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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information



Alison Melder
Name : Alison Melder Age : 32    Birthday : September, 23 Location : Little Rock , Arkansas, USA Link : Status : Model

About me :

Height : 166 cm / 5' 5"
Weight : 120 lbs / 54 kg
Chest/Bust : 89 cm / 34 in
Waist : 68 cm / 26 in
Hips/Inseam : 81 cm / 31 in
Shoes : 8
Eye Color : Hazel
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Physique : Medium
Modeling Interests :
No Nude

Skills : cosmetologist
Interests : anything that deals with the Lakers
Influenced by : beauty and spirit
Current Projects : Jesters girls
Awards / Credits : miss bikini usa 08. and miss motorcyle mania 08

Biography :

I am a 22 year full time college student. I was born in Dumas, Arkansas ( a very small town ) and moved to Little Rock to get my cosmetology lisence. After getting my lisence I have returned to school to be a first grade teacher

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rev room

little rock , ar pulaski
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white party rev room

little rock, ar pulaski
What’s your horoscope and how would you describe your personality?
Alison says :
I am a Libra. I was born on the first day of fall. My personality is very outgoing. Once my professor told me I reminded him as a feather in the wind, but with ambition.
Ok, lets start talking about modeling, How long have you been modeling?
Alison says :
about a year
How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
Alison says :
I absolutely loved it. I love being the center of attention.
How did you feel doing your first nude photo shoot?
Alison says :
I don't do nude.
What’s the best thing about being a model?
Alison says :
having everyone tell you how beautiful your pictures look
Did you ever get away with stuff just because you are a model?
Alison says :
no. i'm not a big
Are you comfortable with your body? Anything you would like to change?
Alison says :
yes i'm very comfortable with my body
Are you enhanced with Plastic Surgery?
Alison says :
yes I had a breast augmentation. I went from a 34 b to a 34 d.
Any tattoos or piercing? If yes which part of your body?
Alison says :
I have a small heart on my foot smaller than a penny. It scared me. so no more for me.
Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Alison says :
???? I do it for myself. I do it to make myself feel better about myself. That is the most rewarding gift to me.
What do you do to set yourself apart from other models?
Alison says :
I'm not cocky. I love everyone.
Tell us about the achievements that you accomplished
Alison says :
I am a lisenced cosmetologist.
Do you have any dreams or goals you’re shooting for?
Alison says :
I would love to see the world modeling.
Do you do anything else besides modeling?
Alison says :
of course. I am a hard core student.!!!!
If you were not a model what else would you be?
Alison says :
I am going to be a 1st grade teacher.
If you could play a lead role in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
Alison says :
deff. a movie like clueless...absolutely love that movie, but my favorite movie is scarface. I would have loved tro play the main role in that picture.
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Alison says :
greece. I would love to see all of historic venues that still exhist. I love history. I live to learn about it.
So what have you learned NOT to do since you've been in the biz?
Alison says :
sign things without reading them!!
What the worst prank anyone has ever played on you?
Alison says :
...can't think of friend love me to much.
What kind of music styles you like?
Alison says :
Music is life. I love all music mostly hip hop ina club though. I'm not to big on techno.
what’s your favorite perfumes, fashion brands & jewellery?
Alison says :
perfume: coco madmemosielle is my signature fragrance..It's all I wear. brands: Ed Hardy, seven jeans jewellery: I don't wear that much but I love anything with diamonds.
What is your favorite drink or cocktail at clubs or bars?
Alison says :
simple a rum and coke with a twist of lime.
Any girls or guys gone wild stories you like to tell us about?
Alison says :
no. well...Lrgirls did a promo with girls gone wild , but I wouldn't put on the clothing like the other girls because I didn't want to be associated with it...I don't judge the girls that do's just not for me.
What is the worst pick up line you been approached with?
Alison says :
I saw you noticing me and I just wanted you to take notice that I noticed you too...
Are you single?
Alison says :
Give us the dirt on your dating life, any first date rules?
Alison says :
miss it sometimes....
What would turn you off towards a man or a woman?
Alison says :
to cocky..I hate a guy that thinks he's got me before he even opens his mouth...
What’s the description of the perfect man or a woman to you?
Alison says :
beautiful outside and inside. smart, and lets me do my girl thing without getting all upset.
What does a man or a woman need to do to keep you interested?
Alison says :
new adventure..I love moutain biking...anything outdoors..I mean hello I am from the
What would be the scenario of a perfect date to you?
Alison says :
flowers at the door, dinner, and a concert.
How far would u get intimate on a first date?
Alison says :
nope nope..I think that if you really think about it..If you look at everyone who tries to hook up with you on the first date then, more than likely they tried to hook up with all the other 100 girls they took out on their first dat..ugh,
Is it hard to keep up a long term relationship because of your line of work?
Alison says :
Tell us about the shortest & the longest relationships you been in
Alison says :
longest 3 years...and plenty of short ones
If you would have a one night stand with a celebrity who would it be?
Alison says :
Kobe Briant

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