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How to critique a talent ?

Things to consider :
What do you like about the talent artistically?
Is there is enough details & media about this talent?
Have you attended a performance by this talent?
Did you hire this talent for job before?
Would you recommend this talent to others?
Things to avoid :
-Off-topic or irrelevant comments.
-Personal attacks.
-Personally identifying information



Name : Amanda Age : 29    Birthday : April, 11 Location : Baltimore, Maryland, USA Link : Status : Model

About me :

Ethnicity : Caucasian
Height : 150cm / 5' cm
Weight : 140lbs / 63kg lbs
Chest/Bust : 84cm / 33in cm
Waist : 71cm / 27in cm
Hips/Inseam : 104cm / 40in cm
Shoes : 6
Eye Color : Blue
Hair Color : Light Brown
Physique : Medium
Modeling Interests :
Trade shows
No Nude

Skills : Dance(Hipop,Ballet,Modern,Tap)& Theatre(Improv,Monolgue,Script,Stage)
Interests : Modeling(Glamour,Fetish,Lingerie,Bikini,Pinup,Casual,Beauty,Fashion), Commercial, Promotional,Film
Influenced by : JLIFE Hair Care
Current Projects : Foot fetish modeling
Awards / Credits : JLIFE Hair Care, A.L.T Creative Studios,, Digital Days & Popular Photography

Biography :

My name is Amanda. I'am 21 years old from Baltimore,MD.
I have been Modeling since 2009. So far, I have done Glamour, Casual, Implied, Pin up and Fetish Photo Shoots, as well as Video Modeling, with the same content as listed above.
I'am NOT interested in full nudes and will never be. I MAY be interested in Topless work, in the future. I'am also highly interested in Promotional Modeling, as well as Film/Acting. As far as Acting, I have about 2 year's worth of Theatre acting experience.

No gigs or tour dates listed yet, ask her to get started!

Can you briefly introduce yourself ?
Amanda says :
I'am a Model and Aspiring Actress from Baltimore,MD. I'am 21 years old and have been working in the entertainment industry for 1 and a half years now. I have had some lows during 2009 so I didn't do as much modeling as I would have liked of. I have so far done two glamour and casual photo shoots, one hair show and foot fetish clips for I'am very interested in glamour, fetish, pinup, lingerie, implied, bikini and casual modeling, as well as commercial and promotional modeling and film! I honestly think I may be a better actress than model, but I do not have any professional experience in acting, only educational (2 Theatre classes completed in high school). I also used to dance, while in high school, and I'd love to pick up on that again soon. I will NEVER do anything that involves taking my clothes off, only implied. Looking to do selected for ALL kinds of work, so please ask, even if you aren't sure i'am interested, I most likely will be :)
What nationality or background are you?
Amanda says :
Where were you born, and how was it like growing up?
Amanda says :
I have lived in Baltimore,MD since I was born and still reside in the same house for 21 years now. I was extremely spoiled growing up because I had the most amazing mother in the world. She is now the best angel in the world, RIP Momma. I would also put on short plays and skits for my parents when I was younger and dressed up in my moms clothes, so I figured I would have some sort of thing for modeling and/or acting later on in life :)
Ok, lets start talking about modeling, How long have you been modeling?
Amanda says :
1 and a half years
How did you feel being in front of the camera for the first time?
Amanda says :
for me, It was an "on top of the world" kind of feeling. It gave me much more confidence than I have ever had before, and it's so exciting to see the photos of a hard worked shoot
How did you feel doing your first nude photo shoot?
Amanda says :
What’s the best thing about being a model?
Amanda says :
Well I love the fact of always staying beautiful and if your going to be a model, you must constantly keep up on your looks and I love that! Taking care of myself and body, to make for even better photos for my next shoot! What I also love about modeling is fact you see yourself in a different light in your photos, it's interesting, like "wow, I didn't know I could look like that or pose like that"
Did you ever get away with stuff just because you are a model?
Amanda says :
Not not yet lol. I guess I get more attention from guys,and almost admired more..
Are you comfortable with your body? Anything you would like to change?
Amanda says :
Honestly, I would change a few things, but don't feel the need to fish out my insecurties to people, so I will keep it to myself :)
Are you enhanced with Plastic Surgery?
Amanda says :
Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Amanda says :
as far as I can possibly go!
What do you do to set yourself apart from other models?
Amanda says :
Well, I don't really have to do anything. I think my beauty is different from most women. I'm not stunning but I'm more than pretty, I'am unique, a different kind of beauty.
Do you have any dreams or goals you’re shooting for?
Amanda says :
I don't really care so much about "the fame" I just want to show people my modeling and acting talents and for someone to say "hey that girl is really good" I want recognition!! & Ofcoarse I like the financial aspect of it :)
Do you do anything else besides modeling?
Amanda says :
No. I have experience in Adminstrative/Office type work. I pretty much want modeling and acting to be my career, but I guess if it wouldn't work out, I can always fall back on that but ofcoarse I hope it works out!
If you were not a model what else would you be?
Amanda says :
I would be an Animal Rescue Officer. I'am a HUGE Animal Lover, of every time of animal alive, even the mean ones lol Even if I was making enough money in the world to retire, I still would work and be part of an Animal Rescue team.
If you could play a lead role in a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
Amanda says :
I would want it to be a strong role like the roles that angelina jolie and denzel wasington, play. Ground breaking!
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Amanda says :
So what have you learned NOT to do since you've been in the biz?
Amanda says :
Not to completely trust all photographers, honestly.
What kind of music styles you like?
Amanda says :
EVERYTHING! Except Country, Death Metal, Opera. Everything else I love or can atleast tolerate
what’s your favorite perfumes, fashion brands & jewellery?
Amanda says :
BABY PHAT. I will buy EVERYTHING that is baby phat brand If I could.
What is the worst pick up line you been approached with?
Amanda says :
None, most men are too intimated too approach me. Don't know why, but I do carry around a "don't fuck with me look" on most days,
Are you single?
Amanda says :
No. I have been engaged for 3 years now
Tell us about the shortest & the longest relationships you been in
Amanda says :
I dated my best guy friend for one week and it was bad. we were never friends the same way after that, it ruined everything.
Who would you consider your biggest influences?
Amanda says :
I would only consider my mother as the biggest influence in my life. I really don't think I would be half the woman I'am today if I was given a different mother. Although, she didn't fully support my modeling career, but thought I was good at acting. She knows the industry can be cruel and cold but I think today she would be very proud of some of the work I have done that has made me very happy, and if I'm happy, shes happy. RIP Momma.

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