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DJ Carl.B - In Trance We Trust

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Posted on : Sunday, March 1, 2009
Words : Dimitri Kechagias ďFlux BPM on the Move.Ē
Editorial Type : Review
Related to : Music
Paul Aldridge
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Paul Aldridge
Event Promoter
The Swedish Trance star talks amongst others, about his latest ĎIn Trance We Trust vol.13í compilation.
The last week of February, the latest instalment of the world famous ĎIn Trance We Trustí compilation volume 13 is released. This time the very able minds and hands in the Black Hole recordings headquarters chose the Swedish superstar DJ Carl B. to compile and mix a compilation that fans wait with anticipation for, this very special CD. Keep in mind that the previous volumes were mixed by Trance heroes like Johan Gielen, Cor Fijneman, Mark Norman, Phynn, Misja Helsloot and Ton T.B. (Three Drives). Those who have had the chance to hear it,†talk about an unforgettable journey, with tunes that are characterized as deeply emotional, energetic, uplifting and most important, the highest quality.
Once again, it was a great opportunity for me to interview Carl B. His tracks are always unique, fresh and outstanding. From the bigger faster Tech Trance hymns, to the more deep and progressive. Carl B whatever Trance he decides to produce, he does it with class, style and most importantly with an eye on the dance floor. . His skills are evident within his 'In Trance We Trust' mixed compilation so it is good to see behind the scenes of the creation of this CD, and to learn who is the master behind the wheels of steel. He is a very talented Producer /DJ. †
Thanks to Mark at Black Hole and Niels at Capitan once again for arranging and making this interview possible.
Do not forget that Carl B will be the guest DJ at the 2nd hour of the March episode of the monthly radio show by Lock 'n Load Selekted†which is streamed on this station.†
Dimitri: When and where you were born? What is your star sign and do you believe that our destiny is written somewhere for us, and we just live our life like a movie script or do you believe that we take care of our future, and we can direct it in†the direction we want?
Carl B: I was born in October 1984 just outside Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, which would make me a Libra. I think everyone has the power to direct his life in whatever direction he wants. Why bother to do anything if you can't change your path?
Dimitri: There is a general feeling that Sweden is considered as a country that offers opportunities for young people to pursue their dream for music as composers or singers. Did you have professional training in music production or are you totally self-taught? Do you believe that is critical and important for a dance music producer to have formal training?
Carl B: In Sweden we have a dark, depressing climate. There's actually not much to do most of the year, so most people spend time indoors. I'm totally self-taught but I'm thinking of taking some courses when I've got some free time. †I don't think it's that important to have formal training. I mean most of the producers I know don't.†
Dimitri: †What music did you listen to before you became involved in electronic dance music?
Carl B: A lot! I remember my father playing everything from Jean-Michelle Jarre to Queen to Michael Jackson.
Dimitri:†Can you recall that particular moment; maybe a track, or a splendid DJ set, that influenced you to enter the risky world of the DJ profession and music production?†Did you start first as DJ or as a producer?
Carl B: Actually, I still haven't made the leap into working with music for a living. I'm currently working 40 hours a week at a company building amplifiers, but maybe it's time to make the decision soon.
Dimitri: Do you think that there is any chance for a new DJ to be noticed and enter prestigious DJ lists like the one from DJ Mag without having any production under his belt?
Carl B: I don't know! The only one I can think of who has succeeded is Eddie Halliwell, and he's like a magician behind the decks!
Dimitri: †Please name the artists or the DJís that have influenced your sound more and why? Are you influenced when you write music from emotions or particular situations that you encounter in your everyday living?
Carl B: Armin has of course been a huge influence to me with his A State Of Trance show as well as his productions! TiŽsto and Above & Beyond are also high up on my list. This will sound clichť but I get inspiration from everything I experience and I think all artists are the same way.{mospagebreak}
Dimitri:†Another classic and bit stereotypical question is regarding your production studio. Which software and hardware do you use most and why? Is there any music production software that you think is total waste of money for wanna be producers?
Carl B: I'm currently using FL Studio with software only. I bought a Virus C a few years back but I'm not really comfortable with hardware, always having to record and re-record if you change something! I'm slowly moving over to Ableton Live though because I'm not happy with FL's sound engine. My favourite VST is without a doubt the Minimoog V! Amazing sound and filter! Omnisphere is awesome as well! I haven't really come across any software I think is a total waste of money but I'd probably avoid those really expensive ones.
Dimitri: From the back catalogue of your productions and remixes which 3 productions and remixes do you consider to be your best and why?
Carl B: I have to begin with mentioning All Day which was my first release in early 2005. Got great support from TiŽsto, it was played at the first TiŽsto In Concert! Chasing Leaves is a really beautiful track which means a lot to me. As for the third one I will probably go with Just A Thought, it got great support from many big DJís. I think these three tracks are quite diverse ranging from 130 - 138 BPM and represent my style pretty well.
Dimitri: †You have had several releases with various labels, and you have even co-operated with the German father of trance Talla 2XLC. What is your opinion about him and how did this co-operation come about? Did you actually meet or was everything done through the internet?
Carl B: Talla is a great guy! I initially met him at a party here in Sweden. Heís been giving me great support and he approached me to do a track together but since he lives in Germany it was natural to work through the internet.
Dimitri: Do you use the internet for co-productions and networking? Do you think that internet played a crucial role in the expansion of electronic dance music scene?
Carl B: In my opinion internet has been an extremely crucial tool for the whole scene. Iíve made lot friends, many of them I consider really close, and itís a great tool to share everything from co-productions to ideas to promos. The scene wouldnít have been even close to what it is today without it!
Dimitri: Of course the most exciting development in your career is because your talent and distinctive sound was spotted by Tiesto resulting in you being signed in his company and becoming part of his in 'Trance we Trust label'. Would you like to recall for us how you met him, and how you feelt when Black hole contacted you to work together?
Carl B: Actually, I didnít really get approached by them at first. I noticed TiŽsto was supporting a lot of my tracks and decided to try sending a few demos to his label which eventually got picked up.
Dimitri: Next even bigger step forward was that you were selected to compile and mix the latest volume of 'In Trance We Trust' compilation that many fans worldwide were waiting for with anticipation. Would you like to describe to us how long it took you to decide which tracks and mixes you wanted. Did you mixed it live or digitally and it was with one go?
Carl B: It completely took me off guard! I didnít know if they were serious at first to be honest! Since I could only use Black Hole material the track selection didnít take that long actually. I had two co-productions I really thought would fit the compilation but I hadnít finished them at the time. Fortunately I managed to do that! The most time consuming was to choose which order of the tracks and producing the mash-up's as well as trying to get relatively fast yet seamless mixes and I obviously had to mix it digitally to accomplish that.††{mospagebreak}
Dimitri: Would you like to choose for us the top 5 tunes from that compilation that you love most?
Carl B: I would have to begin with Cliffís and Thomasí amazing remix of Disappear which I think is a great way to start the compilation. Secondly mine and Joniís Orchid Blossom which we are really happy with and managed to finish at the last minute. The mash up of Breathe In and Off The Radar were also finished at the last minute and almost sounds like a completely new track. Cygnus is a huge track I completely fell in love with first time I heard it! Lastly I have to say Tropical Shores because of the great summer-ish ending it makes the compilation.
Dimitri: Are you in favour of instrumental or vocal trance tunes? Are there any particular vocalists that you aspire to co-operate with in the near future?
Carl B: A great vocal can really improve a track but I donít favour either of them. I think it would be cool to do something with Faithless - a kick, a bassline and just Faithless would sound amazing in a club!
Dimitri: In the countries you have performed last year can you recall for us your best and worst experience in your DJ'ing?
Carl B: Last year I played in Poland, England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Lebanon, Greece and Ukraine. My best experience was without a doubt warming up for TiŽsto! The worst was when me and Joni Ljungqvist was playing at Turnmills in London, we had a Ďfewí drinks too many and things got out of hand. It seemed like people had a great time thoughÖ probably just laughing at us.
Dimitri: If Sweden asked you to compose the Swedish entry for Eurovision song contest would you to do it with ease and do you respect that song competition at all?
Carl B: I think itís a disgrace for music to compete in such manner and I would never do it!
Dimitri: What is your opinion about web radio stations and the fact that many Djís and record labels have their own radio shows? Do you have your own or you intend to start one soon?
Carl B: Itís a great way to reach people around the world even though it seems like there are more shows than artists at the moment. I will probably start a podcast in the near future and see if I can get some radio stations to stream it.
Dimitri: Because some people see so many productions from you on many top labels, they believe that you live and breathe music. Iím sure there are other things you like doing. Would you like to share with us what are those activities or hobbies?
Carl B: I guess I enjoy what most others do, spending time with friends, go clubbing, travelling etc. And I try to get a week every year in some winter resort to hit the slopes.
Dimitri: †Please give your message to our web site visitors, if there any aspiring producers and Djís do you recommend them to enter the arena or pack their things and evacuate the building?
Carl B: Come join the fun and bring your friends!††{mospagebreak}
The full Tracklist of the In Trance We Trust Vol 13 mixed by Carl B is as follows:
01. Cor Fijneman ft. Melissa Mathes - Disappear (Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek Repimp)
02. Carl B - On Short Notice
03. Jonas Steur - Simple Pleasures
04. Mr Sam ft. clAud9 - Cygnes
05. First State vs. Alex Kunnari - Breath In The Radar (Carl B Mash up)
06. Chris R vs. Carl B - Take Off
07. Carl B vs. JPL - Orchid Blossom (This Mix)
08. Virtual Vault - Definition
09. Existone - Sunshower (Club Mix)
10. Thomas Sagstad & Tyler Michaud - Renegades (Elevation Remix)
11. Patrick Plaice & Frank Ellrich - Sticky Tape
12. Van Riel en Huinink - Sun Rise (Original vs. Topher Jones Remix)
13. Fred Numf - Directions
14. Setrise vs. Braend - Tropical Shores†
Do not forget that Carl B will be the guest DJ at the 2nd hour of the March episode of the monthly radio show by Lock 'n Load Selekted that is streamed on this station as well.
Please note that now you can read all Black Hole affiliated news in magazine style on their new eBook page: CAPTIVATE. This eBook can be read like a regular magazine by actually flipping the pages, while watching videos or listening to audio. The magazine includes information on the latest releases and interviews with artists from†their label.
The second CAPTIVATE is now online. With interesting new articles about the new 'In Trance We Trust DJ Contest', the new Cosmic Gate album, the Black Hole Label Night and TiŽsto's 100th episode of Club Life.
You can view Captivate over here:
†For any additional info:

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