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FIFA 15 still suffers from the repetitive nature

Posted by
Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015

Konami’s PES and EA Sports’ FIFA have been close rivals to each other since a long time now. Presently, FIFA 15 can excel in many key aspects when you have many FIFA 15 coins. It’s amazing and detailed presentation stands above all. The moment you launch the game and hit the menus, you start noticing the finesse and the level of detail of this wondering title.



The menu and game modes are quite easy to be navigating through and at the same time, the user interface is exceedingly simple in nature. Konami is now trying to duplicate this feature and introduce it in their latest titles. The Player Screen of PES 2015 is certainly a step in the right direction, with a traditional touch. It includes the latest tabs system which should be further appreciated by modern gamers.


However, if you are talking on a core presentation standpoint, FIFA 15 simply blows away beats PES 2015. In the commentary aspect, PES 2015 is greatly flawed while FIFA 15 still suffers from the repetitive nature of the Taylor & Smith commentary duo.


However, it’s significantly better than the disturbing Beglin and Champion double act who read their lines without paying a shred of attention to what’s occurring on the field. In some cases, they even contradicted each other. FIFA 15 also triumphs over the dotted line system used for set plays in Konami’s PES 2015. Presently, FIFA 15 also looks great with a more refined TV-category experience.

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