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Effective and Simple FIFA Coins Trading Methods

Posted by

Posted on Monday, January 19, 2015

Here we are going to share some very effective and simple trading methods afer the TOTY. Now we obviously have a small team of traders here who know very deep and complex trading methods but we got them to write down 5 that really work and are simple for everyone to understand.


1.Rare golds Method

This one is very simple all you do is set your 1k min , 5k max without a buy now. Use to check players current prices and put your bids below the current prices. When you win an auction you should be able to sell for a profit.


2.Cheap Silvers Method

The method is very simple to get FIFA coins but can be a little slow. It's great for people who dont really have many coins to start with says 50k Fifa coins or less. Okay what you do is set your 200k minimum , 200k maximum without a buy now price but only for decent position players like RW, LW, ST, CF - DO NOT buy any with a pace under 75 pace and avoid bad leagues, and never buy unknown goal keepers.


If you stick to these rules you should get a decent number of cheap, fast, decent position, silvers from good leagues who should sell for 350+ each.


3.Non-rare Golds 

This is probably the quickest and most effective non complex FIFA 15 trading method that we use. If we are ever traning a new starter this is the one we try first - if they mess this one up they are out of the door. 


Set your minimum buy now to 300 or 350 and your maximum to 450 to 500.Buy from decent leagues and with good pace - That's it. Have a quick check on Futhead if your scared of prices etc.


4.59th minute 

Everyone knows this classic - set your criteria to what you think is going to Gold 1k minimum starting price and 5k maximum buy now  then set the best league(s) and literally look out for good deals - on this method ALWAYS reference futhead. and steer away from unpopular positions and unknown players.


5. Investment 

The final simple FIFA 15 coin trading method is to use your knowledge of real life football and FIFA 15 to hunt out players that are cheap now but you think will increase in price as they get ore popular in real life. We made a killing on Shane Long's cards players not too long ago look for players that are cheap on release that will increase in price.


So there you have it, keep this simple tips in mind, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and become a great trader to buy the best players for your teams.

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Posted 05/05/15
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