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2010 nike collection Lonely is this

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2010 nike collection Lonely is thisThe depths of the season relationresultTheir arrival is beautiful as each coming child has never gone -- Preface I boiled flexible time to commemorate a met respectively with Pavilion in ten ,still events such as wind here you say forget is that deceive oneself and others ,a few days ago the want to put this to write a series of poems sleep ,but not to the expression of the subject content ,on the essay to write, I used to say to forget the pain ,now called the pain and what To live your life but is not in accordance with your wishes ,such as you did with you sincere hand of line, such as your mind to the people for you without a response ,which is about I thought, grief ,I think YZ is pain .From school to go out ,for four years ,my heart just want her, wrote a thick book poetry for her, expressing my love ,but because of all the factors will not have got one ,reply to my letter was tears hit a large ,two people call a cry ,my sad is four years held that so pure ,I can only recall is in her university exam day back from Zhejiang to see her at school that day ,the lake in hand ,she knows I like white ,that specially for me wear a white dress .Late dinner ,four years only once so close .Later, with her after that, I go back to work in Zhejiang, she returned home to notice ,so the story will end ,I and YZ meet this meet after 08 years, she has .I know that she came to this city ,she knew I was on the edge of collapse of the spirit ,( was broken up with LZ half) a message a message to comfort ,due to her invitation ,also decided to let my heart feel better ,I promise to see her and to the mountain .Now YZ need because of the job is transferred outside the company, but we are still in a contact with friends ,I know I and her friendship will last ,after all we had such a long time ,when the friend was gradually .The emergence of LZ and YZ ,it is no more than two months after ,LZ is my school in the school ,then you are familiar with ,she in the student union ,I also in the student union ,happens to be my I live for each other ,familiar with the flow is very smooth ,and her is true from Providence ,that night I go to the net ,found a few places are not, then back to the dormitory will feel restless again ran out to find it ,finally get ,line ,found in the LZ ,chat ,say not I, I never meant to chat network, is ready ,the hair of the other side .A message saying that she came to me ,the story number ,and later learned that LZ has been in my love ,say like my poetry, like my attitude ,I was in Guangzhou at the time she was in Shenzhen ,wrote a letter to me, was a solemn pledge of love sentence ,say this in any case ,as long as I don betray her in this life will go with me ,I was a feeling, see this letter ,I burst into tears ,joy and love a year the pressure of life together, then I do not know how the computer ,my major is mold ,came to Shenzhen in the year I was almost in the stream ,LZ body This is not good, it is worry about me ,she had better work ,give up for me ,this I know ,so I also extremely protective of her, the doctor said her illness is two ,I kept on guard ,she added, life is about to jokes ,07 years in the day ,LZ suddenly want to break up .For me, like a bolt from the blue ,but in my current life, it is doomed .She came to me in all one first taste of true love ,to experience the true happiness ,and later heard that she went to Zhejiang that I go to look for her, for she is not likely to find ,because only know the city with her to their minds and some comfort ,two months after she heard Hui Guangdong Dongguan ,then return to Guangdong ,people like a crazy life completely ,two years of pain and tangled lives back to normal state .A person is first to their inner relief effect, when you know more, you will want to be more open ,will begin to save myself .Thank my family and my friend ,in my heart the most vulnerable when they give me to mind .YZ has been concerned about me, always want me away ,and in my heart was slightly better when one of her friends introduced me to her friends ,is said to have also experienced a painful ,I inadvertently ,is careless ,I only want to be quiet let yourself really happy together ,only to take into the work ,and LZ after 09 years of this period of time I waste too much too much ,the heart tired working neglect, life of disorder ( now every night is a one or two bed is 2010 nike collection then raised ) YZ my QQ told her friend ,also left her number to me ,one day H give me back the information ,said their life without light without her happiness ,why people can transposition thinking ,so

I call her ,she said one day ,I will tell you my story ,would you like to listen to I said if you want to tell me you have to say ,I will listen, she told me that she was an old woman ,a woman who never ask me to live ,how to do I know the world more painful than me people far more painful than me, I coax ,something exciting ,perhaps people at that moment is the need for people to understand, is the need to rely on Later I will call her almost every day on time .Until one day she said to me I want to see you I want you to accompany me to heal ,I was like, if she is really understand me ,really can think ,really like she said as if it does not separate from the good, I can also be considered a deep understanding of the .I decided to go and see her ,I want to talk with her healing ,may be better faster, from Shenzhen to A Province travel more than 3000 ,finally met her, it is her aunt came out to meet my aunt ,who is very kind, a way of saying really hard .Back to aunt ,H lying ,a face pale ,see I really came to her side ,seems to believe that my decision ,her eyes brimming with tears ,I smiled at him near her aunt poured tea go out let me accompany H .She then looked haggard ,so helpless I like meet friends for many years. And she said with a smile, is about long and not a good chat ,gradually her too much .At her own back ,( aunt near the hospital so H has been aunt home to heal, I want to be with her aunt ) pro said I to the situation ,took me to the outside of said H condition ,the aunt in the side also said that you really like is it right Girl, she is the condition ,but she is a good person .My aunt said ,if I have not the heart to me not a thousand miles came ,if small Ni ( just a call ) is really willing to talk with me ,I will be good for her ,let her happy ,children is reality ,there is always a way .Really can cure child adoption care providers did not matter, the key is two people together to respect each other understanding is good - I said it is indeed Habla Mi Corazon ,such as ,is tolerant ,just as some .The aunt and her own very satisfied with my answer is satisfactory for my people ,the very next day aunt and her kiss and several other nearby relatives for lunch .A few days later I will accompany H to hospital .During my days accompanied by injury significantly better, who never thought would happen later, six or seven went to her home, arrived in May 8th, this day this is my return to Shenzhen because this afternoon H going ,and I was delayed by a day, decision No. nine to No. eight in the afternoon ,we were in the hospital door drip chat, H said tomorrow I will go with you to Shenzhen, I was cured, no matter go over there ,have you to accompany me to nursing would get well soon ,come to think of it ,I work local himself is rental ,anything ,the following is medical institutions .Late H think say or do not go, okay I you ,you pick me .I said if the home feeling bad for you with my past, I care for you ,if you feel good you first at home, I go first ,well I pick you .H went to sleep ,I left a message on her mind ,by this time I found a secret ,she took me and she talked to careless and previous information flow all the records ,one section of said ,is it right He sent angel ,so I had the privilege of meeting with him .He said to me forever ,I believe, because I have seen his heart .My message to the effect that make her a good healing ,is not in my house to take care of 2011 nike collection herself ,I respect her choice .Let her not to send me ,because I was afraid of that moment of farewell and make both reluctant .The very next day as early as she saw me ,about my message in what words wrong ,she said that my family not because you can get the respect of what, I a fog ,I leave a message take over to see only a continuous with respect to several words ,has said I will respect your family ,because you will not let your family how feel guilty I what .The words in my mind and nothing ,but do not know why she would like to move, this unexpected turn of events, who also did not think of ,I also did not think so, I leave word ah ,if not so what will not ,for a moment I almost felt he was wronged me, I was anxious - both times ,how to explain is of no use now ,aunt came back from outside ,ask the condition after drew me to the outside of said ,touching heart good heart ,irritability, may you go today the heart is more dry, you will be ,no matter .H insists on going to send me ,I also have no way ,just because of the

unpleasant, one Nike Air Griffey Max 3.5 All Black doesn walk to the station she insisted on giving me the ticket, as if it is going to pay what I like ,I resolutely do not buy her ,she had gone, then bought a big bag of snacks .,is really a tough guy .The nine thirty bus, her and doesn .( and later went to a house ,think of the words really hurt her heart ,I want to go to pick her up ,make her truly know I accidentally hurt ,let her know that I man of having a beginning but no end ,and let her know as she stayed in mind what I say not jape .Go to her house to see her again ,even when I first saw her than even more tired .My heart don ,just say if I come .She is really don forgive me ,let me just don .The very next day she was going to Beijing ,early tidies up the thing to go see this scene ,I really don ,think so, or I go ,she and I kiss goodbye kiss with tears ,she said Zheng, really sorry ,girl is not sensible ,don blame she ,she will go to Beijing to let her go ,let her quietly .No excuse ,I symbol breakfast bid farewell to them .I made a decision, decided to walk from my home to the station ,more than 20 years ,it was a once in her aunt wounds to her own home ,walking and said in his heart ,H this section we once from Aunt home to you home after the road henceforth to say goodbye ,H this place each step from farewell ,you do not understand my heart ,I don !The moment is really sad ,I do not know what I did wrong ,why is a word and so do not forgive me But then after 10 years in May, after a year of time across her in my QQ space message said :I have experienced so many places ,looking back you know ,in my life you are the best one ,you use your heart good treatment of my heart ,and I was like to hurt you ,please forgive my responsibility and fault .For a year ,I also ran ,but in this year there have been so many things, the walk to the station after the car left there after my heart was free ,I should be done has been done ,I examine oneself, feeling no shame .Now that dream the dream as early as go .After coming back, I bought a computer, go to Zhuhai to see the sea ,I said life start now ,in the face of the sea I feel my heart is very calm ,later put his spare time in his own good, writing a post .Actually I and Y and S they realize they both began 09 years ,poetry is very good, I start from the 09 year of almost all of the attention of their works ,Y poetry pure and beautiful yearning people read the mind, while S works with mysterious and weird .Make you feel like you feel after a forest forest the mysterious feeling the beauty of poetry .In fact, also did not think of the start I and Y will have a life of mind set ,though my heart ,but the very pure very pure ,as I later on as S is very pure very pure to .Y to distant a province ,a quiet woman like writing ,while S I later learned that she was very close very close to the city ,but for various reasons we have not met .I admit that in my life, from A province come back after these two years, I was Y S ,too ,but I want to say is that they were just right ,distance ,and I could not go, I was lucky, in my life Y and S this outstanding woman ,let my heart pure to .It is the pure to ,the S has now returned to her hometown ,we phone conversation ,and Y has also paid attention to me ,although very little contact ,but this encounter this text in mind to meet is never retreat .From YZ to LZ is a course of the mind ,in this period of time, let my heart ripe and felt in the life most love ,from the H let me know I really can tomorrow Province ,think when I like the heart still can not change anything ,( actually H in December of the 10 year another message to me that want to be my happy bride let me talk to my family, all that missed ,you miss our fate ) and Y and S two years this to me is in the purification of the soul ,let me know ,do not necessarily have to be perfect .He is in the heart to open one of pure white flowers is the life in mind .So I will remember most of the pure YZ gave me the blur ,like the flowers .The mysterious and beautiful ,will remember LZ to in my life the most true love in all one ,let me so so too painful ,crazy before ( to LZ actually I later wrote a thick diary ,sent to the Hunan satellite TV column, then leave the factory also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled ) will remember Y and S they give me mind bring purification .Let me know in the world there is a wonderful presence .Can reach . Events such as

wind ,they had to have a beautiful ,let me in the years experienced ,experienced ,touch the real existence .The season deep ,flying dream ,while the real existence .Now write down these ,just as my life story ,I know that one day I will leave this world ,I would write down some things .I am Today in our shop a little thing makes me feel deep.At one point, a yearly hand the package to store to buy, a door to put something in the door of the shopping basket, and the way the generation of a store's security, so keep an eye on things.The child got paid to take his bag when shopping basket, things have gone.Child hurriedly asked security he put them in a basket. How disappear, security horse past search, only next to the basket and a package, open look is a two tree shoots, asked the child is it right This package.Son of a point moving said: "I am that I give my 30 home.How did this happen"We hasten to comfort says "you wait, what might be wrong, you will be returned."Then, the child stood impatiently waiting.After a while, still did not see that the egg back, everybody started quietly talking.Some said: "is what lead away the sheep by the way to take away, now to take advantage of cheap small or some, if there is such a good chance, and didn't know"; others said: "who take the wrong will come back"; another said: "how could take back to back, now home eggs are very expensive, and it is very difficult to buy, the basket two tree shoot much less valuable, if I will not send back"; cashier girl I said: "if I will be back"; then I, "will not take back, a bag of eggs with two bamboo shoots in the hand feeling is not the same as, how can that be not aware ofBe interested!"Ten minutes later, did not see the shoot of the main back, I walked over to the son said: "in fact, you can go home, leave your telephone number, as soon as the news we inform you, that you also is not a method, but also may take a long time."The son of some students say: "Oh, so simple, my things here with you lost, so casually ah!I want to speak to your leadership."As he walked into the office, leading to receive him, and he threw things V time video surveillance over and over again in search of a surveillance video, reading still can't find the wrong away.After a very long time, with the wrong things and not as we hoped, everyone is very disappointed.The store's leadership also feel this happened have cannot the responsibility of shirk, arrived in stores on the condition, and the child began to discuss compensation matters.Just then, a middle-aged woman carrying a package from the door hurriedly came in, I was smiling welcome to ask what she needs, she smiled and shook her to put the bamboo shoots back door.My horse should come, she must be the wrong thing customers!When she approached the basket side edge, put away her things said: "really feel shy!I take the wrong things, arriving home I discovered not my thing, immediately take a taxi came."I hurried to go to office, while also taking said, it was found!Shop leader after hearing the news, but also from the office came out.Everyone's heart have moved, kept to the female customers said: "thank you!If you take back our security will bear a great responsibility, thank you very much!"Female customers quickly said: "it is my wrong be negligent, home.My stuff is not valuable, if I put something else to eat also not be damned"Just a simple word, so that at the time published error comment my shame!When the one one "thank you", "feel shy girl left a" right words "I'm sorry", our heart with comfort, there would be too much!These should be done basic moral, now appear in our side why there are so many touchedPerhaps, the most basic morality in current Lonely is this Don't want to give up and always adhere to don't want to say goodbye so always love you always immersed in grief at separation and joy in union of my injured by the more you say that I am naive I say I am ignorant stupid, silly naive is ultimately girls the phase is not only refers to me said is perfunctory text words, love is alone to have a bad cold. I caught a cold what only the next can be seen clearly but I don't want them to say "cold" I just want to feel the wonderful idea is wonderful wow and feel good enough but I don't want to give up and always it maybe afraid of parting thought hold it wouldn't happen so always depends on him to say a very lonely two will be very happy but I feel alone is to accompany the two is still lonely when missing another lonely I should have been happy. How can I so helpless depressed think also feel helpless and sleep to sleep so I put a free is good smile who would understand the course and outcomeThere must be a happy one sad the feeling of subtle details only careful will find.A quiet song recall so many wonderful time students ah feel for a long time no contact unfamiliar really miss you I know the campus life so Ambilight have passed like the residue of only those

sad and painful.  


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