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Looking for New Models

Models Discussions » Looking for New Models

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Entertainment Director
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Added on Saturday 11 March 2006 02:33 AM


I am Mohamed Farrag - Owner of Xpose Modeling MgMt. -

I will be arriving to Prague from 12 - 16 March to look for and meet and interview new models

Requirements :
- Age : from 18 - 40

- Height : Starting 5"

- Body Type : From petite to Plus Size

- Experience NOT Essential

The Steps will be as follows:

1. I need you to copy and paste the questions in this email and send me an email with your reply (DO NOT REPLY HERE in my Space) - send to:

Also Attach your Photos

2. After receiving your email - if accepted you will be contacted to fix an appointment with me during my stay in Prague

3. During the interview these will be the steps:

- It will my pleasure to show you my file that includes my work since I started in 1986

- Your measurements will be taken

- You will bring with you some different styles of clothes to change during the interview

AND sure you will know the final answer in the interview

The selected Models will not leave their country BUT they will only travel for short periods of time for work and then go back to their country (most of the work will be in Europe and USA) - Contracts can go up US$ 100,000 per year

To have a background about my experience - kindly click here:
Then click on "About the Owner"

NOW, Kindly reply to the Following (Insert your reply after each question):

- Name

- Age

- Date of Birth

- Country of Origin

- Nationality

- Your Location now (Country / City / State)

- Telephone number (Including Codes)

- Your Email

- Height

- Weight

- Breast size

- Waist size

- Hips size

- Hair Color

- Eyes Color

- Dress Size

- Jeans Size

- Swim Suit Size

- Shoes Size

What type of Modeling you will Accept to do? - Kindly put YES or NO front of each:

- TV Commercials

- Acting

- Promotions

- Fashion Shows

- Photo Shootings with:

- Swim Suits

- Glamour

- Underwear's

- Topless

- Nude

- Erotic

- Adult Work

- Write about your Experience (If Any)

- Write about your ambition as a Model

Email us your Collection of Photos including different Styles, Poses, Clothes

Email :

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