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Fix To Crafting Economy About Albion Online

Posted by

Posted on Saturday, January 9, 2016

we want to share another feature with you that we will implement during the closed beta test

The goal is to resolve the issue of excess supply of crafted and refined materials that people have to produce in order to level up their fame.

The issue

In order to get fame for refining and crafting, you will produce items even if there is no real market need for them by buy Albion Online Gold

As a result of that, prices for these items in the open market get very low, lower than the cost of the ingredients

The solution

A study/disscet/training feature offered at crafting buildings

Immersion-wise, imagine that you destroy an item in order to learn more about it / study how to craft it

Game-wise, you will be able to hand in excess crafted/refined items to the refiner / crafter. The items will be destroyed, but you will be awarded extra fame towards the relevant destiny board node

To prevent people from using the above to level the destiny board with bought items, without actually crafting anything themselves, you will only be able to use the training feature if you have already unlocked a certain percentage of the total fame needed for the node/mastery


Say I would have to craft 100 T4 Swords to unlock T5 Swords

In the current system about Albion Online Silver, I will craft those 100 swords and then salvage them or sell them in the open market, creating artificial supply

In the new system, I will, say, only craft 50 of those swords. I can then dissect/study these 50 swords at the NPC, they will be destroyed, but I wiill get extra fame for this in return, thus unllocking the next destiny board node

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