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The Progression Of Guilds In Albion Online

Posted by

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If you have played the test server you know how dramatic this changes the game... you should be fully on board with a wipe.. if progression stays even close to what it is now.. people are getting to t6-7 in 30 mins gathering and refining... crafting is giving absurd amounts of fame... the progression of guilds by buy Albion Online Gold in the beginning of the game is going to change dramatically and there is no way to test that other than go on the test server & remove all your stuff and try to rebuild it all from scratch with no one else to play with. Meanwhile you are losing progression live because of something that needs vital testing for starting guilds to plan & si to tweak how fast you actually progress in live.

Trust me, I have 3 chrs with 4.2 + gear some in 4.3 .. im not saying I have grinded one all the way to t6... but I have experienced a lot in this game in the first couple of weeks... since than it pretty much died out. Pvp gets stale, progression was absurdly slow on 5.2 and 5.3 up.. now its going to change so much that the people who seem barely above are going to be so far ahead.

We had a guy log on and he is capable of wearing t8 light armor because of how far he grinded , crafters will be there in no time.. Cheap Albion Online Gold are just going to quit before you get a chance to even test the actual progression curve this patch is creating.

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