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Spring Equinox and Easter 2008.....Admiral Zheng H

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Posted on : Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Words : Michael TigerHawk
Editorial Type : Articles
Related to : Entertainment
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'You say you want a leader But you can't seem to make up your mind I think you better close it And let me guide you to the Purple Rain Purple Rain Purple Rain Purple Rain Purple Rain If you know what I'm singing about up here C'mon raise your hand Purple Rain Purple Rain' Purple Rain by Prince From Lhasa to Wall Street Tonight at 10.48 p.m Pacific Time (1.48 a.m Eastern)we experience the Spring Equinox.The end of Winter. 2 days later on Good Friday March 21 is the Full moon or the 15th of the month for Buddhists, at 8.45 a.m Pacific Time.The following Sunday is Easter 2008.We have an interesting opurtunity to re-center and ground our higher energies.Whatever one's faith. I have been observing the drift towards a 'Purple' America since the 2006 mid-term elections.The blurring of Red and Blue states, values and elections.Senator Obama's movement represent's the most potent expression of this post ideological/partisan notion. I say movement as the individual and personality cult distorts the aspirations of Americans for a New 'New Deal'.Yesterday the Illinois Senator gave a courageous speech addressing America's legacy of Race and slavery.Some are calling it his 'Lincoln moment', others are comparing to JFK's speech on Catholicism.As Maureen Dowd of the New York Times advises, we will see the impact on the emotionally affected electorate. However, the real news is the historic pumping of cash by the Federal Reserve to salvage Bear Stearns from its self-inflicted 'sub-prime' mess. The targets were really Goldman Sachs and others who needed a vote of confidence before the markets opened on Monday.Interesting to note that the Asians were advised to let 'market' forces work out the 1997 Asian Currency crisis. We deemed that approach inappropriate for Wall Street blue-bloods.Hm... Overseas we observe the Tibetan Buddhists and students rebelling against Han Chinese continued control.Much like Burma a few months ago, we have a crisis in Buddhist practice as the issue of violent revolt versus passive resistance comes to a head. Zheng He and the Ming Dynasty Admirals. As we note China's struggles in Tibet, I just finished two books on a glorious chapter of China's long history.Muslim eunuch and Admiral Zheng He's global travels between 1405 and 1430, spreading the influence, trade and wealth of the Middle Kingdom's Ming Dynasty. A fascinating tale. Gavin Menzies is a retired British Royal Navy Submarine officer.A thorough and exciting project entitled '1421' The Year China Discovered America'. is in book form.We learn of the brilliant Eunuch Admiral who took on his Emperor's mandate to map the globe using advance astronomy and navigation.A fire in The Forbidden City freaked out the Chinese leader Zhu Di, and the naval project fell off.There were other eunuch Admirals who contributed to the early maps which the Venetians and Portuguese made available to the European explorers including Magellan,Columbus and Da Gama.Prince Henry The Navigator of Portugal was the patron of this historic European naval project.Not what we learned at school.The Web-site continues the research with pending DNA test of South and North Americans,Australians,New Zealanders,East Africans to add weight to this bold historical correction. About 10 years before Menzies' writing,National Geographic contributor Louise Levathes dropped' When China Ruled the Seas:The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne 1405-1433'. Ms.Levathes gives a concise yet sweeping overview of a longer period of exploration while Menzies focuses on the discovery of America in 1421 by Chinese.I guarantee one's respect for China's civilizing prowess and vision will over-ride any excesses affected by the remnants of the Mao/Communist Dynasty. TigerHawk Music Gifts and Legal Media In the spirit of Spring Equinox/Buddhist 15th/Easter I leave here a few media items to my visitors. First is my Pandora site where 24 hours I have 'stations'.Currently one can enjoy Bebel Gilberto,Burning Spear,Osunlade,Louie Vega related music stations.I will be continually adding stations, inspired by my personal music library. TigerHawk's Pandora Stations

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