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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information


DJ/Music Producer

cb shaw
Name : cb shaw Age : 70    Birthday : July, 29 Location : Vancouver and Las Vegas, British Columbia, Canada Link : Status : DJ/Music Producer


Biography :

Representing Vancouver, Canada, cb shaw has been rocking audiences internationally for over 10 years with his one-of-a-kind custom live DJ remixes. cb is the pioneer of the ?Glam Slam? DJ style, incorporating almost every musical style into his dance floor friendly DJ mixes.
This new style mashes together 80?s Favorites, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop, Dance Classics, even old TV themes and movie dialog, all blended together over slamming new beats. HIs unique genre blending style has enabled him to open for everyone from Beastie Boys' Dj and DMC champ Mix Master Mike, to Electronic Dance Music legend Paul Oakenfold.
His bizarre talent of scratching the turntables with his tongue earned him the opportunity to teach legendary porn star Ron Jeremy how to scratch the wax for an infomercial. How many men can say they taught Ron Jeremy something?
Based on his reputation for being able to remix any two songs together, cb was recently hired by Walt Disney to mash together three of their theme songs for a cross-over promotion.
Part Eminem, part Prince, and part Mix Master Mike, cb shaw is just a dangerous with a microphone as he is behind a set of turntables. His live musical show blends cb?s unique vocals and remixed beats with live musicians, such as the world famous ?Drummer KC?, and Joy Basu, guitarist for JLo and Jessica Simpson.
Over the past year, cb has uploaded over 250,000 copies of his DJ mixes and original vocal tracks to fans worldwide, making his website one of the most popular of any independent artist in Canada. The song "80's Lover" received over 50,000 downloads in less than two months alone! is currently receiving over 1 million hits every month, and his MySpace page is exploding, with thousands of new friends every week.
An Official MySpace DJ, cb has rocked official parties all over the US, including Las Vegas' "Pure" - the #1 nightclub in America. After the success of his headlining slot for the infamous "Rubber" club series in Orange County, cb was given the honor of playing the main stage at the 14th Annual "Pimp N Ho Ball" in Las Vegas, the largest 21+ event in America. This "custom mandatory" party draws 10,000 + people every year, filling an arena with sexy people from all over the country.
cb shaw has built a strong fan base across North America, performing at many of the USA?s premier venues, including the legendary ?First Ave? night club in Minneapolis, where Prince?s movie ?Purple Rain? was filmed. cb has also headlined shows in San Jose, Madison Wisconsin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver, Austin Texas, Victoria, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orange County California, where cb?s fan base is the most loyal.
cb has an incredibly strong and instantly recognizable brand. His phallic-shaped ?cb? logo can be seen on t-shirts, hats, and undergarments from Amsterdam to Tokyo. His cb emblazoned clothing line has exploded over the past few months, with everyone from Kids to Moms to Playboy Playmates rocking the instantly recognizable symbol worldwide. Having been one of the founding fathers of the ?Mash Up? movement, cb shaw has now become the first of yet another kind of entertainer, The ?video remix? artist. Using special computer-coded records, cb shaw is now able to mash up and remix music videos the same way he used to remix traditional music, using turntables! His first video-mashup release, "Video Glam Slam Volume 1" has reached even more people than his audio remixes, with an expected 1 million downloads by the end of the year!

Keeping in the ?Glam Slam? tradition, cb shaw?s video mixes mashes together the best from T.V. shows, movies, cartoons, even old T.V. commercials, all blended over top of the music videos from your favorite songs! His innovate approach makes him the first artist in history to mash up video using turntables. Watching cb shaw mix live video using vinyl and turntables is truly watching history in the making!

No gigs or tour dates listed yet, ask him to get started!

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