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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information

Jacey Wyatt


Jacey Wyatt
Name : Jacey Wyatt Age : 47    Birthday : February, 15 Location : Connecticut, USA Link : Status : Model

About me :

Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 179 cm / 5' 9"
Weight : 115 lbs / 52 kg
Chest/Bust : 94 cm / 36 in
Waist : 68 cm / 26 in
Hips/Inseam : 93 cm / 36 in
Shoes : 8
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Light Brown
Physique : Athletic
Modeling Interests :
Nudes Sport
Trade shows
No Nude

Skills : very talented
Interests : beach gym and men
Influenced by : money and looks
Current Projects : calendar shoot cancun
Awards / Credits : won many awards and pagents
News/ Off the Record : Connecticut Celebrity

Biography :

Jacey Wyatt was born in Yale New Haven Hospital, on February 15, 1971 during a blizzard snow storm. She spent her youth in a upper-class Branford, Connecticut neighborhood with her family. Jacey maintained good grades was on the honor society and liked going to school and kept herself busy with friends, computer games, such as, Ms. Pacman and Donkey Kong, legos?, watching television shows "lifestyles of the rich and famous" and liked to play school, swim and make mud pies. Jacey' passion for art, photography and buildings were obvious. So, Jacey and her family decided that it was best to leave Branford and go to New York City and she move there 1989 to a secure area of New York City near Lincoln Center to be a few blocks from college and lived at a hotel for her dorm room. Sorry kids that is called roughing it! She start college and lived her life all on her own. She was accepted to study at NYIT as it was the best in the area, and of course, Jacey was able to fulfill her desire to learn and be an architect, developer, interior designer and model. - a dream come true. She was immediately able to fit in with others who shared the culture, made friends and lived a casual life in New York and was close to home and started to expand her modeling career on the side, her good looks and chasing hot boys around the city at the library and art museums was her typical day. Visiting buildings on assignment for school made her once bump into Michael Bergin, Mr. Hot Hot at a hotel, he was the bell man, later in life she will realize the man that said hello to her was going to be famous Calvin Klein Underwear ad man and Bay watch Lifeguard. Darn missed out again, but she will never forget him.

Living this lifestyle, Jacey couldn?t help but be thrust into competitive modeling competitions and still strived to be within 4.0-3.9 GPA average in college. Long days and hard work gave little time to family and friends as completing her 5 year college education was what she wanted to succeed in. She always won awards in site planning and design contests in college, her aggressive nature did not coincide with the purity that Jacey felt she was intended for. With focus on finishing school, s he modeled only part-time, booking odd-end jobs for extra money. For this reason, she started to participate in making her life count and returned back to Connecticut and commuted by train back and forth to New York City and self taught herself all the computer skills she needed to start a business in Connecticut. As her love to draw and design began to create a greeting card and stationary company called JC Wyatt Signatures?. As the dot com boom was coming, Jacey took advantage of this new idea and taught herself how to design and create a web site in December 1995 to have her business on the Internet for everyone to view.

Meanwhile, in 1995 Jacey graduated college, she found herself overwhelmed with the desire to become something more and immediately started looking for jobs in New York and Connecticut to work at an architecture firm with little to no experience and at the same time worked hard to make her business grow, which did fast. Between working part time she would frequently take trips back to New York, to interviews and meeting people for dates via the computer personals and also going to trade shows in New York City. She clicked on line one day and in her email was an email to meet a man for lunch that asked her to come to New York and she if she likes him enough to live with him and share an apartment together. She went to meet him and she fell in love for the first time at her age of 28. She shared an apartment and moved her self and business to start a whole new life.

Like all good things they end, and eventually Jacey business didn't and started to make money to buy and pay for things that big companies do and with enough money in the bank she was living fine. She was visiting her friends and family back in Branford, Connecticut one Christmas Season and she went by an old house that she drove by all her life, and one night on the way to her friends and notices it said For Lease. The next part of her life almost never happened as life was asking her to return back to New York to work again but fortunately everything worked out that she could make a run through the building in less then 10 minutes before getting on a train. She went into the 1710 historical structure house and knew this was hers. From New York, she sealed the deal , moved again out of New York and created another company and retail store, as her dot com of jcwyatt? were so established that moving them would begin an amazing brand name reputation in the amazing structure she called home. Well she was known as the hot, sexy, crazy lady with all the 55,000 lights on the trees on the corner in Branford.

Again all things need to come to an end and just before the closing of her store from a building structural failure and extensive water pipe breakage damage. A phone call was made to her a few days before at her store that a man from her gym wanted to talk to her about if she did modeling since he heard she was one of the finest looking woman in town. He wanted to know how she became successful with her business and merchandise, and it was here at this house that started it all modeling fell into her lap once again.

When this guy came into her house and store he was not expecting such a young beautiful girl to own and have accomplished so much and he asked her on spot if she would be interested in meeting the partners and he would like to have Jacey accompany him to his modeling agency in Connecticut, she thought nothing of it and asked to be a leader of the modeling agency. Little did she know that a Modeling agency would immediately see potential in the young sassy girl and offer her a modeling contract and became a model stylist for photo shoots and did it all then left them to do it all on her own. Yes, it is true the story is this a young good looking man came in her house and said to her " Jacey I can not believe how no agency has not snatched you up" was the line that he told her, so cha ching went off in her head and another business was created and she started promoting herself launched her new model web site made and became a model.

During this time she became a business brand again and JACEY WYATT? was a name to see and be part of, it sold and men went nuts to get a piece of Jacey and she started traveling all over the country making calendars and doing photo shoots with big name photographers and companies.

Jacey Wyatt has now settled down in Connecticut, where she is semi-retired and lives the fabulous life of Jacey Wyatt, her modeling career and businesses continues to flourish. She?s expanded her interests to Reality acting and a possible real estate career A self-proclaimed free spirit, Jacey won?t stop working her hardest until she?s accomplished her big goal, which is to building her 10 year plus design project of the Largest House in America

No gigs or tour dates listed yet, ask her to get started!

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