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Hernan Cattaneo in beirut

Hernan Cattaneo in beirut
Posted on : Friday, October 6, 2006
Words : Kingdrack
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jihad gebara
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jihad gebara
Friday 28th of April, One of those nights that will stick to your minds for a long time! It was just one of those nights when u want unleash the dragon in YOU and fly to be yourself. For certain people clubbing is just about going out having a nice time and jamming to the music, but for others like me, it's about praising the music! And yes, yesterday I was praising the music, the DJ's music. I have always been a fan , always liked what he did , but never witnessed him live , there is something weird when you're witnessing the power and the positive vibe provided by this DJ , it's true he's now number 7 in the world , but trust me , he's more worth than that ! The country: LEBANON The venue: FORUM DE BEYROUTH The attendants: 3500 of the finest and trendiest clubbers in the "it" city, the "B-cityĒ, BEIRUT CITY The Star: HERNAN CATTANEO! This guy was shining through his set, the set he played was the highlight of his career, it was so obvious the chemistry he layed between him and the crowd. People all over the venue were "ecsticized" by his music, you could definitely tell how this guy made it to one of the top DJ's in the world! The best in House Music was spun for 4 hours for the Lebanese crowd, and still they were craving for more, he just knew how to manipulate through his music, and how to deliver the best, of course, from the best. It was 4 am already, and the crowd still wants it, even when Hernan finished his set, the effect of his music would last for a long time, it will stick to your ears, and brainwash you, that's how good it was. I'm positive we will witness this great DJ more than once in our lovely B-city, as Iím sure we will do the impossible to provide our country with best image on the international scene, as it deserves it! A big up to the shining star who took over the decks at 4 am, DJ Abdul, one of the finest in the biz! This guy knows how to lead his own path through the ups and downs of this musical road, a talented DJ who kept the vibe flowing till 6 am. What was amazing as well in this gig was the setup, one of the most beautiful "DJ Booth" in a gig i have seen by far. When youíre inviting the legendary Hernan Cattaneo, U have to provide the best, and what's best than providing the "Crobar" DJ Booth in the heart of Beirut City! As Hernan is known being the best to pass in Crobar , the event's producers managed to deliver the best in the DJ Booth setup , the best in hi-tech , visuals and laser shows were provided, just to please the lebanese clubbers, which Iím sure they succeeded in ! Everyone noticed the Liquor "city" on the right side of the venue , a Huge Shiny Bar was just there provided by Smirnoff , what was so special about this bar is that it was so obvious for everyone , and lightened from all sides . Overall it was a "Legendary" gig, thanks to all the collaborators in this big event for providing such a Class "A" event to the lebanese clubbers. Can't wait for the coming events! Stay tight everyone, make sure you never miss none of the events brought to you by BeirutNightLife, Radio One and Danny B Productions, I know I won't! Beirut The Only Way It Should Be! for more info and pictures about the scene,

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