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Booking Agent

Jacques Duijnmayer
Name : Jacques Duijnmayer
Age : 32 years old
Location : zwanenburg Noord-Holland Netherlands
Degree : Certification
Experience : 6
Availability : Full Time

Currently Working : Yes
Willing to relocate : Certification
Desired Compensation : 6

More About me :

XLDJ Connections the idea began honestly already in 1996 when Jacques (aka Jacques-D) started to organize parties and collected a list with dj's in that time also working fulltime on an administration office and spinning at gigs. In 2001 after a lot of experiences and losts in financial and personal life he looked back in the dance & dj scene and the XLDJ skeleton became more a fact positive!!!. First collected a bigger list with contacts also a list with gogo dancers and started knowing the club scene better and better behind the scenes and making the network bigger and bigger this was in the period 2002-2003. After 2004 decided that only a network could not work because most people just think only about there selfs and that's a fact everybody know's that.... Jacques works his bud out for the concept and in march 2005 finally got a good location to screen the contacts he had made the last years the database was growing faster and faster untill Januari 2006 and collected totally 4598 artist and have them all in list from DJ,Dancers till drummers etc This list is still growing most artist don't have Myspace yet ;) or don't have any website available yet Contracts: -is easy and secured for both sides. Rates: -always negotiable on budget of organisations Fee's: -our International Fee's are lower then normal!!!!!! Bookings: -Most of the artist have a copyright contract with labels or other bookings agency and can only info be requested about them by email: all bookings everywhere in the world only to these adresses: - Reply to Poster - Reply to Poster FAX NUMBER: +31204976525 MOBILE PHONE: +31653383096 for bookings only contact director : Jacques Duijnmayer add: Reply to Poster (msn) 2009 we are building the network bigger,organize some party again after our moving and Jacques will do some gigs every month for good rate's,just like all artist XLDJ can deliver save and on time to your event. our artist database has: -rock,pop,salsa,samba bands -house DJ's in all styles you can think about -dancers -models -hosts -bookers -promotors just request for more. Website will be updated in march 2009 for now we wish all friends the best for this year! also support us when you can:) we are there for making the artist world better and easier. many greetz

Affiliations : (label partners)


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