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Blade & Soul Closed Beta 5 - Some Known Issues

Posted by

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016

Here you will find the list of currently known issues within the Blade & Soul Closed Beta. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.




Skill numbers do not show in the Martial Tome

Mail text limit has been increased to 512 characters

 The mail will be sent with no text displayed if when typing a mail with 512 characters 

No popup notification when disconnected from the server



Special characters cannot be used in the Marketplace search field

Buy and chart buttons may “disappear” from the UI after you swap pages

The buttons still function when not visible

Refreshing the page or changing to a new page can cause them to reappear

Linking an item (CTRL+Left Click) with an apostrophe in its name to the Marketplace search box will display as “'”

This will not return a result

Only the apostrophe will show up as ' within the item name

Changing the “'” to a ‘ will provide correct results

Character Info will not display "+" and "x" for the Soul Shield stats popup on occasion

Marketplace option for bidding an item in the Blade & Soul Items"..." context menu reads "Buy" instead of "Bid"

Character Info gem slot overview is missing gem icons

Graph sometimes displays a white space below the graph

Character Info visual anomalies in Soul Shield set bonus display

French and German only: Empty search box displays English text

German only: Searching "Verschmelzungspulver" will always return zero results


Ongoing Known Issues

Heaven’s Reach: Summoner – Your character can sometimes get stuck while choosing a cat.

Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature)

Heaven’s Reach – Your character can sometimes get stuck falling off the cliff.

Workaround: “4” key to resurrect, Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape”

NOTE: If those options are not available there is no workaround, and a new character must be created. Keep in mind that players can save their appearance profile by clicking F11 community menu at the bottom right hand corner -> Photo Gallery -> Bottom middle button -> Save. This will save the character’s appearance which can be re-used during character creation.


Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature), or if high enough level wit the help of Cheap BNS Gold, double tap S to move back

Black screen after a cut scene - Once this occurs restarting the game is the only way to resolve the issue.

Players who encounter this issue are encouraged to post in the Bug Report forum containing a DxDiag and what cut scene they encountered this on.

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