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Get a Lot of Coins in FUT 15 From FIFA15-COIN Tips Sharing

fifa 15 coins
Posted by
fifa 15 coins

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most fiercely contested online games that involve collecting player cards. You can collect thousands of cards to get the perfect combination of a skilled and experienced team. These players can then be traded in an online auction to carve out a team with the best chances of winning games. When you start off, obviously you will not have any coins -- play the first few games to get the hang of it and create your fund base. When you're ready for some real action, follow a few basic tips and you'll go on to make a lot of  FIFA coins.


Enter to play in single player games. Ensure you win by a margin of at least 3-0, this will easily fetch you about 400 to 500 coins for every game you win. Alternatively, play in single player matches which differ from the tourney in that you don't receive any tournament bonus; your returns will be in the same range as the tournaments.


Win matches in online tournaments and matches -- you'll end up getting more than before. For the same margin of 3-0, you'll start making close to 800 coins per match.


Choose your buying and selling times. Most people begin playing the FIFA Ultimate during the late afternoon -- after 3 p.m. The early morning hours are not so hectic. Use this to your advantage. Buy cards during the cooler hours and sell them for a profit during the peak hour -- this way, a single card can fetch you anywhere between 1,000 to 100,000 coins.


Select a skilled player. Monitor his movements carefully. Then, quickly acquire as many as you can of this player -- by this, you are creating a market demand. When the prices for that player have gone up to your liking, make your cards slowly available -- for a much higher price, of course -- and watch as the others lap it up, leaving you a nice big profit of anything between 10,000 to 50,000 coins per card.


Purchase the Bronze, Silver or Gold Packs depending on your capacity. Each pack contains a few players, contracts, balls, kits and managers. Each of these packs can be sold for varying number of coins; if you're lucky, you could even procure cards for some top rated star performers in your pack -- when that happens, your earnings touch a massive high.


Tips & Warnings

1).While playing online tournaments, avoid quitting games -- it causes a fall in your DNF modifier which means you're going to make lesser coins in any tournaments you win in the future.

 2).Have a backup second team. Make use of this team when you want to rest your top rated players -- it will ensure your fund flow remains unaffected.

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Posted 10/09/15
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Posted 10/09/15

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