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Latest L.I.M. news for Indie entertainment

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Added on Thursday 29 June 2006 04:21 PM

This is the latest message I have shared with my Lyrics Inc magazine community and I am posting it in my groups to keep you all updated with us as well too. Sign up for the magazine is free at our website if you happen to not be a L.I. member and wish to be. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think we can be of service to you, we want to support our many groups in every way we can. Stay encouraged and God bless.


!Lyrics Inc magazine is striving to spread the knowledge of Indie entertainment!

Lyrics Inc magazine is not only offering various sizes of cheap advertisement space within our magazine specifically for the independent world of entertainment, but we are distributing fliers in various cities World Wide offering ad space upon those fliers too.

As of right now, for the next few weeks, we will be mailing off fliers to various areas (visit our site for a complete listing of cities which is updated weekly) over the coarse of the summer. Once we send out a pack, we will not send another to that city unless it is requested. You may send me your graphic to

and I will resize/rescale your image to fit our 3 ½ in by 4 ½ in ad space and then hit you back with a pay-pal invoice or a mailing address for your money order payment.

Our July magazine issue is about to be released and so we are accepting new advertisements for the magazine too. Ad rates and sizes are available at our site ranging from $1 dollar ads to $15 dollar ads.

We have delayed the “Lyrically Speaking Vol 1” upload due to the CEO’s work responsibilities. We are looking to have the music completely uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure come next week.

TO ALL MUSIC STATIONS!!!: (internet/pod casters/college radio/local radio stations) I want you to have the mix file to play at your own leisure. Southern Entertainment Award winning DJ Fade did an excellent job and there is def opportunity for FREE ad space for playing our mix on your airways. Hit me up for more details so you can give your listeners a lil L.I. spice up in your daily mixes/pod shows.

I also wanted to address, this year has been booming with submissions of wonderful indie entertainers to get their stories printed and I thank you all, past and future features, for your support… Unfortunately it is taking longer than usual to get interviews completed due to this influx of submissions. Please, if you have submitted an EPK and wish to inquire your place upon my list to get printed, don’t hesitate to hit me up. We are very overloaded with stories and are doing our best to make sure everyone gets exposed.

God bless to you all and thank you very much for your ongoing support. I pray you are enjoying our issues and that we are serving the independent industry well. Don’t forget to pass this message onto your friends to help us spread the knowledge of our existence.

God bless you all and enjoy your fun in the sun. Until August, be safe.

Very respectfully,

Nichole Allen (a.k.a. Butta Pecan)
President of Lyrics Inc Magazine

Also get plugged in and join me at:

p.s. Letters to the Editor… If you have any feedback or notes that you would like to share with the L.I. community, do post them upon my forum that is on our site so we all can read and share in your thoughts about Lyrics Inc Magazine. It is much appreciated.
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