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After Work Thursdays at PHD Midtown Dream Hotel

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Its Not Forced On Albion Online

Posted by

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2016

 Its Not Forced, you just quit the guild. nothing is forcing you to stay there.

- not knowing is just a minor thing devs can fix.-

- not likely but why the hell shouldnt they be able to ?

- it wont be organised, there is no leadership, no ability to claim lands, no guild ranks. It is more of a collective of starters with a common chat channel and not hostile due to being same guild. also makes for easier group forming for content.

If a group of players wish to take it further and form a new guild together great in Albion Mall

It is just another way of doing things instead of just being dropped into the world by yourself.Great answers - My main concern with it though was that if the starter guild dominates the game - people would abuse joining and leaving the starter guild when they want to be safe in PvP (knowing that the starter guild far outnumbers others), or if players who own shops can set guild taxes for starter guilds it would mean that people would join and leave the starter guilds depending on who has the biggest discount for example by Cheap Albion Online Gold. Even if these issues would get fixed I feel like player created guilds would die out or be in much smaller numbers because no one would have an incentive to set up their own guild when the starter guild can offer PvP and economic benefits. I suppose the only real way to know for sure is to trial something like this, listen to feedback and make changes where it's needed.

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