake South Lake is my boyhood dream.I remember when I was young, my grandfather said to me, the Communist is a major is the South Lake in Zhejiang in a small boat to open.He was wondering where to go have

a look, but this desire the life he is unable to go to have a look, my chance, but his wish.Therefore, from then on, the boat is my childhood dream!With the louis vuitton outlet growth of age, to have a profound understanding of communism, especially for He Shuheng, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong and the first generation of founder have some knowledge in.But a visit to South Lake the desire has not achieved.Months, organizational units advanced red tourism, I went to South Lake, finally to boyhood dreams walked.Jiaxing is a small city, but because the boat is very famous lake, city tourism is also to South Lake Dragon expansion.I always thought that the boat is docked, on the shore, visit the scene to see that the boat is in the center of the lake on a small island, we take a cruise ship, about five minutes to get to the center of the lake island, the island oval, area of only half the size of a football field, along the island's ring size, the first thing that catches the eye is a major venue of the boat, she quietly docked in the South island.The willows sway, like a

very pretty and charming girl, quietly accompany the ship look old and clumsy boat, approaching boat, see clearly the boat, is typical of the southern yacht captain, approximately ten metres of tung oil, black boat seemed so old, as experienced vicissitudes of old, quiet lying in the lake, the wood because of the long-standing, it has some decadent.However saw his boyhood dream is so bleak, felt a little empty and lost feeling.Also possible is reminiscent of late grandfather's sake, I always stay thinking, even out of God, guide shouts woke me, could not help but with a sigh, a silent prayer Louis Vuitton Dresses said: "Grandpa, grandson to help you boat, next returned to his hometown, I have to take your boat photo go to".Along the trail all the way to the top, the island stands "misty rain building, standing in the rain" building, overlooking the lake, thin fog and mixed a piece, I could not help but sigh "the passage of time, time flies" saw the boat! We take a boat to Hunan, a large memorial.A large memorial architecture is very special, door imitation cruise of the front building, exaggerated forward quite, telling the world, here

I am!Memorial hall is a conference, largely preserved some artifacts, from the memorial hall, we use some time to visit Hunan, the small stall, see the Hunan local specialty products ---- water caltrop.The water here is different from the other, there are two colors, one is red, one is green, the two color is fresh water, is said to only Hunan stands only, look at this tender water caltrop, make my heart, once bought two generation, peel it was delicious, tender, sweet, the absolute is the life I have ever.Youth sunlight under of injury The number of the vicissitudes of the years not left too much regret Qing you play I hurt too beautiful, where you may want to find a place I can't see you. This city bustling still hard to ease my impatience don't hurry several time see you dream good tears rain have life seriously real hope that once a butterfly lovers between double play owes promise carries too much say hurt you too deep to return a white who knows pathetic hate time long past the horizon so thirty years of age still fills graves green mistakes by now simple

kind-hearted indifference.  


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