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Albion Online Destroy The Hides

Posted by

Posted on Friday, January 15, 2016

So I did a little test on the test server, since it's empty and easy to do. A T6 journal took me 87 total leather gathers to fill up with just regular dire wolves. Those are the only dire wolves I ran into during the time by buy Albion Online Gold I was filling the journal, and since that's what people who have nasty luck will run into, it's the number I'll be using. It was also very quick because each dire wolf had 15/15 hides.


Since most of the dire wolves on the live server are pretty regularly killed, they have 3-4 leather on them each. 87 divided by 3 is 29 regular dire wolves to fill a journal. The amount of time it takes to track down and skin 29 dire wolves (and I'm not into boars or bears yet) is pretty intense in Albion Mall


Yes, I realize that you may get lucky and find a legendary or exceptional dire wolf. That is far from the norm though. All that for a piddly return from the laborer just doesn't seem worth it. Given that scenario, does the development team really feel that's an adequate return?


I've now slept on this and I can't figure out why there is a max fame required for this. If the design intent is to let you hand the book in when you're done for the day and get +1/3rd extra, why not just have it so that the books take any amount of fame, and can be turned in with any amount of fame in them?

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