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louis vuitton free Who can give me an oar

Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

beginning as seeing a black butterfly wings , relationresultThe moon gently pushed island coffee cicadas chill and drearily shrill package door, he really was .He dare not believe ,in front of the smoke was once beautiful female ,such as butterfly butterfly !Suddenly ,his mind kept up with butterfly seen acquaintance of those years .A butterfly fluttering butterfly ,florescence and the University students .The University campus Belle ,butterfly ,prodigy, dance .She is outgoing ,focus of attention ,each weekend will receive a few bunch of red roses .From the first to the left a deep impression in the school held a festival ,she performed a Butterfly dance and won the first prize of the .Then ,from a set of black dance clothes ,wearing a pair of gentle as the yarn in the wings ,if dark if the bright lights ,appear delicate ,like a fly in the hundred flowers black butterfly .Teen butterfly ,gently waving a big and beautiful wings ,with the boiling green in the mysterious stage circulation in the sky flying ,like free flowing brocade ,like flowers in a mysterious light streamed butterfly .Sometimes upside-down ,and tortuous circumflex ,from time to time about flying .The butterfly is beautiful ,like a butterfly ,beautiful and luxurious .If she likens flower ,but the noble peony ,is also proud of the wintersweet ,virtually revealed that grace and beauty !As everyone knows ,the beauty of a butterfly ,all condenses in wings .Beautiful wings and let the butterfly look more beautiful and charming, this brilliant and charming originates in God ,rhyme ,meter ,,state ,who can deny the butterfly bright and charming is female .So on the beauty of butterfly ,who also cannot bypass the female relationship .Think carefully ,female and butterflies are beautiful ,beautiful ,flower ,have a lightweight material and transcendent spirit .The butterfly morphology and tasted really involved more female qualities .Female cosmetics aroma and butterfly love sweet ,quite the same .Yang Feng in the Butterfly is written in the road :Butterfly color arrangement ,is then ordered ,so full of rhythm ,and even rhythm ,is this not what order The great poems of the Tang Dynasty, is not because a metrical pattern ,and to the art of The tune of Butterfly is not the same as the order of unique art form A dance ,because the appearance ,God ,rhyme ,and the potential of the many louisvuitton wholesale places with beautiful butterfly on phylogenetic relationship ,butterfly also won the black butterfly. said ,the focus of attention .A multiple and diffuse girl ,the face is always floating bright smile ,she in the campus every twinkle and smile ,like butterflies trippingly ,so unforgettable !In two ,a reluctantly bid farewell that dance ,the deeply love of butterfly .Always introversion Haoyue joined the ranks of roses ,and butterfly wrote many beautiful words .The school is special place it back ,full of vigor and vitality of Castle Peak ,in the face

of calm as a mirror of the lake shore KEF ,there are many kinds of spirit full of willow ,because the entire floor of the appearance of a red ,is called a .Red is the Chinese Department of a teaching building ,Department of Chinese all through the ages is the school the most abundant vocabulary place ,there has been the birth of many let pride text ,text also had a lot of beautiful story .Graceful ,bold ;diffuse ,reality ;about the stars ,on the moon ,about ,about everything .The Department also uphold Chinese louis vuitton outlet excellent traditional ,let diffuse text capture a butterfly heart .There, he and from talking about literature ,about life ,about society ,talk about the world of eternal .In his words, in his mind ,his inspiration from the source ,his young life support and hope .In the bare rod blowing down the willow tree ,two young hearts like rain ,drifting profusely and disorderly onto hang down willow, salsa, salsa, salsa ... ... As the girls stroking strings ,like silkworms eat mulberry leaves .Two young hearts blows with new soft branches ,reflected in the lake ,the lake is dyed green ,like a lake jade in the yang .Reluctantly bid farewell ,such as butterfly .After graduation, two naive heart by the time of the ripples in the dream edge .Three years on ,not by a southbound train load to the butterfly ,ten years have not entered the line of sight ,the only heard of her graduate work in a newspaper office ,and a young county leadership is married ,a Guan Fu .Guan Fu life is to let envy .Guan Fu is always lonely !This is perhaps a power behind the total to a lonely girl !Butterfly is a lonely .While previously diffuse used butterfly but only in such a lonely lonely life .In addition to the work ,she can only touch the past again and again ,read it again and again and again the text !However ,while green young for her, be badly in need of company when, in her but could see no light and energy .Her beauty ,her dreams ,her survival, all in the heart of loneliness and spiritual poverty gradually withered ... ... The original love ,life is always tease !When the cause of conflict with the time ,more exchange solemn vows and pledges ,can how A red in several casual several times by oneself and move, even if it is very good also can only be Kyoka month ,floating light foam .Alleged past lives ,this present life ,afterlife afterlife ,generation after generation go together ,come ,still not be self .Finally, the imprint is engraved on my heart. In the past, still brought back corner of the eye that has quietly fading and indifference ,apathy meaning behind diffuse haze ,just waiting for a turn ,he struck out ,her tears sorrow .In every lonely night ,butterfly like the

cold quiet moonlight, remember the lake my son .Cold sky always cross hangs a bright moon ,the moonlight ,lightly sprinkled the lights .Beacon lights go terribly fatigued too ,so be reluctant to part .Often at this moment, Alice always think Ann quietly to sleep ,always want to Ann quietly doing a beautiful dream .In the dim moonlight, as if the whole world is one of the end of life ! ,and son ,but also a beautiful lie !In each tender night ,her heart but lonely or lonely ,light wind pain such as blink time order ,like flowers ,one one to Lake dike atrophy .Between one one Yang ,seems to be too long ,long time to even the memory of those old wounds ,lonely ,anxious to slowly retreat ,forget .Lonely is surprisingly quiet ,quiet to even the breeze can not bear to fiddle with the tender grass ,that will give it marked the final scar .The light is reflected in many lingered ,and wrong, the layers of ripples .A lonely heart alone alone ,like thousands of years of a bitter love, swim in a scaly surface .Originally, the lonely heart is so terrible !In May ,a free spirit, they dance the ballet ,dancing in the unseen bottom ,only the soft melody ,move more, frantically kissed dam lips ,washing the time by etching the moss, had a had a bursts of micro ring .Looked up ,the few trees ,naturally or half unconsciously to block the shy moon ,shy moon to shadow hanging over mountain branches ,deep to the moon whispers ... ... Originally, the goddess of the moon is lonely !Four years since the cicadas chill and drearily shrill ,fleeting, should be happy ,be happy !We each have to keep telling myself :you want to be happy ,you should be happy ,you must be happy !Either in reality or in imagination ,the bright moon has never been like this feel fear ,that kind of feeling is that cannot be expressed in words ,do not know why so disturbed .Looked at from this appearance ,the loss of the heart !-- smoke ,nicotine cigarettes ,for a noble woman ,what it means Long ,thin smoke in her fingers between KEF burning, lazy Charming Deep Lonely Lose Free and easy Louis Vuitton Jewelry Happiness Or is it -- she was burning smoke ,but felt that she was more like burning a lonely heart ,want to let the smoke to heal the hurt .But a woman once chose smoke ,is a beautiful choice ,a kind of hurt ,but she can only hurt in the search for happiness and comfort .The smoking is a kind of hurt ,but smoking can make her forget the injury .Have said: if no smoking women is a carmine ,then smoking female is a datura .In my opinion ,no matter which one girl sitting in the corner and smoking, regardless of their smoking posture

how elegant ,always give an indescribable sour .But now her loneliness, perhaps as her hands as a burning cigarette .Smoke ,but not cover her wind and fantasy .Smoke out ,can squeeze her eyes and tears .In the female ,everything is so short .Including green ,attitude ,appearance ,fantasy ,sense .When you are young, the man is always imagining in a hand are old ,but fate seems to always get the opposite of what one wants !Sad ,sad ,upset ,frustrated ,lonely ,sad ,she would like to smoke them burn ,at least I think she thought so .Don say dreams had a very free and easy, but have again who know this big-hearted behind what is The thinking: do not know these years what has changed from the way it was before !Just know ,even before she and her is not the same .This work ,such a life ,in dreams ,really ,really very not harmonious .I don is it right The legendary female depreciation phenomenon Indeed ,when she can get back once you When she can retrieve the open smile butterfly When she can do real oneself He is afraid of He knew he had the ability to change her, he really has no !He only just sitting in front of her ,thinking such as well ... ... As everyone knows ,butterfly beauty lies in the beauty of the beautiful wings -- namely the beauty .Unfortunately ,the beautiful butterflies ,has now broken wings !Broken wings ,still so beautiful At the moment, he only wishes : in the mortal world, she can quietly ,sweet ,tightly nestled on a side !I wish ,butterfly is lonely ,not smoke !."The noisy spring" (Zhou Yongjiu) "The alarm" blowing boiling pot *, sticky auspicious clouds wrapped sweet turned as white as snow crystal sugar, scattered into the boiling inside melting in the heart holds up the season dates, red light peaceful smile let the warm mist in the air, spread spread for the table, up mountains and rivers. With the spoon, stir with a full moon in the South China Sea Dragon for the bowl, to father filled with blessing warm to months in all day, reunion reunion firecrackers hung bending willow, sound drives the frozen password flower kiss million point stars lanterns a riot of colours, careful kiss soft snow festival information, spread high streets and back lanes, home filled with such as bamboo shoots soup Who can give me an oar Autumn farce one after the other and sky play lute make soup crops in the rain for the mottled wall winding paths in the fields and the dry heart get soaked through my curse -- the leaky sky has been so profusely poplar are lifted his skull, raised tens of thousands of palm cheer me not chant rain Du Fu I can only stay in the room across the August sorrows and I don't

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