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Kyle Sullivan


Kyle Sullivan
Company : U-Theory Name : Kyle Sullivan Location : Jersey City, New Jersey, USA Page :
Experience : 0-3 years
Music Style/Genre : House, Deep House, Progressive House
Type of Events : Dance Parties/Club
Coordinating Events : +10 hours per week
Successful Event : Currently responsible for all U-Theory's Copious events at Bar 13 in NYC, along with holding the position of Events Chairman for an organization called Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO). Check out for more information.
Marketing/Promotion Sources we use : I use a number of social networking platforms such as Facebook, Fusicology, Rhythymism, Club Planet, Clubvibes. These are in addition to using local print media such as Time Out NY, and The Village Voice.
Biography : Though Kyle's path has led him into a very different world of entertainment, he has always carried a strong passion for dance music, and an even stronger passion for entertainment. Growing up in Ithaca New York, Kyle found a love for mixing, recording, and producing music. He was surrounded by many different artists, playing music with some of the most talented musicians he's ever met. "Many of the guys I worked with were trained starting at a very early age. Ithaca was a very creative city with many people immersing themselves in the arts. I found it to be pretty intimidating at first because I was starting so late in my life." Kyle was only 17 when he started mixing live bands and playing music.

In 1997, Kyle took the plunge and moved to New York City. There, he continued to follow his musical ambitions by singing for local bands and exploring New York's unique nightlife. It was the night a friend invited him to attend the club Twilo when Kyle understood that this was where he was meant to be.

Influenced by a number of highly skilled producers and musicians such as DJ Tiesto, Matt Darey, and Armin Van Buuren, Kyle has developed a passion and respect, not only for their music, but for the visual experience of their live events as well. "The feeling you get when you are surrounded by a bunch of happy, smiling people, engulfed in massive lighting effects, are things found nowhere else on earth. The lights, the massive video screens and the large crowds all blended into one exciting event. My love of electronic dance music has brought me to this point in my life, and I want to create that feeling for others."

In 2009 Kyle teamed up with two like-minded producers: Romel Veera and Edgar Guerrero. Together they formed an entertainment group called U-Theory. "We are working very hard to build inclusive, rather than exclusive events, while releasing some amazing music."

A passionate young producer, Kyle draws from his years of professional experience in broadcast and digital media. He morphs his experience into the art of event production to bring a new perspective to New York nightlife and the electronic dance music industry. One of Kyle's most recent projects includes his events chairmanship with an organization called Giving Opportunities to Others (GOTO). "I truly enjoy my work with GOTO and I am happy I can expand upon my professional skills in a way that not only helps support the organization, but also broadens my event production experience. GOTO creates high impact dance events as part of their fundraising efforts and the experience we create for people is just amazing. With U-Theory, I feel like there is no other place for me. Working with Edgar (Edgar Guerrero) and Romel (Romel Veera) has been wonderful and I've learned so much from the both of them. We are developing some fantastic music and great events. I can't wait to share our talents with the rest of the world."

U-Theory ~ hear it. feel it. live it!

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