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FIFA 15: Enrique SayRelationship With Messi As Before I Have Not Received An Ultimatum

Posted by
Posted on Friday, January 9, 2015

Enrique said that his relationship with Macy's and the same as before. Enrique: relationship with Messi as before, I have not received an ultimatum Enrique said the club level has not yet received an ultimatum.

Spain Wednesday, Barca coach Louis - Enrique attended the King's Cup playoff first leg 1/8 pre-match press conference. Enrique said: "I am full of confidence and enthusiasm, I think we can improve now we will focus on the upcoming game, I can control the situation, I still continue to have confidence in the players..."

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Before reporters to ask questions, Enrique talked about team in the Camp Nou and Anoeta lose situation, he said: "I myself still as excited as the first day he took office, I can see the team has been raised space, and our momentum is positive. "

However, Enrique admits: "behind Real Madrid (data) on the league, have an impact on the team." At the same time, he made it clear that: "in the locker room atmosphere is positive, our situation is not as outsiders think as. " When asked about his relationship with Macy's, Enrique who maintain attitude, he said: ".. The locker room thing, as always, I do not want to admit, do not want to deny anything of my job is when the coach," he went on to say: "I like the relationship with the players when I first took office, like nothing has changed and maybe we better understand each other some, therefore, I believe that progress has been made...."

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"I did not feel any of the players regret anything personal level. My desire is to win the championship at the end of the season. We are on the way." Enrique added, "I would not use the same way to treat all the players, but also to respect some rules. I think the team is always higher than the individual. " Enrique said: "I've talked with a lot of players and negotiated, as long as the players requested, I have been very tolerant, but I'm very strict with myself and true to their principles."

"I did not receive an ultimatum"

Enrique stressed the significance of the captain: "The significance is not only the captain's armband, as we have seen, they are responsible for the duties I have seen them ready and strong desire.." Enrique said: "I believe the current situation will change and we will win again. "

Enrique said: "I got the support of the club and the players I feel like the first day at office.." When asked whether the President When Bartomeu has been in contact, Enrique said: "I have not received any ultimatum."

At the press conference, the reporter asked Enrique and his team talk Zubizarreta, Enrique said:. "They are very conscientious in their work, their departure is a loss for the club in terms of" Well Lane g said: "Today, I can only say to the fans, the best gift is that we still keep the game-winning champion qualified in all competitions, I still feel optimistic."

For an upcoming match, Enrique admits: "Everything that game I struggled, I have to concentrate." About the starting lineup, Enrique said: "I can not reveal too much, it is not certain starter, which must be confirmed before the best players in the state. "

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Posted 05/08/16
data12 says :
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Gokufor says :
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