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Quite Albion Online Expensive In Most Cities

Posted by

Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'd prefer it if the labourer was out for 6 hours instead of 8, and that you either have none, or a very high, max-cap on the books and allow sending out labourers with unfilled books. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to balance the fame for rarity better.


It's a nice addition and they do make the houses more useful (right now you have only 2 use cases for a house: storage and Albion Online Power Leveling labourers. Cosmetic is not an opition, yet).

But should we really have to get several high-tier houses with the same labourers in them in order to be able to get our books used? I can reasonably argue for up to 4 labourers of one kind, but after that... they start taking copious amounts of time to manage, and suddenly I spend more time walking between houses to tend to my labourers than I do actually filling up books.


Food and journals are the two very expensive things to travel with, journal have an item value equal to their silver cost. So a journal tier 2 as a value of 800 which is 400 ressources tier 2, I've built houses but I can't really use them, because I built my island in the city that I started but after a few days I moved because I've found better spots, so my island is not where I gather and it makes buy Albion Online Gold it impossible (not profitable) to use the laborers. I believe most of the new players will end up with the same problem since it requires some experience to choose where to build your island.


As far as food is concerned, the item value is really high too compare to other ressources (probably due to a previous change).





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