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Posted on : Thursday, August 6, 2009
Words : Luba Patlakh
Editorial Type : Article
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Photography has turned into a beautiful obsession of today’s social society and everywhere we go, everything we do, we document it, primarily, through pictures.  Finding a good photographer can be quite the challenge depending on the type of venue and mixture of personalities who will be in attendance. has found the king of the crown, photographer extrordinaire: (drum roll please….) KIRILL BICHUTSKY a.k.a Kid Kirill! So who is this man behind the flash you ask? had the opportunity to get some answers out of this uber talented man, take a look at what he had to say.


What made you start

My roommate and a bunch of my friends are djs, so I’d spend my nights hanging out in the dj booth with them all night. So after a few drinks, I’d whip out my little point and shoot camera and just start playing around with it – always trying to take the “artsy” shots – you know – no flash, low angles, etc. Over time I saved up some money and invested in a professional camera. But I still only took it out to just fuck around in the dj booth with friends. And then one night at Citrine, we were all crammed in the the dj booth – DJ Berrie, DJ NVM, Alex and me – and we were all just feeling the energy in the room as we looked over the crowd and I mentioned that I had a camera at home and it would be a really cool moment to capture. Well, 5 minutes later I was in a cab heading home to pick up my camera. I guess the photos caught the eyes of the guys that run Citrine, because they started calling me in to shoot some parties for them. And so that really was the spark.


What inspires your photographic energy?

I’ve always been bored with nightlife photography. It’s so cliché. It’s the same hot girls and a guy posing with a bottle of vodka. I’m sorry but if I’m hanging out with two chicks and a bottle of vodka, that photo is definitely not going to help me remember my night… that’s why I enjoy being a voyeur… I take a photo when nobody expects it – I m always trying to find a rare moment…

 So that was my first step in striking out – to be different. That’s why I actually shoot 50% of my photos with a fisheye lens; I love using the slow shutter and drag effect (that’s what creates all those lines in the photos) AND I shoot whatever I want – I’m not on anyone’s payroll – so I’m shooting for me… and it’s caught on quite a bit cause the site’s traffic has been almost doubling every month!


How long have you been taking pictures?

I’ve always been THAT guy with the camera.

 Did you study photography?

In high school and I dropped my one photo class in college. I’m self-taught and I don’t know much. I’ve always been hands on and learn on the fly. One of my good friends is a phenomenal photographer – Brian Friedman ( – and he’s given me a lot of tips and tricks – I only hope to be as good as him one day.


What kind of camera do you use?

Nikon d90. it’s a basic semi-pro camera. I learned a long time ago, it’s not the equipment it’s the eye. I’ve never believed that you need the best, most expensive and newest gear to pursue something – the rich white kid in high school with the newest sneakers still couldn’t play ball no matter how fresh his gear was. 


What do you think about the Leica White Special Edition Camera?

I think it’s a pretty camera. I haven’t played with it, so I can’t really tell you. Have your friends at Leica send me one ;) I love toys!


 What is the coolest experience you have had and been lucky enough to have your camera? (event, day time on the st.- whatever)

Gypsy Kings. Me. My Camera. Same room. End of story. I’ve been a huge Gypsy Kings – instilled by my parents (Russians seem to love the Gypsy Kings). So when I heard they were performing at The Gates, I HAD to be there. I emailed the PR team handling the event and literally begged to shoot the event… they put me on the list and it was the best time I’ve ever had holding a camera. EVER.


As for what he defines as a ‘POSH’ lifestyle, Kirill tells ThePoshReview, he’ll continue window shopping on the site for now, but hopes to be floating away on a yacht of his own in the future.  Kirill has an eye for ‘THE SHOT’ and knows what he’s doing when it comes to capturing a moment. has voted him as one of our Top Posh Talents! 


Version 2.0 of his website is scheduled to launch in September, where some of the new ingredients will include search and tagging features for photos.

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