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Matthew Solo

Matthew Solo
Name : Matthew Solo    Sex : Male Age : 48    Birthday : May, 05 Location : London, Hammersmith and Fulham, United Kingdom Page : Status : DJ/Music Producer

My Information :

Languages : English//
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Religion : Non-Religious
Smoking : Non-Smoker
Drinking : Non-Drinker
Education : Some Education
Occupation : Executive/Management
Title/Position : DJ / Producer / Event Manager
Interested in : Network
Status : No Info.

My Favorites :

Drinks : Water
Venue : Fabric
Music : Jazz / House / Tech / Techno / Minimal
DJs : Carl Cox / George Morel / Andy Weatherall
Bands : Kraftwerk / Yello
Movies : Clockwork Orange / Les Enfant Du Paradise / The Incredibles
TV Shows : David Attenborough / Fast Show / League Of Gentlemen
Radio Station : No Info.
Books/Mags : Nature of the universe by Fred Hoyle
Fashion Brand : Anything by Massimo Osti / Giorgio Armani

About me :

Check my website for info
download my mixes for free...



I'm English from London where I currently live. Spent 3 1/2 years in Melbourne, Australia where I ran some venues, did some DJing, broke a world record. I came back with a twang that I wanted to lose and woman that I wanted to keep! We got married (me and the woman that is) on February 28th 2009.

My professional bio follows, please make sure you check out my website where you can download all my mixes for free.

"END-OF-SCHOOL parties are usually noted for the destruction of friendships and common room furniture rather than the creation of world-class DJs. But 1986 bucked that trend and a new Deity of the Decks was born.

When some friends needed help staging a school leaving party for 2000 people, Matt Solo - who would later become DJ MATT PROMO - threw together a Party Survival Kit and grabbed the helm. One rebel-rousing party later, his destiny was determined.

Less than three years down the line, he was managing a group of British DJs and forging connections with clubs that still stand strong today. By the early '90s, he was running a London record store, staging his own events and helping others promote theirs.

In 1996, Matt quit the record store and started selling promos direct to the same DJs he'd served over the counter. At the same time he launched the infamous Aural Sex parties - and with them, his own DJ career.

In his first year behind the decks, Promo played at some of the most famous clubs in London, including; Ministry of Sound, The End, Heaven, Turnmills and Hanover Grand. So respected were his skills at the decks and diverse knowledge of music, he was called in to sound check Liverpool's super-club Cream and even London's Fabric before opening night, making him the first person to DJ on the club's legendary system.

It was time to turn his attention overseas and he was soon playing in Europe, America and Canada. Back on British terra firma, he launched the hugely successful Good Life parties - and broke bar and attendance records. In 2002 he established the 3D collective with Pedro G of Portugal and Spain's Enrique Soto. The trio played in various venues in London and around Europe as well as a monthly slot on Ministry of Sound's radio station as guests on the Secret Sessions (with an online audience of more than seven million!).

By Summer 2003, he had completed seven new mixes and tweaked his first album to near completion. That December, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he rapidly established his reputation on the club circuit as a DJ and a venue manager.

From Summer 2005 he started training in earnest to attempt breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ (club) session marathon, which stood at 84 hours. At midnight on June 15th 2006 his training had paid off as he concluded his effort reaching a staggering 87 hours continuous DJing. The event took place in a purpose built venue in the heart of Melbourne's Federation Square.

This wasn't the only record PROMO broke for marathon sessions. On a slightly more modest note; he played the longest live set on Kiss FM - also in Melbourne, Australia - clocking up over 7 1/2 hours continuous live play on the station. Kiss was a regular haunt for him whilst in Melbourne playing the breakfast show weekly; as well as guest spots on the club lunch and evening shows.

2006 brought new partnerships including; MINDLESS ENTERTAINMENT who now represent him for Australia; and NOISE TV who offered PROMO the chance to write and host the dance segments of their show.

Returning to London in 2007, PROMO inevitably found himself behind the decks in no time holding a Sunday residency at CANT STOP WONT STOP at Herbal in Shoreditch (which sadly closed its doors for the last time recently), as well as numerous other appearances. His current projects include SPANGLED LOVE MONKEY at Canal125 in Kings Cross, plus a long overdue return to the studio for production and remixing.

To date, MATT PROMO has played in; Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the USA. His style encompasses a broad spectrum of house, including sublime jazzy sounds of Europe and the US, minimal, tech, progressive and tribal.

Here is a brief summary of the last two decades:

13 years experience DJing
3 1/2 years running a London record store
1 year running direct to DJ promo service
Staged / Promoted / DJ'd events all over the world
Broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest DJ (Club) Session Marathon
Directed and hosted his own segment of an Australian TV show
100s of hours live DJing on radio
Managed DJs
Co-managed DJ agency
Managed and promoted nightclubs
Produced over 100 tracks
Recorded over 75 mix cds

1986 First event promotion at Paradise Lost for 2000 people

1992-6 Managed That Record Shop in London, England
Managed several DJs in London
First release on Nocturna Records

1996 Launched Aural Sex parties
Started DJing

1997 Launched promotions company Headz Quarterz Limited
DJ'd and promoted around the world
Recorded 2 mixes

1998 DJ'd and promoted around the world

1999 DJ'd and promoted around the world
DJ'd at the Miami Winter Music Conference
Produced 2 tracks
Recorded 1 mix

2000 DJ'd and promoted around the world
Produced 4 tracks
Recorded 7 mixes

2001 Launched the Good Life parties
Coordinated global promotions for Swear
DJ'd at the Swear fashion shows in Portugal
DJ'd and promoted around the world
Produced 9 tracks
Recorded 9 mixes

2002 Established the 3D collective with Pedro G of Portugal and Spain's Enrique Soto.
Completed his first album SAMURAI
DJ'd and promoted around the world
Produced 5 tracks
Recorded 16 mixes

2003 Launched Battle of the Diamonds
DJ'd and promoted around the world
Moved to Australia
Produced 3 tracks
Recorded 9 mixes

2004 Operations manager of Two Floors Up in Melbourne, Australia
Launched The Drum Is God! parties

2005 Manager of The Bunker in Melbourne, Australia
Launched the Pixelfree parties
Manager of Tilt in Melbourne, Australia
The final The Drum Is God! party
Started training for the Guinness World Record attempt
Recorded 1 mix

2006 Broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest DJ (Club) Session Marathon 87 hours continuous DJing
Longest live set on Kiss FM Melbourne 7.5 hours
Joined Mindless Entertainment
Director and host of the Dance Noise segment of Noise TV
Produced 32 tracks
Produced music for Noise TV
Produced musical piece for Earthdance
Produced new album
Remixed Mark Davis’ “Wicked Girlâ€
Recorded 10 mixes including 4 hour mix for DI.FM

2007 Launched Decoded parties
Launched Porno parties
Produced 11 tracks
Recorded 3 mixes
Returned to London
Commenced work on new album “Less Than Greater Thanâ€

2008 Residency at Cant Stop Wont Stop
Launch of Decoded in London
Recorded 5 mixes

2009 Residency at Cant Sop Wont Stop
Produced music for Marocaine Caftans Fashion Show
Launch of Spangled Love Monkey
2 remix projects confirmed
Produced 3 tracks
Recorded 9 mixes

2010 Resident at Spangled Love Monkey
Resident at Pure Party Pleasure
Recorded 10 mixes

2011 Roxmaker "I Wanna Do It" (Promo Solo remix) On Beatport
Music for the Victorian Government Police presentation
Only taking private bookings until further notice


My Type of Person :

Mrs Chestnut-Solo

My Turn on/off :

Sexy (on) / Intelligent (on)
Lazy (off) / Dumb (off)

No Blog listed yet, Ask him to get started!

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