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air max shoes online Goodbye, my princess

Posted by
Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012

For the brothers 1 in Baidu in the lit a cigarette to search for the definition of poetry the poetry inadvertently occur later was planned to kill me always tangled click amidst the signal 2 last hanging in the trees to the wind picked up memories of the totem with time slowly old 3 look at the misty rain brothers elf as a shadow with my dead body that linguistic incompetence poetry for regeneration 4 persistent cranial shining tree grass slowly yellowing sparks of fire can be used to take the lead in the topic back to life in order to make poetry more vivid in my fingers covered with powder and department name let brothers know me come and have left some irregular lines.My sad ,still continues , relationresultA lifetime ,if the difficulties encountered in the more, want to live in vain .I this year is thirty-five years ,according to the quantity standard ,very young ,have charm ,it is brilliant ,but my mind as early as age fifty-three and almost .So light ,you may think I painless * ,and me, be of little .Things didn happen to himself ,who will stand to speak up .In fact ,most are living the hypocrisy of the surface ,but inside the scarred ,and who see through Writing for more than four years ,receiving most messages ,is the reader that I write is too sad .Also advised me, write easily happy event event .I addition to brush aside with a smile ,and patches of hands ,said incapable of action .If the impact of your heart, that I wouldn express and forthright explicit words :bypass my blue my unhappiness ,but my story has not existed, then there are written in your heart ,you can be comfortable browsing .Do not send me all your hope ,I was at best an innocent love words ,is a sad theme writers .So said ,so done ,may let you down ,so that a broken heart, but I still insist on my purpose .Not have the extra energy to fiction ,nor are they intended to uncover scar ,life is a tragedy, and my relatives and friends in everyday experience and continue to tragedy .I am not the Savior ,but you can stand ,so I used tears drop text ,will they deeply impressed .Oh my friend ,have you ever thought of me ,if you are happy ,please forget me ;oh my friend ,you may have to remember me up, if you are suffering from misfortune ,would you please tell me ;oh my friend ,you may have to remember me up, if you have a new lover ,would you please leave me ... ... This is one of Zang Tianshuo friend ,everyone must have heard .I was going through the day of evil, be deserted by one ,the scanty timely assistance .How to live I don want to mention .Today I want to say is ,my family and friends ,as well as the strange be strangers to each other ,if you are happy happy usa air max things ,without the need to share with me ,if suffer and I also suffering, I am willing to give the heart lung tear warm ,comfort ,or to help a helping hand .This is me and writing paper .Some time ago ,my best friend ,leave the life seventeen years, went to the thousands of miles away in guangdong .Marriage after the clutch ,tortured by her sudden heart .Last year she hard pregnant in October .You also died ,husband and mother-in-law still hold to finally ,she could not endure the oppression ,and chose to escape .A nearly forty female ,what is her spiritual home A suffering half my girl ,go was nothing ,it can with deep hatred and resentment .Want in those days ,we get married ,have children together together ,now pregnant ,I was sitting in the fire ,but in her cold Shop drudge .Think she was so clever

,so good is this fate .My heart is heavy .What I thought about happiness Then, Mei divorce and make raise a Babel of criticism of .Mei beautiful, generous ,and capable, in our eyes, don no ,but her son in all ,husband also continued for several years ,she lost her life ,is not of the .Is this a forced ,she will be crushed down ,she would rather die than live .She has not been a concubine ,therefore ,the effort than the us several times .Regardless of the parents, on the other, she is kind forgiving the doings have impeccable .Whether she was a crime Do evil ,God did this to punish Presumably this is normal again but normal encounter ,only is unusual ,she did not like the don pretend as if nothing had happened ,but also did not like the don go together with her husband not to know her .Everybody says don correct it, just give her name on the line, however ,is unhappy, she is the greatest sorrow .Mei about wasting more than 10 kilograms ,but she still in class ,still coach the child ,still on her filial .We are all advised her to prepare ,some also advised her occasional indulgence ,not too hard with his .She said ,let it be !She won nor fall ,now she figured out ,even if not to seek the change one husband ,at least have a bright happy ,even if the happiness is so fleeting ,she also feel satisfied .I let her take care ,alive and well, as long as it did not collapse ,not gone ,what have we done The words just for a few days ,as I write this article when ,his girlfriend ,tell me ,Xia father yesterday pharynx ,namely may kiss her brother-in-law and Xia is cousin .Go there and my father people love each other dearly to build tertiary .This result as early as I expected ,but I still look for a long time without speaking .Xia Mei ,and Lee ,is my family partner to play big .Xia father ill around fourteen years ,every summer ,Xia are riding back and forth ben .The village each saw, of Xia ,but this daughter ,you have hundreds of back to hades !In September this year Xia in my house ,and most of the time, is her mother-in-law take care of two children ,her dark dawn go ,come back .Three days ago ,she gave me and say hello .Soon the repaired .She go ,never loosen the father .We know is not much ,did not expect the newly repaired Home with eyes closed .A week ,so the village that Ji Cangshu gave me a kiss from some man ,because he ,Wang uncle and my relationship with my father is iron ,I take the camera out .Husband not only blame I show publicity ,forced to give Ji Cangshu photography ,still angry furious and ashamed that I work ,and a screwed up my camera .Ji Cangshu was begging me to take home ,and explained again and again he had to wear new clothes .The previous gave my air max shoes online father the teachers write poetic couplet ,in spite of his eighty years old ,riding specially to find my house ,I said to be negatives ,could give him I asked him to do what He said ,he is also inspiring live one day ,can think of your own portrait .I can not say I give him as !Husband listening ,watching ,sad to say a word ... ... No ,not ,would not ,not ,God is so cruel ,don leave .The day after tomorrow is Kasumi father and uncle at the same time people buried child ,I must go ,see them ,like to see my father .Her husband gave me money ,said to be a token of his mind .Each village ,uncle and Aunt Wang Qiu Wen is the first Zhang asked him .I will take this said ,my nose a

grown up daughter without him this way it !The tertiary is in his fifties ,a few years ago got after cerebral infarction ,foot and father was alive as the lame walking ,and extremely unstable husband ,if not help ,ignore ,but what words to say He asked me to take care of Ji Cangshu ,and said to wash out personally sent .Never say I make trouble out of nothing .I don know who is me according to Ji Cangshu ,a photo ,or give thousands on thousands of such father according to Meet father age, Nike Air Max 95 I had to admire ,wear .This essay topic is the last day ,I wrote Father textual mentions a Shi Wa barber ,he and my father is very imagination .Later, my husband told me ,the text I put him on the health ,safety ,the truth was that he suffered a brain overflow ,resulting in a fail ,now in a wheelchair ,life work can take care of themselves ... ... I made my tears fall down .He and my neighbors ,I often chat with him ,he said ,his charm ,his walk ,you and my father is the twins .Only a few days of light ,he such horrors .Since his father ,I said no more tears ,I always cry .For life not Pro Pro ,for unrelated strangers ,for vulnerable groups, for the unfair things, I don what is wrong with me Fancy day Still worried about In this small town ,on the market ,much of the country to do business ,or shop to buy things .Some old and infirm poor has no relatives ,no understanding, sat in the house of stairs .Even if you do not love, do not give them the end of a bench, put the cup ,at least not indifference without .Some main abuse is not enough, but also to drive ,and impose fees .My heart always outrage ,anger me be rich and cruel ,I can not see them bully afraid of hard work ,red and black .I mean to look down on their arms .This environment ,I can comfort them I have told myself ,NIMBY ,armchair .When they cherish anxiety behavior caught my eye ,as they do not grief into my heart, I do not sit, heart is not calm .I have no economy ,but I am strong ,I have no power, but heart !My thoughts and my soul is my ,just stick to the useful What I see trouble, what am I waiting for results ,why don take the lead in action Since I do not like don live self ,then ,why don decided I and firm goal of life Living in the society, fusion in groups, can easily separated from the community to abandon the group Married for over ten years ,shaped saw a batch another batch, I hate what you will never learn to cheat ,foxy More than four years ,graffiti million words ,sometimes I don write that Yi Zhi ,and I did not present it to my readers a beautiful sky I should get picky ,I should be packed in disguise, I should write some handsome elegant words ,to cater to everyone taste .I that ash was written ,must repeatedly continue My life is not dark ,phase ,also scattered light .I worry about them ,not nosy For them I sad ,worth Those who let my soul and matter ,is my patent or my good I leave it out of thin air of sadness !Think about and this is not sad sad to be broken !Can not put down, and the sentimental associate oneself with undesirable elements !Even sad child, I also not to hesitate to .Goodbye to you, my princess You should have know love, accompanied by a blind date or makes you bear in mind forever an experience to make decisions respectively.You will suffer a back or to struggle in pain on process.If you feel like leaving will only make

you calm relieved, purification of free, I can only say that it was only one of your worn out old clothes.You threw her and it just felt that occupies your closet space.I can only say you are a do not know the feeling that what.On the lack of.In my opinion, are you need one hundred facing walls complain you have reason for this reason is out of thin air, you find out, draw a forced analogy imaginary.In order to achieve some kind of forgiveness.Your heart is a mission need Yao flame fire, even in the Tang Dynasty the top red small furnace to dry light, heart in the party.At this moment, your hand is holding the sharp scissors.You will have this and you have a thousand wisp involved ties a knife cut.Since then no contacts, no longer.Don't give it a bit of thread string on may.These scissors open bar, a cold chill thorough you all.You think is it right Don't really need to leave some of the remaining trace metal salts.However, she is like the autumn shoots the last piece of thin leaves.It was the wind shaking his poor thin body, is about to fall, but there is still a little implicated.It has no branch she would have no chance to survive, but the fragile implicated also won't last long.She begged resentment eyes and you lose oneself in a reverie eyes just two two watching, you can be completely indifferentYour heart is Tiedatongzhu will in her heart melted in tears flow source.She used to be a part of you, is your time of happiness, a basket, a memory.You thread thread weaving together, more more more and more tightly wrapped, wrapped.You feel in a variety of strange taste blending miscellaneous array together, let you say you're not a real taste.In July of this year I a late made a strange and wonderful dream.I met the beautiful and magical beauty Mermaid Princess of mana.The dream was a ridiculous bad.But I have a mind, want to put this dream encounter write novels.As I write novels open very much, I was a force to the force, a voice call.Next, a word by word in my hand percussion keyboard jump between the display.The process of writing sometimes laugh, sometimes with tears.Finally to the array from dreams.The fish, the beauty of my writing to draw out.I use a master of fine arts imagination gives beautiful fish princess is a frequency with moving a static posture.I even think of one day by chance is a screenwriter large saw, will let the fish from text variable dynamic living beauty.Thereafter, wrote the novel to four, copious and fluent a column Chen about 500000 words."Kiss my fish," Puerto Galera "love", "back to the garden of Eden", "the spider", actually fifth "five clouds clothing" also had the idea.But.I in the novels of the start of the fourth part reads: Good-bye, my beautiful fish princess, you show to me, I take you, I gave you, but I can't take you go farther to travel.Here I can only say goodbye to you.And you have more than 100 is to work side by side, close the happiness, also experienced the story again and again after leaving Tongche bone heart miss.However, the process of writing that I am really tired tired, do not want to write down.I have no heart to you originally put down, it should stop.Writing such a myth color novel, in writing when it is in the world of fish in walking, but lost my pen, and trouble in the world.The real life and the ideal state of this gap, let me have a kind of not know what course to take.My nerves are a bit wrong.I need some time to adjust.I don't really want to say "goodbye".Although I am not sure this goodbye is forever or temporarily.When I say "goodbye", the kind of pain is the feeling towards me, my

lovely, my eyes run.  


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