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NYC Fashion Week

NYC Fashion Week
Posted on : Friday, September 1, 2006
Words : Diana Kost
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If you happen to see halos and angels while walking around New York, donít freak out, itís not a flashback. Whatís really going on is a celebration, honoring the biggest deal in fashion. While hoards of over-ambitious colors attempt to nuzzle themselves into the much coveted position of new, there will always be one boss. Slightly confused? Me too. So here it is. Break out the champagne because black is back. Thatís right. Black is the new black.

But wait, thereís more. Black has reunited with her long lost, almost obscure cousin, the reason dry cleaners stay in business, white. While you probably donít know too many people who can wear white without feeling guilty about eating, newly regular-folk-loving designers have come up with a solution. Loose clothing. Yes! Too much? I know. Iím a bit overwhelmed myself.


And who wouldnít be? With almost every designer showcasing their work in fifteen-minute increments, anyone would be on information overload. Good thing for you that I managed to ignore the fashion-whore celebrities and actually paid attention to the clothes. Well, I did stalk Carmen Electra at the BCBG Max Azria show, but thatís neither here nor there.

But enough about me. There are far more important matters to discuss. Such as what to throw out forever, what to store, and what to start saving for. Here it goes.

What to Throw Out

Tights: Throw them out. Better yet, burn them. This may be a new trend to you, but itís been around for quite some time. But if you happen to enjoy looking like everyone else, by all means continue on with this trend but definitely get over it by spring. Do you really want to be a fashion Donít? Didn't think so.

What to Store (because you never know)

Bulky Belts: Sure, they look great and make you look thin. You probably donít even feel complete with the accessory when you get dressed in the morning. Get over it. Simplicity is the new theme and there is no room for belts. I know. Max Azria told me over lunch.

Accessories: You would think that a simple black dress would need to be dressed up with various accessories but youíre wrong. Even Betsey Johnson went along with simplicity so you know that means something. So, instead of piling on five necklaces and bulky earrings (Read: chandelier) stick with one item. You can, however, still pile on the bracelets, as Nicole Ritchie loves to do.


Animal Prints: Letís stick to eating them, not wearing them. Okay. I just bought a leopard headband so itís okay for the fall but certainly not the spring. On the flipside, bold prints will be in, which was quite evident at the Mark Bauer show. Think florals, stripes, polka-dots, and anything, well, bold.

What to Buy

Dresses: BCBG Max Azria, Betsey Johnson, and Carolina Herrera, to name a few, started their shows off with lovely flowing dresses. And by flowing, I mean they werenít tight. Expect embroidered peasants dresses with a feminine flair. If thatís not your thing, you can opt for flattering brights. Paris Hilton may be pleased to learn that fashion has caught up to her.

Skinny Jeans: If you havenít already bought them, do so now. Not only do they work well with winter boots but they look equally fresh with a pair of heels and a silk blouse, a la Rock & Republic.

Shorts: Another excuse to not binge during the winter. Shorts will be back and bigger than ever so hit the gym because there will be no belts to distract the masses.

Anything with ruffles and bows: Itís not childish, itís feminine. And really, who cares if you look like youíre twelve. At least youíll be trendy and thatís all that matters.


Colors: I stopped listening at black is the new black and so I will quote Pantone, the world renowned color experts. Yes, there is such a thing as a color expert. Iím a lot happier now that I know designers arenít psychic. Here it goesÖ

ďNew York fashion designers are flourishing in a season of new beginnings, using surprising neutrals with innovative splashes of corals, yellows and purples to create spring in bloom. While cool Frost Gray was an important presence in fall of í06, the newest neutral for spring is found in glimmering Opal Gray, providing the background to springís multifaceted, complex brights that can make even the most basic silhouette come alive.Ē

Iím going to stick with black. Check out to see what Frost Gray looks like and donít forget, itís okay to break fashions trends, but tragic to wear last season's colors and prints.

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