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Posted by
Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The sparrow to provoke nostalgia The sparrow to provoke nostalgia in the evening, I sat in the window, through the "Sumatra" Yu Dafu.She did not think anything, just dip in the text.Overheard a few sparrows in the what, just a few times, they disappeared without a trace.My eyes did not pursue their shadow, my ears to capture them and make them disappear.My roommate said: "I am homesick."I am homesick.The sound of a few sparrows sound so long.I just heard the familiar voice.Of course, such understanding, this feeling, but also because it belongs to the evening, belong to the autumn twilight, belonging to the hometown.In the hometown of the old house, in the mottled window, always fall this evening, a few sparrows in the branches or quiet standing.Have passed, they either bow like flies, or in a tilted his head and feet.My mother, she may leaning against the wall, with the sole, occasionally with a needle scratch her full natural volume.She was the aunt said: "I can do it, I would like to do a few pairs of small ling.Don't give her daughter to do a lot of."Today, I looked at myself in the mirror, I began to regret that a year ago to get out, it won't be louis vuitton outlet pro natural volume.Last call pro, Pro is very happy, she said: "you must be obedient, good."I promised.Walking with a friend in this campus, casually said, we say four years, have many four years, and in the best years we have traveled together.Memory such as I, in this ordinary evening by a few sparrows with this thought.This is the best feeling is the day of the grant, my hands can't grasp it, but I know that inadvertently in the absence of words period of time it will quietly, let me happy let me loving.2011-10-19 late, Thesmell of Lily , relationresultLily dream Lin like lily ,Lily loves faint scent ,after suffering obtained eternal happiness -- it childhood dream was to be light of heart from care ,Meng Lin was the father of care have grown up .My father is very painful Meng Lin ,as palm pearl ,father to pay day ,sweet ,you see my father gave you what to buy back Lin is very happy, Wow ,nice clothes ,I like ,thank you daddy. ah ,my father used to give his daughter to buy beautiful clothes ,sometimes returned to her pocket money .Then the father in her heart is a benevolent and kind countenance .Father Li Maoquan in a factory as a storekeeper, pay considerable, job is stable ,can be good times don ,reform the wind into the factory ,the factory brewing restructuring ,not long after the factory ,leading research decision, decided to cut a person ,in which Mao ,soon in the factory under the synergism of depletion of numbers notice ... ... He had no job ,thwarted his pride ,made him his gaunt ,day Jiejiuxiaochou, wife also one day give him look at that point . ,I make money for you have a look after him to find work four go to the wall, he had to stay at home ,not drink, is in a daze ,a day of noon ,Mao whole just after a meal ,ready to go for a walk street ,walking into a store ,he took out the money to buy a pack of cigarettes ,then someone Mao on his shoulder, why do you look face some not good Mao whole ,long time no see ,what happened to Mao whole deeply sighed and said: Oh ,it . what if not open ,along with brothers ,I drink. the speaker is not others, is to go out to work back to the village of lucky dog ,he is not tall ,skinny like a monkey ,he is in the village has a small hun hun ,go back to work but also no change .Lucky dog three days two looking for Li Maoquan ,brother ,you are at home idle is idle ,as brothers and went out to try to get a hand ,can make you rich . so in the lucky dog lead, he entered a game room ,the surface is the game ,but there is a field . Lucky dog ,why did you take me to come here ,I think I go home ,the children of the family and wife waiting for me brother ,you made me lose face ,the brothers finally from the city to the village ,let you talk with me ,you stay at home alone there are also free, not come out to play ,also meet

some friends. a friend you will not give ,so that you are not willing to Heteropappus some students ,Heteropappus and push Mao ,you go ,you go ,I will not be your brother Mao whole see this shape ,heart immediately down ,Mao whole pulling Heteropappus ,okay ,since you have to say this ,I will if you insist the leaving send yourself to a road of no return .His addiction is more and more big ,lie on the table, quickly took home the only savings will soon be ,if continue ,which comes to the ah, he think it over and over again ,think of a lucky dog . Lucky dog ,now I have encountered some difficulties ,can you help my brother Heteropappus looked as Mao ,agreed to help him ,brother ,I have a few hundred dollars ,you take first to use . how good ,your house is not good . he took several hundred dollars and into the field ,quickly losing his money ,.At this time he met desk boss Luo Shunzhu , short of money ,money is not ,to find the money to poser Nu Mao ,Mao whole not willingly, he tried to find a suitable column ,from which he borrowed usury ,due to return the money to you ,or else ... ... He spent every day at the table ,he gambled all the money .Creditors Luo Shunzhu three days both for money ,can you buy me a few days ,I have money . well ,I a couple of days ,you see brothers we walk ,he asked a sentence :if you don pay up, I see you again ,cut a arm ,again also ,put your finger cut along the column that Mao whole frightened ,I not finished .A few days later ,they came again, Mao ,a several day period has to ,you should pay off .Shun column ,my hand is not so much money. no money ,you don boast sea .brothers to me, put his arms to his I chop . the fingers are also cut Mao whole Jianshibumiao ,immediately pulled along the column foot said :along the column ,you will forgive me along the column stared at Mao ,forgive you ,unless you give money to Mao whole staring at the Shun Shun said column ,column see why ,my face but no money ,don do as I say knife to cut it down ,Shun column brothers ,look at our brothers in a job ,can you give louis vuitton online me a chance let me think of a way to two days later ,I will give you back the money. if you also ,you can buy Shun column told the men to stop this can you say ,well ,we took our leave two days later ,Mao whole wondered what can I do how can this do He have a look my daughter ,or I give her to him ... ... His heart is evil ,then asked to say :I put my daughter to your debt Shun column after full of joy, he knew the Meng Lin drool with envy ,you have to speak . s for sure . well ,that . Three days later ,I .owe one pen hook they finally left the Mao family ,also let Mao whole slightly relieved .Then ,in the room cooking Meng Lin heard his father and the gang talk ,she is increasingly ,drop the spatula ,into the yard ,Daddy ,how can you do that ,I your daughter ,you are not to ruin her daughter force Dad pulled the dream came to hand. Dad is no way, you would give his consent ,when you save his father ,I was forced to ... ... You see, the family now have no source of income ,child how, if you go to the paramagnetic column ,well-fed, owe money can also be a hook ,where to find such a good thing Father ,you have no other way To my daughter to the debt t promise ,I will test girl ,read so much to do, and can not change money, money ,money ,I see you are drilled into the money in her eyes ,had not thought that her daughter Mao see daughter said ,his heart became relentless ,he took a bottle from a ledge by fear ,threat : yes or no ,don take this bottle drops and drink .At that time, Mao whole wife came back from the outside ,heard their conversation ,she taunts from Mao ,I said Mao ,you or not ,how to make his daughter .Mao whole said to his wife it didn you talk to me in ,he

took the bottle to drink ,daughter and seeing this, immediately grabbed the bottle from his hand . Mao whole you what is this Meng Lin is very tough, I don agree he picked up the knife ,put a knife to his neck ,don promise ,I die in you before Pro look like anxious ,comfort from Meng Lin :marry with ,follow ,how to marry . I said her daughter ,you promised .don want to see your father leave you like that daughter ,knelt down to pull his father sleeve and said ,father ,don ,I promise not yet To hear this word ,Mao all-rounder Ken put the knife down .Luo Shunzhu knew that Meng Lin promised after the news, soon took the rich color to the Lee family elders ,Mao ,you may rest assured ,I your daughter .Meng Lin was married into the luo . Meng Lin ,come here, I let you buy the wine. you don drink the wine of body . bitch ,it you to me pulling her hair ,you say ,to buy or not to buy . I don good ,see how do I fix you ,then took a willow forced to Meng Lin ,you don play .now know for mercy ,late grabbing her hair to the wall hit ,people fainted . Bitch ,stop pretending ,now let you to serve me ,saying ,he took off Meng Lin all clothes ,my baby ,do not think you are beautiful ,let me enjoy enjoy on her and is pinched and biting ,is black and blue .Meng Lin had to tear and ingested .Paramagnetic column three days two take her out ,she can ,she took her back home ,sweet ,how you come back ,you are not at home but your husband ,you came back to do she faked a smile ,said :it is not like you ,want to have a look .father of her half the letter half of condensate, that you do eight sorry things Meng Lin some unhappy. Why are you so that her daughter ,daughter of don I really want you father and dreams for flush with shame .Kiss something can go on ,to smooth things over :you see her daughter back, his father ,you stop ,you stay at home for a few days .Who knows his father attitude is so tough ,no, his daughters married ,is someone who ,how should do observe the tract ,took Meng Lin arm :you walk with me ,follow me back home ,Luo again how ,is your home Meng Lin sneers :you are Louis Vuitton Men's my good father. come with me father, you push me ,I die before you .Just then ,Luo Shunzhu comes, tearing the dream arm , where did you go ,so you ran here. will you stir up enmity . you the repeatedly attempt suicide , you have the ability to die in front of me ,let me have a look ,I give you a good buy I said let column ,you talk like that She my daughter ,you still have a conscience. conscience ,the money to me, I will speak conscience ,along the column a pulling her hair ,said :you go with me ,it did not beat you up ,and kicked Meng Lin several feet ,watching her daughter this poor ,Pro to shun column called ,how do you do this to my daughter ,this is my lesson my wife ,you don you this how to talk ,how to say I was you Yue Yue ,when will I be you along the column to Yue pushed by ,who knows this push, to let her into the corner ,touch the forehead ,you ... ... You ... ... This is what have I made .she held up stand up .Mao whole silent, while smoking, Meng Lin Pro pushed mao-wide ,took the cigarette took over, you ,,her father ,you see this man is not human, take pity on her daughter ,the daughter also said how own ,you have to love dearly your daughter. to hear this word ,Mao whole only on one side of a sigh .Meng Lin Pro repeatedly mao-wide ,you let her daughter to get a divorce ,away from the beast after listening, paramagnetic column sneered :divorce ,you owe me money to pay off ,I would agree to Mao whole at this time as wake up ,my asshole ,I hurt my daughter ,I will let you be my girl daughter-in-law Paramagnetic column laughed ,laughing is so risks :see now ,too late ,you brought the money ,I would agree to Mao whole lost in thought ,where can I find so much money

,is bend the brows when, it appeared a favourable turn .To return to the village, he and she has been said of boys and girls ,two person is very well ,but her father blessing to dream too long ,do not agree with her to dream .Life in the city to send money ,wear is ocean ,Yo ,to come back ,but also not to have a look you once ... ... Mao whole learns to come back ,my heart is a happiness .That ,I can find to borrow money and Mao whole found the rifle, rifle from his eyes to see, he must meet what .Mao whole tertiary ,is it right You encounter any difficult Mao whole somewhat sobs, i ... ... I ... ... I me what ,what happened to you ,you say .i ... ... I ... ... Want to ... ... Looking for your money to borrow some surprise you want to borrow much ,much money do Mao whole low ,shame replied: lose money ,I take my daughter to the people ,now the family hit my daughter ,I want him to divorce her ,but divorce is a must have money ,I would like to also owes a debt to hear this word ,Fu was born ,there a father like you see you usually very smart ,how in this confused Fu ,how do you have to help me to be lost in thought .Then see Fu hesitation ,Mao said: all you see in your dream and Lin better ,help Meng Lin .said, Mao whole knelt in front of him ,I beg you ... ... Mao whole tertiary ,what are you doing here ,don get up to his arm ,you say you want how many eighty thousand eighty thousand ,let me think of a way . when you as soon as possible .well ,I send the money to you home he four money ,went to a lot of home ,finally get the eighty thousand ,he took the money and went to shun column ,the money was sent to shun column ,which you should agree to a divorce .divorce ,I continue to torture you ,you do not have money Give me the tens of thousands ,I agreed to get a divorce. you the man not to be insatiable ,donm afraid of you ,I have a cure for you and a petition to the paramagnetic column to court ,after a court decision ,along the column and Meng Lin divorce ,but also to Meng Lin medical expenses add up to ten thousand ,with columns sigh: I cut it !Things calmed down ,to want to take care of her for a lifetime dream ,for out of the heart with Meng Lin ,he has a dream of hope dream Lin ,Lin will give him a chance .To take a bunch of Lily visit Meng Lin ,Meng Lin ,you do my wife is good, let me take care of you for life, love you as I went out ,but has been living a single life ,because I always have you received the lily ,she tearfully little promise ,two people closely hugs in together .At this time, Meng Lin smiled long-unseen smiling face .Through this lesson ,Mao whole also changed a person, to carrying luggage to go out to work, since then ,Mao whole life to restore calm long .[] a group of hi Ponder to window and sees, the residual wine moon light cup.Only the edge reads nothing heart, not to be melancholy deep hate has heaps.Dust Taoran drunken Qu Fu life, the flowers with flute, zither.A cigarette with weary, a pot support free.Autumn cloud low river flow, Yan grand eaves guest leaning against the railing.A flying curtain old, not the amount of Dai Mei save.Ten homesick in Lotus wind fragrant I to bone, a curtain quiet dream broken who im.Unable to free clear drink, Qu Yun sound drunk guests township.Untitled word syndrome hung ten years earlier to plug, don't dream Jiang Chi.Once you see flowers, this old door who composeInfinite a pot of liquor for whoHundred Gong cloud flash.And this life unfulfilled, wind Xu Womeng three thousand.Meng Ming string tone he made songs, unconsciously shark bead house.Click word ferries to build Yang, has been back in dreaming.The people across the sea wild goose horizontal surface dust day, I ask a few.Peach Seikei side had dark a flower fly, do not have the.Friends with month with drink, don't take your hand.A high mountain to play to the old, the boundless realm of life transformation.Listen to prosperous brocade leave empty dream, wasting their

fame and fortune.  


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